Christless Eve

Tuesday 24 December 2013 6:05pm to 7:10pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Merry   Fucking Christmas
6:00pm Lugubrum   Intro De Zuivering / Unclean
6:03pm Hive Mind   Death Tone Death Tone Hanson Records
6:05pm Dental Work   Christmas on Crack Placenta Recordings
6:12pm SantaFis   HoHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHo Who Ate Santa Claus? Self-released
6:13pm Agents of Satan   Raped Priest Old Testament, The Intolerant Messiah
6:14pm Sickness   Psychopathia I Have Become the Disease..... Helen Scarsdale Ground Fault
6:19pm Peter Sotos   Buyer's Market
6:20pm Spine Scavenger   Point Me To The Ground Pigs Chondritic Sound
6:30pm Aube   Sacrament Part 2 Sacrament Meeuw Muzak
6:30pm Sabbath Assembly   Christ, You Bring The End Ye Are Gods Svart Records
6:31pm Crowley. Aleister   The Pentagram Voice of The Great Beast White Label
6:36pm Disembowelment   Thou Messiah Transcendence Into The Peripheral/Dusk Relapse
6:44pm Haters   Cultivating Calamities Cultivating Calamity Vinyl Communications
6:44pm Peter Sotos   Buyers Market
6:50pm Carcass   Slash Dementia Symphonies of Sickness Earache
6:54pm Evangelical TV   Mom spanked the gay out of me
6:57pm Climax Denial   Mean Dominant Ritual Smothering Bloodlust
6:58pm Christian Nightmares presents:   a short tour through evangelical hell
7:02pm Man Is the Bastard   Locust's Afternoon on Mars Sources of Power From Man Is the Bastard
7:05pm Vermapyre   Live Oslo, Norway May 21, 2011 Ides of Gemini/Vermapyre Magic Bullet Records
7:21pm erotic bare bottom spanking The Defilers (1965)
7:23pm uncle al   caressing rusty kfjc sign
7:23pm Jonathan Briley   "Nightmare for Hanas" Slaughter of the Innt Inner-X-Musick
7:27pm Ireland, David & GX Jupitter-Larsen   Anti-Time David Ireland & GX Jupitter-Larsen Vinyl Communications
7:34pm Rectal Hygienics   transvestite Even the Flies Won't Touch You Torn Light
7:39pm Black Leather Jesus   1000 Days Black Leather Jesus/M. Deadline Records
7:42pm Pastor Charles Lawson   Hellfire! Temple Baptist Church
7:47pm The Grey Wolves   Bread of Faith Catholic Priests Fuck Children Open Wound
7:54pm Sete Star Sept   Language of Doubt Sete Star Sept/ Generic Death Rage For All
7:57pm Barbara   Satanah Peger Heart & Crossbone
8:01pm Nekrasov   The Form of Thought from Beast The Form of Thought from Beast Siege of Power
8:21pm Black Mountain Transmitter   Black Goat of the Woods Black Goat of The Woods Aurora Borealis
8:21pm Fell Voices   Untitled Fell Voices Human Resources
8:28pm Sandy Owen   Stille Nachte Carols Ivory Records
8:32pm The Drifters   White Christmas Christmas Classics Rhino
8:35pm Nails ov Christ   Untitled Dark Night of the Soul Sound of Pig
8:43pm Clinic of Torture   side B Sounds of Torment Institute of Paraphilia Studies
9:03pm Nahvalr   Chorus of Blasphemes Nahvalr Enemies List Home Recordings
9:10pm Archon Satani   Love One Another Final Completion, the Cold Spring Records
9:11pm Tennessee "Ernie" Ford   O'Come All Ye Faithful Country Christmas Columbia
The Prisoner
9:18pm Ravenscult   Sacrilege of Death Morbid Blood
9:20pm Leviathan   Heir to the Noose of Ghoul Tentacles of Whorror
9:32pm SVEST   Putrefiance Redemptrice Urfaust
9:43pm Funeral Mist   Breathing Wounds Salvation
9:44pm Funeral Mist   Holy Poison Salvation
