Wednesday 24 December 2014 6:02pm to 10:02pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Christless Eve
Number 6 interviews Wm Berger of Prison Tatt Records
Lugubrum   Intro: Plaaggeesten De Zuivering / I , Unclean
Sesso Violento   Untitled 3 Molestador Prison Tatt Records
6:04pm Sesso Violento   Untitled 4 Molestador Prison Tatt Records
6:07pm Glass Coffin   Black Flame Haunted By The Ghosts of The Damned Prison Tatt Records
Wretched Worst   Worse Than Jail Worse Than Jail Prison Tatt Records
Haare   Rautapilvi Rautapilvi Prison Tatt Records
Prison Tatt Records: You didn't always listen to Black Metal
6:26pm Crebain   I Live to Kill Night of Stormcrow evil saint
6:29pm Pandiscordian Necrogenesis   Track 3 Live Across The Abyssic Planes Torture Garden Pictures Records
Prison Tatt Records: Is Prison Tatt Metal?
Husere Grav   Terrors You Are Transparent Crucial Blast
NRIII   I Refuse Algea, The Prison Tatt Records
NRIII   Moment For a Lifetime Algea, The Prison Tatt Records
6:51pm NRIII   Prisoner Solus Patior
NRIII   Silence Solus Patior
Nuit Noire   How to See The Fairies a Beautiful Belief Prison Tatt Records
6:59pm Nuit Noire   Faerie Punk 7"
7:02pm Nuit Noire   Faeries Fuck Humans 7"
Prison Tatt Records: Prison vs Castle
7:19pm Bondage   En La Moto Mini Album Prison Tatt Records
7:21pm Dhampyr   Figure-dusted Luminal (The Meeting of Vedic Energies) White Fire Laudanum Prison Tatt Records
7:26pm Communion, The   Atrocity Conduit a Desired Level of Unease Prison Tatt
7:28pm Dreadlords   Lord of Chaos Dreadlords Prison Tatt Records
Umberto   Night Stalking Prophecy of The Black Widow Not not Fun Records
Bellerue, Bob   Side A Butcher's Broom Prison Tatt Records
7:39pm Prison Tatt Records: What made you start a label?
7:49pm Opponents   Opposition 02 Together We Will End The Future Prison Tatt
7:54pm Goblin War Trio   Sex Screaming Like a Hellhound Bitch Prison Tatt Records
7:58pm Smoke   Het Laatste Oordeel Pt. I Het Laatste Oordeel Prison Tatt Records
Prison Tatt Records: Greyzones
8:14pm Moloch   Plague I Depressive Black Metal Plague Prison Tatt Records
8:20pm Lord Time   The Core 8 Punishments Forgotten Future Prison Tatt Records
Prison Tatt Records: What's in a name?
Husere Grav   Myths 1 Myths Prison Tatt Records
8:34pm Tomhet   Contrachristian Caliginous Prison Tatt Records
8:40pm Prison Tatt Records: 2015 Releases
Creeplings   Aycayia S/T Prison Tatt Records
8:50pm Long Distance Poison   The Bog Nebula Bog Nebula, The Prison Tatt Records
8:51pm Prison Tatt Records: Its always personal, never business
Chaos Majik   ErotoGnosis Telestic Madness : Majikal Musick Prison Tatt Records
9:03pm Morbosidad   Manifiesto Agonia De Muerte Muerte De Cristo En Golgota Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:06pm Jackson 5   Frosty the Snowman
Zilverhill   Ominous +eotvos+ Adept Sound
9:11pm To The Lovers, Farewell   Bleed Out Banister to The Throne Room Obfuscated Records
9:17pm White Medal   An Evil Crop Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal Legion Blotan
9:21pm Shitfucker   Satantisanity Suck Cocks In Hell Hells Headbangers Records
9:23pm LaVey, Anton   Satanis Theme Satan Takes a Holiday Amarillo Records
Non   God & Beast God & Beast Mute
9:28pm Lugubrum   Poussy-Cafe De Vette Cuecken Red Stream
9:33pm Profanatica   Jehovah Fading Sickened By Holy Host Hells Headbangers
9:36pm Toxoplasmosis   Toxoplasma Toxoplasma Nutzz Recordzz, The
Bacteria Cult   Yond Be Gerysur Bacteria Cult Vomitcore
9:37pm Santa's Naughty List
Gerogerigegege, the   Side a of It 45RPM Performance Dark Vinyl Records
9:44pm Enbilulugugal   Devil Diarrhea Noizemongers For Goatserpent Crucial Blast
Merry Cajun Christmas
9:49pm Government Alpha   Perceptual Juncture Sporadic Spectra Helen Scarsdale Ground Fault
