abacus finch

Sunday 31 August 2014 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm Arthur Russell   Kid Like You World of Echo Upside Records
Jason Crumer   IV. Pissed Off Response Ottoman Black Hospital Productions
tina ann   lololololol
10:06pm Giorgio Corroder   Poison Arrow Pomp Sluice Limbsoup Tapes
10:10pm The Astronaut Body Four   Citizens' Day Parade Murder City Vetoxa
10:18pm Astronaut Body & his Jazz Limitations featuring Mr. Dorgon   When Irish Eyes are Smiling Enjoy your Dinner! Vetoxa
10:30pm Reagan's Polyp   Queen of Sados Facefucking Vetoxa
10:31pm Reagan's Polyp   Kind of Pantique (concentrate)
10:34pm Reagan's Polyp   Orgasm of Hot Blood Facefucking Vetoxa
10:35pm Reagan's Polyp   Mmm thank you (live)
10:41pm The Zag Men   Blood on the Windshield Malifornia Vetoxa
10:50pm The Zag Men   South of The Border (Down Mexico Way) Crime Spree Vetoxa
11:01pm Reagan's Polyp   Little Rock Music Scene We Got High in the Studio Vetoxa
11:11pm Reagan's Polyp   Reagan's Polyp In Concert Number Ones Vetoxa
Reagan's Polyp   America Needs More Ass (live)
11:18pm Reagan's Polyp   The Flying Burrito Brothers Can Suck the Shit out of my Ass America Needs More Ass Vetoxa
11:19pm Reagan's Polyp   Develop Revolutionary Consciousness Cream Gun Vetoxa
11:23pm Reagan's Polyp   Tunguska Blast of 1908 Deadenator Vetoxa
11:26pm TC & the Eddies   Runnin' for Cover Tear Down the Walls Trash Fish
11:29pm TC & the Eddies   Bitches in Hell Sketches of Pain Trash Fish
11:36pm TC & the Eddies   Feels like the Fire Dead End Street Trash Fish
11:41pm Berfly Tutts   Berfly Tutts Hello My Name is Berfly Tutts Vetoxa
11:49pm Bitter Fruit   Rainbow It Gets Worse Vetoxa
11:51pm Reagan's Polyp   Bring Me Flash Gordon, But Shave Him - I Want Him Absolutely We Got High in the Studio Vetoxa
12:03am Reagan's Polyp   Weird Lady On The Subway Facefucking Vetoxa
12:06am Reagan's Polyp   Villain in a Cop Show Deadenator Vetoxa
12:07am Reagan's Polyp   Citizen Dwarf Fishhooks and Nails Vetoxa
12:10am Reagan's Polyp   54-40 or Fuck! America Needs More Ass Vetoxa
12:25am Nerfbau   Three Easy Payments, Preacher Dr. Meniere's Sideshow Ratskin Records
12:29am Ich Bin N!ntendo   Endless Bovis Look Va Fongool
12:44am Nate Wooley   Amplifier Trumpet / Amplifier Smeraldina-Rima
1:02am Start!   Untitled B2 KREV National Anthem #6, The Ash International
1:03am Drunk Dad   Worthless Ripper Killer Eolian
1:06am New York Against The Belzebu   Marchando Nas Ruas Sete Star Sept / New York Against The Belzebu SPHC
1:08am Sursagar   Pyari Tum Kitni Best of Jagmohan, The EMI (India)
1:12am Egyptian Lover   Egypt Egypt L.A. Beats - The Definitive Street Funk From The West Coast Jdc Records
1:14am Trin Tran   AA3: He.C.She Coachwhips/Trin Tran Show and Tell Records
1:15am Cave   Butthash (Harshmellow Mix) Butthash Trensmat Records
1:19am Druss   20 Sides a Minute Gnod Presents Dwellings & Druss Trensmat
1:28am Tarantism   SEA DEVIL Brutal Sound FX Compilation and Exhibition of Strange Facts Enterruption
1:38am Spk   Alocasia Metallica Zamia Lehmanni- Songs of Byzantine Flowers Side Effects
1:45am Sudden Infant   Track 2 Radio Orgasm: Reissued Blossoming Noise