9:51pm Craft   I Want to Commit Murder Void
9:56pm 1349   Haunting the Chapel Beyond the Apocalypse
10:06pm Furze   Triad Of Lucifer Psych Minus Space Control
10:12pm Forest   As A ShadeAbove This Land Forest
10:15pm Armagedda   Only New Believers Only New Believers
10:18pm Katharsis   Witch Dance World Without End
10:28pm Black Fucking Cancer   The Wall of Corpses Live in the KFJC Pit
10:34pm Antaeus   Gates of the Outside Blood Libels
10:38pm Nocternity   Onyx Onyx
10:42pm Nyktalgia   Cold Void Nyktalgia
Old Wainds   Winter Warriors Where Snows are Never Gone
1349   Singer Of Strange Songs Beyond The Apocalypse
11:02pm Ravenscult   Possessed On Burial Ground Morbid Blood
11:11pm Blut Aus Nord   II What Was Once Was Liber II
11:11pm Leviathan   The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide Mine Molten Armor
11:21pm Armagedda   Aendalykt Ond Spiritism Dj?fvvlens Skalder Anno Serpenti MMIV
Black Witchery   Scorned and Crucified Upheaval of Satanic Might
11:36pm Arthur Sandrine Lautreamont Delabre   Marquis de Gravestench
11:37pm Mercyful Fate   At The Sound of the Demon Bell Melissa Megaforce Records
11:38pm Impurity   Intro/No Fucking Resurrection Bonfim Moritvri Mortivis Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:40pm Deathspell Omega   Inquisitors of Satan Inquisitors of Satan Northern Heritage
11:46pm Abhorrot   Dark Summoning Rites Abominations of Darkness Terrorghoul Productions
11:49pm Incantation   Iconoclasm of Catholicism Mortal Throne of Nazarene Relapse Records
11:52pm Blasphemy   Ritual Gods of War + Blood Upon The Altar Osmose Productions
11:55pm Sarcofago   Christ's Death I.N.R.I. Cogumelo
11:59pm Torgeist   My Soul For Your Victory Time of Sabbath demo
12:03am Angelcorpse   Christhammer Exterminate Osmose
12:08am Darkthrone   Unholy Black Metal Under a Funeral Moon Peaceville Records
12:12am Behexen   Night of the Blasphemy Rituale Satanum Sinister Figure
12:16am Emperor   Wrath of The Tyrant Emperor / Wrath of The Tyrant Candlelight (UK)
12:21am Clandestine Blaze   Messiah For The Dying World Harmony Of Struggle Northern Heritage
12:27am Bathory   Enter The Eternal Fire Under The Sign Of The Black Mark Black Mark
12:34am Void Meditation Cult   Obedience to Evil Sulfurous Prayers Hells Headbangers
12:37am Mystifier   Satan's Aberration Tormenting The Holy Trinity Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:41am Nyogthaeblisz   Satanic Warfare Progenitors of Mankind's Annihilation demo
12:43am The Lord Diabolus   Fallen Souls Down There... demo
12:48am Draupner   Veins Forsaken Through The Gate of The Silver Key Phlegm Productions
12:50am Prhorxnyox   Satanic Warcult Through The Gate of The Silver Key Phlegm Productions
12:52am Dimhymn   Ceremony of The Devil Djavulens Tid Ar Kommen Turannum Records
1:03am Havohej   Nazarene Decomposing Dethrone The Son of God Hells Headbangers
1:05am Havohej   Dethrone The Son of God Dethrone The Son of God Hells Headbangers
1:07am Vlad Tepes   Massacre Song From The Devastated Lands Winter Rehearsal '93 Demo
1:12am Dead Congregation   Teeth Into Red Graves of The Archangels Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:22am Cultes des Ghouls   Festival of Devotion Henbane Under the Sign of Garazel Productions
1:34am Lucifer Rosa  