Pig Destroyer   Verminess Terrifyer Relapse
Black Boned Angel   Eternal Hunger Eternal Hunger Celebrate Psi Phenomenon
9:56pm Sargeist   Crimson Wine Moribund Records
M B (Maurizio Bianchi)   Fetish Pinksha Mectpyo Bacterium M B
10:00pm Satan's Pilgrims   Shit Sandwich "Soul Pilgrim" Estrus Records
Bastard Noise   Metal Pulp & the Pumpkinman Rrrevenge Man Is the Bastard
10:04pm Godflesh   Sterile Prophet (version) Love and Hate In Dub Kreation Records
10:10pm Gorgoroth   Open the Gates Destoyer Nuclear Blast
10:17pm Palace of Worms   The Antagonist The Forgotten Flenser
10:30pm Old Wainds   The Dream Withers of The Wainds Armadiaboli
10:33pm Minenwerfer   Lusitania nihilistischen
10:38pm Xenotaph   live pppittt
Coffin Cold Dept
11:11pm Weakling   Dead As Dreams Dead As Dreams Tumult
Wicked King Wicker   often referred to (but never seen) S/T
Xenotaph presents
11:29pm Shining   Morda Dig Sjalv Shining III Peaceville
11:38pm Minenwerfer   conquest
11:42pm Chronaexus   Outreach From A Withered Hand Desecration Rites
11:49pm Teratism   Hagion Pneuma, Apochoreo Via Negativa
11:54pm Tsjuder   Lord of Swords Desert Northern Hell Season of Mist
12:00am Ov Hell   Invoker The Underworld Regime Prosthetic
12:04am Baptism   Wisdom and Hate Wisdom and Hate Northern Heritage
Bael Kultus   Dirge of Infinite Hatred Eoth Fallen Empire
12:16am Xasthur   Apparitional Void Of Failure To Violate The Oblivious
12:19am Torture Chamber   The Blood Of Angels Qayin
12:30am Hell Militia   The Ultimate Deception Last Station on the Road to Death
12:34am Vesterian   Under the Red Moon Anthems for the Coming War Age Glorious North
12:40am ARCHGOAT   Nuns, Cunts & Darkness the Apocalyptic Triumphator
12:44am Behexen   We Burn With Serpent Fire Nightside Emanations
12:51am Ash Borer   Untitled split w/ Fell Voices
12:59am Chaos Moon   Aether Aurora Origin of Apparition
Old King Gravestench
1:02am Motorhead   (Don't Need) Religion Iron Fist
1:04am Sarcofago   Satanic Lust I.N.R.I.
1:07am GoatPenis   MGM-29 Sergeant Depleted Ammunition
1:11am Beherit   Hail Satanas Oath of Black Blood
1:13am Pek   Malicious Delight In The Suffering of Christ Preaching Evil Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:17am Set   Mary, Mother of Disgust Upheaval of Unholy Darkness
1:21am Bestial Raids   Slain God's Tomb Prime Evil Damnation
1:25am Conqueror   Hammer of Antichrist War.Cult.Supremacy Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:28am Vomitchapel   Immaculate Defilement The House Of The Lord Despoiled
1:33am Adversarial   Scourge of a World Ablaze All Idols Fall Before The Hammer
1:35am Blasphemophagher   Abominable Nuclear Penetration III Command of The Absolute Chaos, The Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:40am Zom   Multiversal Holocaust Multiversal Holocaust
1:44am Martire   Hellchrist Martire Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:47am Pseudogod   Saturnalia (The Night of the Return) Deathwomb Cathechesis
1:52am Black Witchery   Heretic Death Call Upheaval of Satanic Might Osmose Productions
1:55am Blasphemy   Demoniac Gods of War + Blood Upon The Altar Osmose Productions
1:57am Nunslaughter   Killed By The Cross Hell's Unholy Fire
2:00am Abigor   Diabolic Unity Verwustung/Invoke The Dark Age
2:05am Pagan Hellfire   Solidarity Solidarity
2:12am Hammer   Live H8 Anti-geldof Compilation Supernal Music
2:16am Veles   The Winter Morning Night on the Bare Mountain
2:19am Armagedda   Emperor From The Eternal Dark Only True Believers
2:22am Malign   Divine Facing Diving Facing
2:27am Darkthrone   As Flittermice As Satans Spys Transilvanian Hunger Peaceville Records
2:34am Peste Noire   Demonarque Peste Noire
2:41am Horna   Vala Pedolle Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne Woodcut Records
