Hairy Kari

Friday 21 April 2000 8:00am to 11:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Ten in the Swear Jar   Don't Play the Drumz My Very Private Map
Neutral Milk Hotel   Ghost In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Will Oldham   Drinking Woman Guarapero - Lost Blues 2
The Tinklers   Link Rays Slowpoke
Muslim Gauze   Sudanezz Ruber Woman Baghdad
Alpha & Omega   This Is a Dream Mystical Thing
Reverend Horton Heat   One Time for Me Liqour in Front
The Delta 72   3 Day Packet Plan 000
Alex Chilton   Lipstick Traces Set
Susanne Lewis   Five Shades of White S/T
Lois & Brendan   Being Blind Union Themes
Giant Sand   Temtation of Egg Chore of Enchantment
Little Wings   I Won't Be Burned Discover Worlds of Wonder
Guided By Voices   Evil Speakers Alien Lanes
Guided By Voices   Avalnache Aminos Hold on Hope (Ep)
Grover   Spiral of Archimedes [coll]: North of Nowhere
Supersuckers   Glad, Damn Glad La Mano Cornuda
Switchhitter   Oklahoma! Academy
Cash Audio   The Power of Tequila Green Bullet
Old Time Relijun   Circuit Breaker La Sirena De Pecera
The Zoobombs   The Swamp Welcome Back, Zoobombs
The Michelle Gun Elephant   Candy House Rumble
Chinese Millionaires   Juvenile Justice Juvenile Justice
New Bomb Turks   (Gotta Gotta) Sinking Feelin Information Highway Revisited
Lime Spiders   Slave Girl Slave Girl
The Smears   Cum Into My Mouth Smears in the Garage
Hot Damn!   Spinning High Heels Slut
Fireballs of Freedom   Never Going Back Total Fucking Blowout
The Criminals   Scene Monkey Burning Flesh and Broken Finge
Vast Majority   I Wanna Be a Number [coll]: Killed By Death S&M
Germs   Don't Be Afraid to Pogo
The Gimmicks   Everything Honeymoon's Over
Dura-Delinquent   Teenage Jerks S/T
Fifi   Mirror Sinkhole
Fifth Column   Get the Bug 36C
The Need   Blew Candy Need Is Dead, the
Demi Semi Quaver   Love Magic ______________________________
The Wee Turtles   Collide This Land Is Your Land
Sonic Youth   Teenage Riot Daydream Nation
Reid Paley   Never Drink Alone Revival
Rudy   Dusty Road Local Logo
Tom Waits   The Piano Has Been Drinking( Small Change
Tom Waits   Gin Soaked Boy Swordfishtrombones
Back Off Cupids   A Strong Maybe Back Off Cupids
Glenn Scott   In Between Pointing at It
Dj Logic   Spider Dance Project Logic
Dj Spooky Vs. Scanner   Heterotopian Quick and the Dead, the
Califone   Electric Fence S/T