abacus finch

Tuesday 21 February 2012 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:02pm Papa Charlie Jackson   You Put It In, I'll Take It Out Please Warm My Weiner Yazoo Records
2:04pm Ido Bukelman   Mincing Walk Solo Out Now Recordings
2:07pm Electric Masada   Lilin At The Mountains of Madness Tzadik
Ken Butler   Stuck Behind a Truck Voices of Anxious Objects Tzadik
2:28pm The Lemon Lime Lights   Insomnia You Call that a Waltz? Loveearth Music
2:30pm Don Preston/Andrea Centazzo   Escape #2 Escape From 2012 Ictus
2:36pm 1982   Track 7 Pintura Hubro
2:39pm Shipp, Matthew String Trio   Whole Movement By the Law of Music Hat Hut
2:43pm Skaller/Holt Duo   Flac Music of Mark Dresser Pfmentum
2:48pm Brotzmann, Van Hove, Bennink   bierhaus wendel Tschus Cien Fuegos
2:54pm Mindflayer   Die & Mold Die & Mold Corleone
3:14pm Billy Bao   Evapogoration R'n'r Granulator W.M.O.
3:16pm Mattin   Abstraction Will Bring You Death Exquisite Corpse Azul Discografica
3:18pm Athletic Automaton   Pantstathlon AIDS Wolf vs. Athletic Automaton Skin Graft Records
3:27pm Chopstick   Likemegaheavytalk...Alopolis Chopstick Floppy Teenaction
3:34pm a Screaming Comes Across The Sky   Gotterdammerung Void Terror Loveearth Music
3:36pm Philip Samartzis/Gunter Muller/Voice Crack   bacchus_marsh Wireless_Within For 4 Ears Records
3:38pm Dj Krush & Toshinori Kondo   Toh-Sui Ki-Oku Instinct Records
4:53pm Dao + COH   Oka Dzerzhinsk-9 Tourette
3:57pm Marclay, Moore, Renaldo   Pour Diane Allaire Fuck Shit Up Victo
4:08pm Night Wounds   Hex Appeal Coughs/Night Wounds Not Not Fun
4:11pm Cacaw   The Monster's Salty Tears Get a Brain Permanent Records
4:13pm Mutators   Midnight Diamond Night Wounds/Mutators Badmaster
4:15pm Ex Models   3 Weeks Ex-Models/Seconds, the My Pal God Records
4:27pm Loren Connors   On Our Way Red Mars Family Vineyard
Murray Bookchin   Forms of Freedom: Part 4 Forms of Freedom
4:27pm Afternoon Saints   Some Static Skywave Shirley Jangle, The (K-RAA-K)3
4:33pm Gus Coma   Gut morning Color Him Coma Paradigm Discs
4:38pm Bastard Noise   Equinox '98 Analysis of Self Destrucin, Th Alien 8 Recordings
4:45pm Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox   44 Degree Splinter Coagulate Synaesthesia Records
4:50pm Anonymous   Message to Obama
4:53pm Bj Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa   Supbroder / Drykkjufelagar Drykkjuvisur Ohljodanna Helen Scarsdale Agency
4:57pm Noam Chomsky   The Great Beast Case Studies in Hypocrisy Ak Press Audio
5:00pm Mirror   A I Paint for Love of Color Idea Records
Noam Chomsky   Media Suppression Case Studies in Hypocrisy Ak Press Audio
5:11pm Alps   Dead In a Cage Dead Scene Past Future Presents
5:13pm Blowtops   Drugs Confess Fairyland Lemon Session Singles Club
5:15pm Holy Molar   Der Werewolf Breath Ex-Models / Holy Molar Three.One.G
5:16pm Pumice   100 Days Magne Disk dirty knobby
5:22pm Jack Ruby   Bad Teeth Hit and Run Ug Explode
5:25pm Arab on Radar   Piggin in the Pumpkin Patch Locust, The/Arab on Rr Gold Standard Laboratoris
5:28pm PRE   Live!! PRE / AIDS Wolf Skin Graft Records
5:30pm Blank Dolmen   Nu Zumirhi, Nu Zapiri Wuzzermatic Atro.Fact
5:34pm Burmese   ... Burmese / Potop Fuck Yoga Records
5:38pm Sutekh Hexen   The Great Whore Luciform Wands
5:43pm J.C. Satan   Crystal Snake Hell Death Samba Slovenly
5:44pm Hysterics   Hanging out at the 512 Hysterics M'lady's Records
5:49pm Scarcity of Tanks   Slut's Rut Fear Is Not Conscience Total Life Society
5:54pm Hatefuck   The Real Rock N Roll Letdown Rock N' Roll Let Down Negative Guest List
5:58pm Diet Cokeheads   M. Dumptruck Ocular Vinyl Rites