Number 6

Sunday 23 December 2012 3:03am to 9:04am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Nuclear War Now! s
3:05am Mystifier   The Witness/Mystifier Tormenting the Holy Trinity
3:11am Lord Foul   I Burn For You Killing Raping Burning / The Devils Advocate Dais
3:24am Anatomia   Cadaveric Dissection Decaying In Obscurity
3:28am Villains   Road To Ruin Road To Ruin
3:32am Vanhelgd   Heaven Is Lost Cult of Lazarus Nuclear War Now! Product
3:42am Lord Time   The Core 8 Punishments Forgotten Future Prison Tatt Records
3:51am Black Goat   Mortus Extremist
3:54am Abigail   Intercourse and Lust Intercourse and Lust Nuclear War Now! Product
3:56am Abigail   Hail Yakuza Intercourse and Lust Nuclear War Now! Product
4:06am Oppenheimer: The Man Behind the Bomb
4:12am Procreation   Morbid Reality Incantations of Demonic Lust For Corpses of the Fallen
4:16am Gloria Diaboli   The kingdom of flesh and deca Libation unto he who dwelleth in the depths
4:17am Revenge   Filth Solution (Intolerance) Scum.Collapse.Eradication Nuclear War Now! Product
4:23am Conqueror   Ross Bay Damnation/ Chaos Domination War.Cult.Supremacy Nuclear War Now! Product
Rotting ?hrist   The Nereid of Esgalduin Apokathilosis
4:33am Father Befouled   Weeping In Heaven Rotting Godless Throne Nuclear War Now! Product
4:37am Mutiilation   Born Under the Master's Spell Vampires of Black Imperial Blood
4:49am Voor   Evil Metal Evil Metal
5:02am Root   Dogrova Rise Dema
Root   Intro (Prichod Poslu) Dema
Root   Rootanuv Pochod Dema
Root   Poslove y Temnot Dema
Root   Utek a Trest Dema
Mystifier   Ancient Prediction Live Ritual 1989
Mystifier   Impulsive Defloration Live Ritual 1989
5:29am Mystifier   The Awakening Of Satanas Live Ritual 1989
Mystifier   Mystifier - Satan's Messengers Live Ritual 1989
5:43am Mystifier   The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A.R) Wicca
5:48am Mystifier   The Cult Continues T.E.A.R.
6:08am Schumacher, Stanley and The Music Now Ensemble   What's In a Name? Experimental Music Lab Musikmacher Productions
6:16am Sarcasm   Runaway Crematory
6:19am Carpathian Forest   Bloodlust and Perversion Bloodlust and Perversion
Disforterror   The Armoured Bestial Black Goat War Impalement and Holocaust Stench Nuclear War Now! Product
6:31am Dementia   Reticulation Reticulation Nuclear War Now! Product
6:31am Pek   Messenger of Eternal Damnation Preaching Evil Nuclear War Now! Product
6:45am Ares Kingdom   Failsafe Return To Dust
Judas Iscariot   Journey trough Visions of War Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten
6:58am Grand Belial's Key   Shemhamforesh Mocking the Philanthropist
6:58am Wind of the Black Mountains   Force Fed Into Blasphemy Force Fed Into Blasphemy
7:04am Mussorgski   Apokaliptic (The Last Day) The Bath In the X-rays
7:14am Kaiadass   And the Battles Will Start Again And the Battles Will Start Again
S.V.E.S.T.   Evil War (The End of Men By Men) Death To Macrocosm
7:31am Man Is The Bastard   Moloch Nazi Drunks Fuck Off Live
Funeral Oration   Sunking Down The Godsend
7:37am State   New Reich No Illusions Ep
No Comment   Push Down and Turn Downsided
7:40am Neanderthal   Crawl
7:42am Conm-dm   Calldown Autoficial split comp
The Haters   Rough Autoficial split comp
Deutsch Nepal   Problem Bird of Steel / Golden Sea of Baptism / Problem
7:51am Smell & Quim   Beaver Full of Spunk Jesus Christ
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock   Sex split/Miehst
Cranioplast   Cats can royal Cats Can royal, Rats can coil
8:00am Non   Romance Fatal Dentro De Un Auto Rise
8:04am Macronympha   untitled Cut-Ups and Drones and Other Weird
Annahand   Like the Skeleton of an Old Horse
Total   Parsifal Here, Time is Space
Jackman, David   Flak Flak
8:15am Messiah   Anarchus Hymn To Abramelin
8:20am Metalucifer   Flight of the Iron Pegasus Heavy Metal Chainsaw
Marquis de Sade   Somewhere Up In the Mountains
8:28am Ringworm   Numb/Blind to Faith The Promise
Infest   Where's the Unity Slave
Rudimentary Peni   Media Person the e.p.'s of r.p.
8:37am Darkthrone   Sunrise Over Locus Mortis Soulside Journey
Sloth   Benefits Show Thee Plague of Gentlemen split collection
Woods of Infinity   Jordan ar Satans Hora Forintelse & Libido
Controlled Bleeding   Saddled In the Trench Core
8:56am Club Moral   I Like It Here Mit Neuen Waffen
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