1:32am Skullflower   Tantrik Ass Rape Fucked On a Pile of Corpses Cold Spring Records
1:32am Merzbow   Flare Gun Parts 1 & 2 Flare Gun Ten Bob Swerver
1:33am Nurse With Wound   Dirty Fingernails Gyllenskold, Geijerstam and I Lay
1:50am Elvis   PEace on EArth
2:59am Unholy Bullshit   Untill 3a
3:01am HONEYBEAR \m/   A Visit from a Ghost
3:06am Sunn O)))   Mocking Solemnity Flight of the Behemoth Southern Lord Recordings
3:25am Dystopia   Population Birth Control Aftermath, The Life Is Abuse
3:31am Noothgrush   Thoth Noothgrush/Coffins Southern Lord Recordings
3:55am Grave Upheaval   Untitled 4 ? Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:57am corrupted   nieve twin to your sanity
4:01am Son Of Bllllleeeeuuuurrrrggghhhhhhhhh   side Bllleeeuuurrrggghhhh
4:08am Snake Charmer   Severed Foot S/t Schizophrenic Records
4:10am Doom   A Dream to Come True Doomed From the Start Radon/ T M R
4:12am Hubris   Chosen Few Base Desire Cricket Cemetery
4:14am bllugeeeaaauuurrrrgggghhhh   side bbbblllleeeeeaaaahhhhhh!
4:20am VxGxLxSxCxDxVxZxNx   Gurgitating Seminal Bribes Extrauterine Malformations of Vaginal Cadavera Channel 190 Records
4:23am Catatonic Existence   Morbid Granny Rape Bait Morbid Granny
4:29am Anal Cunt   Face It. You're a Metal Band 40 More Reasons to Hate Us Earache Records
4:33am Street Pizza   Fuck You Pay Me! Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
4:34am Bllleeerrrggghhhh war on music   side 2000mph
4:41am Allin, G.G   GG's Phone Machine Hated in the Nation Reachout International...
4:45am Spazz   Tasten' Spoon Clean Plate Records
4:46am Charles Bronson   You Get What You Pay for Spazz/Charles Bronson Disgruntled Records
4:59am Spazz   Gertie Slap a Ham
5:11am In Disgust   Industrial Ghetto San Jose Oldies Vol. 1 Torture Garden Pitures Records
5:13am graf orlock   destinatiom time yesterday
5:27am Floor   Chelsea/Pigs Spazz/Floor Bovine
5:32am Assuck   State to State S.O.A.
5:37am Spazz   Finn's Mom Yodeling in the B Spazz/Gob Satan's Pimp Records
5:38am Brutal Truth   Rumours Spazz/Brutal Truth Bovine
5:40am Discharge   Realities of War 1980-1986 None
5:42am martyrdod   track 1
5:44am Chaos U.K.   Global Domination Short Sharp Shock Children of the Revolutin
5:49am Conflict   The Ungovernable Force Ungovernable Force, the Mortarhate Records
5:49am Crossed Out   Crown of Thorns 1990-1993 Slap a Ham
6:00am SantaFis   Do You Hear What I Hear? Who Ate Santa Claus? Self-released
Warren Terror   Warren Terror Warren Terror Warren Terror
6:02am Jonestown   Cleansed of All Our Sins Peoples' Temple, The Dressed to Kill
6:04am Eyehategod   My Name Is God Dopesick Century Media
6:09am Death Squad   Hollowed Out Confessional Theological Genocide Spastik Kommunikations
6:10am Jonestown   The Mass Suicide Symphony Peoples' Temple, The Dressed to Kill
6:11am Corrupted   Paso Inferior 1 Paso Inferior Insolito
6:24am Jonestown   The Mass Suicide Symphony Peoples' Temple, The Dressed to Kill
6:26am Benumb   Years of Unjust Withering Strands of Hope Relapse Records
6:28am Exhumed   Fester Forever Slaughtercult Relapse Records
6:33am Bolt Thrower   Through the Eye of Terror Grind Grusher Earache
6:37am Carnage   Malignant Epitaph Grindcrusher Vol. 2 Earache
6:41am Opprobrium   Moments of Despair Discerning Forces Nuclear Blast
