Roland Blunt

Friday 28 December 2012 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:07am Jeffrey Weisner   Introspection #11,072 Neomonology Innova/American Composers
2:13am Stronen/Storlokken   Dance! Humcrush Rune Grammofon
2:13am Stronen/Storlokken   In the Cave Humcrush Rune Grammofon
2:19am Deathprod   Dead People's Things Morals and Dogma Rune Grammofon
2:38am Supersilent   4.2 4 Rune Grammofon
2:48am De Fabriek   Hallucimedia Consumed ???
2:56am Starving Weirdos   Periods Land Lines Amish Records
3:07am Nurse With Wound   A Short Dip in the Glory Hole Brained By Falling Masonry Lay
3:15am Cheryl E. Leonard   Beach Adelie Penguins Chattermarks Great Hoary Marmot Records
3:15am Murmer   Interlude [Thunder & Cranes] Framework 1-4 Herbal International
3:18am Murmer   Interlude [Tengmalm's Owl] Framework 1-4 Herbal International
3:22am Throbbing Gristle   Seite 2 Funeral in Berlin Industrial Records
3:39am Rafael Toral   II.V Space Elements Vol. 2 TAIGA Records
3:49am Jerry Granelli   Walking On a Road With Some Bells Around Your Neck 1313 Divorce Records
3:52am Forcefield   C1 Lord of the Rings Modulator Bulb Records
3:54am Jerry Granelli   Wait For The Machine 1313 Divorce Records
3:55am Forcefield   B5-B8 Lord of the Rings Modulator Bulb Records
4:04am Triptet   Rain Tractor Figure In The Carpet Engine Studios
4:11am Tim Hecker & Lopatin   Scene From a French Zoo Instrumental Tourist Software Studios
4:16am Giant Dwarf   Thick Air Rabbitwood Engine Studios
4:21am Taj Mahal Travellers   9th July 1971 Live At Moderna Museet In Stockholm - 1st & 9th July 1971 Klimt
4:45am Teen Anal Terrorist   Track 3 Warm Blatz For Teenage Runaways Savage Quality Recordings
4:51am Atari Teenage Riot   Raverbashing Not Your Business E.P. D H R Digital Hardcore Re
4:54am Peter Seligman   | | | | Swing Freeze EP Self Released
4:59am Cut Hands   Ngonde Black Mamba Very Friendly
5:06am Chrome   Armageddon 3RD From the Sun Siren Records
5:14am Butthole Surfers   Graveyard Locust Abortion Technician Touch and Go Records
5:16am Nirvana   Paper Cuts Bleach Sub Pop Records
5:25am Gang of Four   At Home He's a Tourist Peel Sessions, the Pinnacle Records
5:26am Black Flag   No Values Jealous Again Sst Records
5:29am Minutemen   Mr. Robots Holy Orders Ballot Result Sst Records
5:36am Minuteflag   Power Failure Yes, this Is the Way I Want to Sst Records
5:43am The Clash   Justice Tonight-Kick It Over Black Market Clash Epic Records
5:47am Twilight Circus Dub Sound Sy.   Beneath the Valley of the .. Dub Plate Selection M Records
5:54am Sonic Youth   I Love Her All the Time Bad Moon Rising Homestead Records