Will Helm

Sunday 23 March 2008 2:00am to 5:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Belong   Red Velvet October Language
Tetsu Inoue   Tree and Me Inland
Biosphere   Birds Fly By Flapping Their Wings Dropsonde
Anders Ilar   Organza Organza EP
Susumu Yokota   Amanogawa Best of
Upsidedown Umbrella   Trepid Are You Walking In The Rain?
Luke Slater   Are You There? Freek Funk
Habiat Sound System   Hard Rope Dub Monosov Swirnoff / Habitat Sound System
Animal Collective   Who Could Win a Rabbit Sung Tongs
Elliott Smith   Christian Brothers S/T
Onna   Silver Dove Katawa
Visitations   2 Visitations
Very Special Oranges   Twice Very Special Oranges
Yellow Swans   Sandwall Drowner
Phantom Family Halo   Black River Legend of Black Six, The
Sigur Ros   Agaetis Byrjun Agaetis Byrjun
Ruins   Nivaftopoftz Live In Guang Zhou - China
Pelican   Angel Tears (Remix) March Into the Sea
Boards of Canada   Pete Standing Alone Music Has the Right to Childrn
In Flames   The Quiet Place Soundtrack to Your Escape
Suns of Arqa   Further Beyond Suns of Arqa Re-mixs Muslimgauze
Brian Harnetty   I'll Cross The Briny Ocean, I'll Cross The Deep Blue Sea American Winter
Tecumseh   Crossing Divides
Morbid Angel   Hymn to a Gas Giant Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Redglaer   May The Circle Be Broken American Masonry
Lars-Gunnar Bodin   Interludium II Clouds
Bone Awl   It's All About Cash Meaningless Leaningness
Ildjarn   Unknown Truths II Ildjarn Is Dead: Disc 2
Braindrill   The Parasites Apocalyptic Feasting
Robedoor/Yellow Swans