6:45am Jonestown   The Mass Suicide Symphony Peoples' Temple, The Dressed to Kill
6:47am Asunder   a Clarion Call A Clarion Call Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:00am Chthonic Force   Yhwh Agathodaemon Hauruck
7:03am Pig Destroyer   Starbelly Prowler in the Yard Relapse
7:08am Pig Destroyer   Junkyard God Prowler in the Yard Relapse
7:10am Cephalic Carnage   The Isle of California Lucid Interval Relapse Records
7:12am Cephalic Carnage   Pseudo Lucid Interval Relapse Records
7:18am Assuck   In Absence Misery Index Sound Pollution
7:19am Acrid   Ocular Lessons Sea of Shit Mesmer Detector
7:22am Artimus Pyle   Rape the Beast Civil Dead Prank
7:27am My Dying Bride   God Is Alone Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Caroline/Blue Plate
7:26am Brujeria   B6: Sida De La Mente Brujerismo Kool Arrow
7:32am Man Is the Bastard:Bastard Noe   Denied Psychotic Human Pt. 2 Throne Is Melting Helicopter
7:33am Jonestown   The Mass Suicide Symphony Peoples' Temple, The Dressed to Kill
7:41am Coffins   The Unspeakable Pain Mortuary In Darkness Kreation Records
7:50am Jonestown   The Mass Suicide Symphony Peoples' Temple, The Dressed to Kill
7:51am Teitanblood   Sanctified Dysecdysis Woven Black Arteries Norma Evangelium Diaboli
8:03am Grief   Depression Turbulent Times Southern Lord Recordings
8:12am Mastodon   Shadows that Move Lifesblood Relapse
8:16am Burning Witch   Sacred Predictions Towers... Slap a Ham
8:23am Discordance Axis   Angel Present Inalienable Dreamness, the Hydrahead
8:24am Brutal Truth   Displacement Need to Control Earache
8:28am Kataklysm   Gateway to Extinction Prophecy(Stigmata of The Immaculate), The Nuclear Blast
8:34am Buzzov-En   Splinter My Eye Welcome to Violence Alternative Tentacles
8:46am Deicide   Blame It on God Serpents of the Light Roadrunner Records
8:48am Cannibal Corpse   Hammer Smashed Face Tomb of the Mutilated Hymen Records
8:52am Disembowelment   Excoriate Transcendence Into The Peripheral/Dusk Relapse
8:57am Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine   New Pants and Shirt Let there Be Doom I I Southern Lord Recordings
9:04am Jonestown   The Mass Suicide Symphony Peoples' Temple, The Dressed to Kill
9:04am Bastard Noise   An Obstacle to Murder Analysis of Self Destruction, The Alien 8 Recordings
9:06am Earth   Ouroboros Is Broken Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-capsular Extraction, a Southern Lord Recordings
9:13am Jonestown   The Mass Suicide Symphony Peoples' Temple, The Dressed to Kill
9:17am Bastard Noise, The   Ryobi Party Rogue Astronaut Gravity
9:18am Jonestown   The Mass Suicide Symphony Peoples' Temple, The Dressed to Kill
9:21am Bastard Noise, The   Rogue Astronaut Rogue Astronaut Gravity
9:21am Jonestown   The Mass Suicide Symphony Peoples' Temple, The Dressed to Kill
9:28am Anatomia   Eternally Forgotten Decaying In Obscurity Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:36am Chthonic Force   King of the World Agathodaemon Hauruck
9:41am Ancestors   VIII III Youth Attack Records
9:43am Ancestors   IX III Youth Attack Records
9:47am Primitive Man   Scorn Scorn Relapse Records
9:55am Converge   Thaw Jane Doe Equal Vision
10:02am Clockwork Orange (soundtrack)   Title Music From a Clockwork Orange Clockwork Orange Warner Bros.
