Monday 8 August 2011 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Dead C   Waves Secret Earth
W.A.C.O. (Wild Acoustic Chambe   While You Sleep Darling Clementine
Dan Deacon   Its My Fault Acorn Master
Chelsea Wolfe   Noorus Grime and The Glow, The
Kid Droid   Seeing Through Closed Eyes Broken Robot
Aphex Twin   Entrance to Exit Analogue Bubblebath
Bronze   hymn of the night shepherd One Night In Mexico
Points of Friction   Beneath The Skin Sackcloth and Ashes
Dark Muse   Silver Wheel Flow Songs From Beyond the Silver
Cloudland Canyon   Mothlight Part 2 Mothlight Part 2 / In The Cold
Lumin   Meta Hadra
Cut   Iceland Songs for the Radio
Cheer-accident   Salad Dies No Ifs, and Or Dogs
Don Caballero   Shoe Shine Singles Breaking Up Vol. 1
Ui   Have a Good Time 2-SIDED Ep/The Sharpie, the
Bill Wells   The Dust of Months Pick Up Sticks
Art Lessing   Tinkle Star Lectures
Abunai!   Two Brothers Two Brothers
Ghost Box Orchestra   Rhythm Hills Jam Spring Tour 2011
Strategy   Windswept (interlude) Future Rock
Strategy   Running On Empty Future Rock
Sub Oslo   Clestial Live
Material   Temple of The Mental Intonarumori
Walt Dickerson   Sky 1976
St 37   Curse of the Strained Down on Us
Doc Wor Mirran   Birth Labyrinth Birth Death
Destruction Unit   Red Sun Sonoran
Explosions in the Sky   Six Days at the Bottom of Th Earth Is not a Cold Dead, the
Mogwai   My Father My King My Father My King
Megaton Leviathan   Ages Across Sunshine Repeating Patterns of Love
Frances-marie Uitti/Paul Griffiths   I cannot remember There Is Still Time
Pop. 1280   Steon Into The Grid Grid, The
Mahayoni Mudra   Bihbbledeegah M. Mudra, Documents
Arzachel   Clean Innocent Fun Arzachel
Theo Angell   Sheost Dearly Beloved