2:49am Musta Surma   Kalpeina Helvetin Tulessa Crushing The Holy Trinity Northern Heritage
2:55am Vlad Tepes   War Funeral March In The Grey Mist of a Full Moon Night Black Legion Spirits Unholy Penis Productions
3:00am Lord Gravestench -I- Number 6
3:02am Forgotten Woods   Third Eye (New Creature) Race of Cain 20 Buck Spin
3:13am Silberman, Benedict   A Rape Is Burning In the Old Fireplace Jewish Music
3:16am Winterblut   Das Aas (zerfressen) Das Aas Aller Dinge
3:22am Costes, Jean-Louis   Evil Is The Best Way to Good Plays Marquis De Sade Justine Populista
3:22am The First Christmas The Children's Bible
3:22am Azaghal   Verta Ia Vuohenspermaa Black Metal War Mass Grave Records
3:31am Chthonic Force   Primate God Chthonic Force
3:33am Katharsis   VVorldVVithoutEnd VVorldVVithoutEnd Norma Evangelium Diaboli
3:50am Hitler, Adolf   Speech to the World
3:51am Silberman, Benedict   My Yiddish Momme Hails Satan Jewish Music
3:53am Dimhymn   Djavulens Tid Ar Kommen Djavulens Tid Ar Kommen Turannum Records
3:59am Rat "Tinsel" King
4:00am Lamort   Spinning Wheel of Rats Purge Heart & Crossbone
4:04am Diapsiquir   Avant A.N.T.I. End All Life Productions
4:09am Diapsiquir   Fais-Le A.N.T.I. End All Life Productions
4:16am Peste Noire   Le Mort Joyeux La Sanie Des Siecles - Panegyrique De La Degenerescence Transcendental Creations
4:21am Nuit Noire   Faerie In Me a Beautiful Belief Prison Tatt Records
4:24am Skepticism   The Rising of the Flames Stormcrowfleet Red Stream
4:35am Alkerdeel   Winterteens Morinde ConSouling Sounds
4:48am Voivod   The Tower Phobos Mercury (Metal)
4:54am Letum   Betrayed Broken Cold Meat Industry
Lord Gravestench and Rat King Family Funtime
5:04am Jim Goad   Let's Hear It For Violence Against Women! Hatesville! Caciovallo
5:10am Deathpile   Triumph of The Hunter Final Confession Chrome Peeler Records
5:15am Sutcliffe Jugend   Third Victim: With Control: Message to Your Mother When Pornography Is No Longer Enough Death Factory
5:21am Rozz Williams   Raped Whorse's Mouth, the Hollows Hill Sound Rec.
5:25am Black Christmas (Excerpt)
5:28am Whitehouse   I'm Comin' Up Your Ass Great White Death Come Organisation
5:34am Brighter Death Now   Big Happy Family Kamikaze Kabaret Cold Meat Industry
5:41am Sadomator   Urine Injected Into Cunt Sadomatic Goat Cult
5:43am Leviathan   Every Orifice Yawning Her Price True Traitor, True Whore Profound Lore
5:50am Fecalove   White Boy 2011 Void Chaos and Cum Crucial Blast
5:54am A Clockwork Orange (Excerpt)
5:56am Cannibal Corpse   Fucked With a Knife The Bleeding
5:58am No Bra   Doherfuckher Otto; Or, Up With Dead People Crippled Dick Hotwax
6:00am Rat King Cries Alone
6:01am Badr Vogu   Wolves In The Ruins Live From The Devil's Triangle Vol. 14 KFJC
6:09am Jute Gyte   Interlude Old Ways Jeshimoth Entertainment
6:14am Botanist   Tradescantia Pallida Botanist/Palace of Worms Flenser
6:20am Threnos   Sparks Borne on the Wind By Blood and By Earth Torture Garden Pictures Records
6:25am ---   Det Liknar Mest En Javla Cirkus Ep Preposterous Creations
6:30am Forn   Track 3 Tour Demo Earhammer
6:43am Abigor   Part 1 Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins of The Saint End All Life Productions
7:02am Diocletian   Steel Jaw Gesundrian Osmose Productions
7:07am Revenge   Decimation of Antichrist Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist Osmose Productions
7:11am Revenge   Blood of My Blood Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist Osmose Productions
7:15am Tukaaria   Raw to The Rapine Raw to The Rapine Profound Lore
7:21am Mastery   Demo 3 - I Barbaric Usurpation of The Hypereonic Black Metal Throne Tumult
Horna   Kuoleva Lupaus Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne Woodcut Records