10:03am konflick   Messiah renegade hardware
10:09am kemal   Mutation DSCI4
10:11am stakka and skynet   Mutation DSCI4
10:17am dom and roland   Soundwall Moving Shadow
10:19am doc scott   Shadowboxing 31 records
10:24am doc scott   Shadowboxing Remix 31 records
10:27am hive   Neo
10:33am amit   The Tube violence
10:39am loxy and ink   DEath March renegade hardware
10:42am amit   Pirates metalheadz
10:47am future cut   dominator remix
10:52am amit   swastika never ending commercial suicide
10:55am future cut   the specialist infrared
10:56am ray keith   something out there (danny c remix) something out there remixes UFO
11:01am dj ink   7th sign cylon
11:01am technical itch   heavy metal
11:06am bkey   heavy metal remix anger management
11:09am digital   xray function
11:12am dj ink   the power cylon
11:16am ??   ?? emcee
11:20am bad company and fierce   dream thief
11:24am breakage   2239375 numbers ep Reinforced
11:28am Cujo   Terminator Remix Metalheadz
11:31am danny c   terminator remix metalheadz
11:36am ed rush, optical and fierce   cuts'lo prototype
11:41am dylan and damage   bass kick trapped in beats ep outbreak
11:45am capital j   ante up n2o
11:49am tron   bombshell frontline
11:53am undercover agent   dubplate circles remix juice
11:56am Equinox   Acid Rain (breakage remix) planet mu
12:01pm J majik   Your sound remix Platinum Breaks II metalheadz
12:05pm dillinja   angels fell platinum breaks metalheadz
12:09pm Source Direct   dark metal platinum breaks II metalheadz
12:13pm dj stretch   do or die above the law reinforced
12:18pm dom and roland   known/unknown
12:18pm veneitian snares   befriend a child killer doll doll doll hymen
12:26pm rotator   kannibal stick damage
12:29pm christophe de babalon   crawler in a bad mood ghetto safari
12:31pm venetian snares   americanized infolepsy EP coredump
12:37pm electromeca   riddim riddim ep cass-tete
12:41pm knifehandchop   vertical (noize creator remix) TKO from Tokyo tegerbeat6
12:44pm DJ Scud & Rich Kid   Rude Bimmer Murder Sound Ambush
12:49pm venetian snares   dolleater doll doll doll hymen
12:55pm venetian snares   wheres bill? infolepsy EP coredump
1:01pm Apollo Hades   Hail Santa
1:03pm Sunn O)))   Cursed Realms Black One Southern Lord Recordings
1:04pm wolves in the throne room   a looming resonance
1:16pm Menace Ruine   One Too Many Die Is Cast, The ALIEN8 Recordings
1:23pm Twilight   Beyond Light(Beautiful and ) Twilight Southern Lord Recordings
1:32pm Odz Manouk   A Mymex Omen Odz Manouk Crepusculo Negro
1:38pm Threnos   The Call S/T Torture Garden Pitures Records
1:42pm Hagor   Untitled 10 Demo (2010) Nutzz Recordzz, The
1:44pm Sujo   Ondan Ondan Inam Records
1:51pm Dolorvotre   Treasure of Sin Dolorvotre Crepusculo Negro
1:57pm Striborg   Wrapped In a Cocoon Out of Harms' Way Embittered Darkness / Isle De Morts Southern Lord Recordings
2:11pm Vomitchapel   The Holy Orifice Damnatio Ad Bestias Analog Worship
2:13pm Dr. Jerry Falwell   The End Of The World How Near Is It?"
