Tuesday 25 August 2009 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Sexteto Electronico Moderno   Soul Nuevo Sounds From the Elegant World
Bagunca, Paulo Ea Tropa Maldita   Olhar Animal (Animal Eyes) Paulo Bagunca Ea Tropa Maldita
Oumou Sangare   Sukunyali Seya
The Pink Noise   Red Heart Dream Code
Lazarus   Lord I Know Because I Told You to Go Away Trickster
Eddie Quansah   Ose-E-Ye Awo Awo
Novalima   Se Me Van Coba Coba
Group Doueh   Nabi El Mohamed Treeg Salaam
Boua Xou Mua   Qeej Kawm Ntawv Music of the Hmong People
Sitaar-tah!   Semimimimimin Semimimimimin
Terminal 23   Rod Mane Melting of Ice, The
The Red Masque   Carbon 14 Fossileyes
Amber Asylum   Thee Apothecary Bitter River
Ludicra   Hollow Promise Hollow Psalms
Mir   Jimbo Mir
Mrtyu   Sacrement of Blood Distilled Blood Tantra
Hammers of Misfortune   Act 2- An Oath Sworn in Hell Bastard, the
Eagle Twin   In The Beginning Was The Scream Unkindness of Crows, The
Bongzilla   Gateway Gateway
High on Fire   Baghdad Art of Self Defense, the
Jon Mueller   Things Will Not Stay The Way They Are Physical Changes
Master Musicians of Bukkake   In the Lightness of Sonoran Totem One
Six Organs of Admittance   Dark Noontide Dark Noontide
Marblebog   Immortal Silence Inside Wind of Moors
Grails   Black Tar Prophecy Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 1,2, & 3
Saros   The Sky Will End Soon Acrid Plains
Karl Sanders   Contemplations of the Endless Abyss Saurian Meditation
Vat of Fat/...as The Tide Consumes   Side 2: ...As The Tide Consumes "22:12: 2012" Grimm Truth, The
Rozenhall   Grig-ailment Rozenhall
Alien Sex Fiend   Mad Daddy Drives a UFO Curse