Lord Gravestench

Tuesday 24 June 2014 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm The Hafler Trio   Vocal La Chanson Dada Raft
10:05pm Karjalan Sissit   Bleak Is The Happiness Karjalan Sissit Cycliclaw
10:11pm Current 93   Black Ships Were Sinking Into Idumaea Black Ships Ate The Sky Durtro
10:23pm Malditos   Ne Dit Rien S/T Self Released
10:30pm Mighty Sphincter   Ghost Walking Ghost Walking Double E.P. Placebo Records
10:37pm Siouxsie & the Banshees   Nicotine Stain Scream, the Polydor
10:41pm Nitzer Ebb   Drive Belief Geffen Records
10:46pm Ars Moriendi   Brennen Live At Maschinenfest 2002 Pflichtkauf
10:50pm Murderous Vision   You Black Hellebore - a Quiver of Arrows Phage Tapes
10:59pm Cathedral   Comiserating the Celebration Forest of Equilibrium Earache
11:11pm Sacrifice   Soldiers of Misfortune Soldiers of Misfortune Hymen Records
11:17pm Celtic Frost   Procreation of the Wicked Morbid Tales Hymen Records
11:22pm Rohit   Judge Judge Blud Auk Tapes
11:32pm Wreck of The Hesperus   Cess Pit People Light Rotting Out Aesthetic Death Records
11:43pm Skelethal   Putrefaction Morbid Ovation Self-released
11:46pm Rude   Conjuring of Fates Haunted Demo Self-released
11:54pm Derogatory   to Escape What Is Now Above All Else/Demo 2011 FDA Rekotz
12:01am Katechon   Liquid Decadence Man, God, Giant Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:05am Irreverent   Holy Denunciation Blasphemous Crucifix Profanation Satanic Skinhead Propaganda
12:08am Revenge   Blood of My Blood Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist Osmose Productions
12:15am Gloria Diaboli   Above As It Is Below Libation Unto He Who Dwelleth In The Depths Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:18am Bloodhammer   Holocaust in Heaven Ancient Kings Northern Heritage
12:23am Behexen   Demonic Fleshtemple My Soul For His Glory Hammer Of Hate
12:27am Mutiilation   Black Imperial Blood Vampires of Black Imperial Blood Drakkar Productions
12:33am Peste Noire   Phalenes Et Pestilence-salvatrice Averse La Sanie Des Siecles - Panegyrique De La Degenerescence Transcendental Creations
12:45am Halo of the Sun   Fenriz In Hoc Signo Vinces Black Goat
12:54am IC Rex   Asura Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia Hammer of Hate
1:01am A.B.N.T.R.   Miehinen Ylivalta Demo MMVIII Hatehatehate Tapes
1:08am Jaakko Vanhala   Feral Earth I Feral Earth Freak Animal
1:26am T.O.M.B.   Silence Is Suffering PENNHURST / XESSE Crucial Blast
1:29am S/V\R   Abject Perdue / Abbatue None
1:32am Ain Soph   Untitled - 2 II Mcr Company
1:47am Non   Ye Who Fall Might! Mute Records
1:51am Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk   Bakom Ilskan On Broken Wings Towards Victory Old Europa Cafe