Thursday 14 October 2010 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Sluta Leta   Flash Semi Peterson
Murcof   Memoria Martes
Sluta Leta   Trog Men Fasta Semi Peterson
Smog   Blood Red Bird Red Apple Falls
Street Gnar   2 Street Gnar
Jay Munly   Dar He Drone Jimmy Carter Syndrome
The Space Rangers   Mr. Lou Ready to Take Off
Moviola   Telling You Nothing Glen Echo Autoharp
Pan Sonic/Keji Haino   "Without Doubt", an Attestation Written From That Time... In The Studio
Steven R. Smith   Loomings From Ashes Come
Murcof   Marmol Martes
Burmese   Untitled 3 Gabes 1999 Iowa City
Jay Munly   Amen Corner Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots
Jason and The Scorchers   Beat On The Mountain Halcyon Times
Marbert Rocel   Hundreds - Fighter (Marbert Rocel M16 Rmx) a Parrot's Yellin'
Moviola   Glen Echo Autoharp Glen Echo Autoharp
Sluta Leta   Super Swede Semi Peterson
Murcof   Unison Martes
Smog   Burning Kingdom Forgotten Foundation
Paik   Jayne Field Satin Black
The Whitefield Brothers   Chich Earthology
Washed Out   Hold Out Life of Leisure
Odmenn   Betri Haimur Odmenn
Sluggo Blues   Driving South Cullen Winter
Jay Munly   A Gentle Man's Jihad Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots
Orbital   Semi Detached Diversions
Led Er Est   CC Exit Dust On Common
Slut   Instant Fossil Slut
Jay Munly   The Leavening of The Spit-bread Girls Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots
Pantaleimon   Cloudburst Cloudburst
Elektro Guzzi   Ludium Elektro Guzzi
Smog   Rock Bottom Riser A River Ain't Too Much to Love
The Orb   Lunik Tm Okiedokie Itstheorb on Kompakt
Pantaleimon   Ascension of The Sun Cloudburst
Dialing In.   He Just Fused Your Minds Cows In Lye
Circle Pit   Speed Limits Bruise Constellation
Led Er Est   Something For The Children Dust On Common
Steven R Smith   Marjan Kohl
It's All Meat   Crying Into The Deep Lake It's All Meat
The Work   Wrong Place 4th World, The
AFCGT   Korin Korin/Niche
Ducktails   Intro Hamilton Road
Ducktails   Sitting Hamilton Road
Grass Widow   Give Me Shapes Past Time
Cosmetics   Sleepwalking Sleepwalking
Murcof   Cosmos I Cosmos
Orbital   One Perfect Sunrise Blue Album