2:13pm Liver Cancer   Circumscribed Children of The Vortex Love Earth Music
Svarte Greiner   Baandspiller I Solnedgang Til Seters a Room Forever
2:22pm Tersanjung 13   Grind The Bastards Unholy Grave/ Tersanjung13 Grind Block Records
2:24pm Violence and the Sacred   Advance Undying MCA
2:41pm Liver Cancer   Ward B Adrenalflag Cirrosismantis Livormortis Love Earth Music
2:42pm Celtic Frost   Babylon Fell Into the Pandemonium Combat Records
2:45pm Brainbombs   Wishing a Slow Death Burning Hell Blackjack Records
2:50pm White Mice   Cheesus Saves Mouse of Mendes Oh No, Noise
2:56pm Ash Pool   De-Stoning The Ephesus House Ripped From Death, Forced to Live, and Die Again Hospital Productions
2:57pm Black Fucking Cancer   Summoning Aural Hell Summoning Aural Hell Self-release
Number Six
3:03pm NRIII   Factory Solus Patior
Bathtub Shitter   Little Drummer Boy Xmas
3:11pm Whourkr   Cera Polutea Concrete Crucial Blast
Black Vomit   Crush Your Bag Black Vomit/ Rape Rack
3:17pm Manson, Charles   Vacaville Medical Just Fucking Around
Charvoni   Instrumental Mix I'll be Right There
3:23pm Night Troll   Mountain of Dead Night Troll/ Tremor of the Black Manx
3:27pm Aborted Christ Childe   Kill Because i can
Beherit   War Command Beast of Beherit
Tremor of the Black Manx   Endless Diamonds Night Troll/ Tremor of the Black Manx
3:32pm oopart   Alienigena Ancestral La Edad de Oro
3:39pm rehtaf ruo   Frozen Shade Boiled In Goat Blood
3:45pm Necro Schizma   Crucified Carcass Erupted Evil
3:49pm Cy Thoth   Fucked to death by a Horse What would Jesus Do?
3:50pm Burmese   6 Lun Yurn Rock Is Hell Records
dacrash   wasn't it good for ya
4:00pm Dig That Body Up, It's Alive   Daughters A Corpse Is Forever Rock Is Hell Records
4:12pm Darkspace   1.11 III
Earwick   Instaslut
Rice, Boyd   As For the Fools
Lustmord   Silent Night Mutated Christmas, a Illegal Art
4:54pm L'Acephale   Ye Entrancemperium (Emperor) Decollate
5:01pm Ringo Morning Starr   Rips for the King
5:01pm Pleasure Cross   Only In a Dream Demo 2013 End Theory
5:02pm Lycus   Coma Burn Tempest 20 Buck Spin
5:10pm Lotus Fucker   Wandering Wondering Forever My Fighting Spirit SPHC
5:12pm Pliant   Can't Keep Up S/t Cricket Cemetery
5:14pm Pig Destroyer   The American's Head Book Burner Relapse Records
5:14pm Sword Heaven   Dead End Gone Load Records
5:27pm Column of Heaven   How Glorious This Hour Holy Things Are For The Holy Iron Lung Records
5:31pm Dead Neanderthals   Neck-Aids Polaris Utech Records
5:32pm Windhand   Boleskine Soma Relapse Records
5:58pm Worship   Year 1348 Book of Beasts Self Released
6:00pm Tarrakian   Hammered Swarm, The No Options
6:09pm a very dead brady christmas The Black Fucking Cancer Bunch
6:13pm Coffins   Drown In Revelation Noothgrush/Coffins Southern Lord Recordings
6:23pm Caffa   The Atrocious Siege Day of Disease Transylvanian Tapes
6:45pm Emperor   I Am The Black Wizards Emperor / Wrath of The Tyrant Candlelight (UK)
6:52pm Rigor Feaces   Infuckable Missbuidence Through The Gate of The Silver Key Phlegm Productions
6:46pm Helsot   Profane Necrosabbath Through The Gate of The Silver Key Phlegm Productions
6:59pm NEWTDICK   LIVE MIC Christless Day 2013 \m/
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