Numerus Sex de impuissant
Rondellus   Symptoma Mundi Sabbatum Beg the Bug
8:10am Jute Gyte   Flux and Permanence Vast Chains
Psalty Story
Solitary Torture   Black Vomit s/t
Acephale   Terror Is Our Tenderness Mord und Totsclag
8:38am Enbilulugugal   Effects of Fallout The Day After
8:41am Enbilulugugal   20,000 Unburied Corpses The Day After
8:45am Akitsa   Le Massacre des Puritains Aube de la Misanthropie
No God But Allah
Sigilum s   Accident Theology through A Burst driver Side Window glass
8:52am The Arrival of Satan   Tragic Awakening Vexing Verses
Endless Dismal Moan   ISLNWD Lord of Nightmare
Numero Seis, tueur de christ
9:03am The Meads of Asphodel   Boiled in Hell & Grave Dust The Murder of Jesus the Jew
9:07am The Meads of Asphodel   My Psychotic Sand Deity The Murder of Jesus the Jew
9:13am The Meads of Asphodel   Apocalypse of Lazarus The Murder of Jesus the Jew
9:22am The Meads of Asphodel   Addicted to God The Murder of Jesus the Jew
9:29am The Meads of Asphodel   Stiller of Tempests The Murder of Jesus the Jew
The Meads of Asphodel   Man from Kerioth The Murder of Jesus the Jew
9:35am The Meads of Asphodel   Dark Gethsemane The Murder of Jesus the Jew
9:38am The Meads of Asphodel   Jew Killer The Murder of Jesus the Jew
9:44am The Meads of Asphodel   Genesis of Death The Murder of Jesus the Jew
9:51am The Meads of Asphodel   From Eagle to Cross The Murder of Jesus the Jew
9:55am The Meads of Asphodel   Apostle of the Uncircumcised The Murder of Jesus the Jew
10:05am The Meads of Asphodel   A Canticle for the Lost Amputees of Aelia Capitolina... The Murder of Jesus the Jew
10:08am Muad'Dib - Emperor/God/King
10:28am Brutal Truth   It's After the End of the Wo Sounds of the Animal Kingdom Relapse
10:28am Brutal Truth   Prey Sounds of the Animal Kingdom Relapse
10:28am Cat Shit   Cattle Cat Shit/Newtdick Nutzz Recordzz, The
10:28am Mortician   Stab Chainsaw Dismemberment Relapse
10:31am Cat Shit   Ducks Cat Shit/Newtdick Nutzz Recordzz, The
10:33am Mortician   Fleshripper Chainsaw Dismemberment Relapse
10:38am Cat Shit   Sucking Dung Cat Shit/Newtdick Nutzz Recordzz, The
10:38am Mortician   Drowned in Your Blood Chainsaw Dismemberment Relapse
10:58am Deranged   Confession Continues, the Or
11:08am Lymphatic Phlegm   Forensic Necrofetichism (Pa) Lymphatic Phlegm/Vomin No Weak Shit Records
11:11am Newtdick   Spotted Dick Cat Shit/Newtdick Nutzz Recordzz, The
11:21am Vomit Spawn   Feed the Homeless to the Hos Lymphatic Phlegm/Vomin No Weak Shit Records
11:28am Dumpster Diver   Fly-Covered Shit Demo Nutzz Recordzz, The
11:28am Cephalic Carnage   Scolopendra Cingulata Lucid Interval Relapse Records
11:41am Deicide   Lunatic of God's Creation Amon: Feasting the Beast Roadrunner Records
12:03pm Salamander Titz   Salamander Titz/Ultra 9000 Nutzz Recordzz, The
12:08pm Wormrot   No One Gives a Shit Dirge Earache Records
12:20pm Bolt Thrower   War For Victory Earache
12:41pm Necrobutcher   Christ Psychic Butchery Schizophrenic Noisy Torment Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:55pm Has   Necrotic Genital Pustule Contribute to Garbage Island Nutzz Recordzz, The
1:02pm Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity   Pearl Harbor Necklace 1984 (Eternal) Gilead Media
1:03pm Regurgitate   Intro; the Act of Regurgitat Effortless Regurgitation... Wordsound Recordings
1:08pm Exhumed   Anatomy Is Destiny Anatomy Is Destiny Relapse
1:14pm Pig Destroyer   Hymn Painter of Dead Girls Robotic Empire
1:26pm Agoraphobic Nosebleed   Black Ink on Black Paper Honky Reduction Relapse Records
1:34pm Anal Cunt   Jack Kevorkian Is Cool I Like It When You Die Earache Records
1:47pm Gorgasmatron   a Terrihorrorgraphic Tale Games of Horny Terror and Gore Nutzz Recordzz, The
1:48pm Willy   Get Your Willy Out 4+ Ways to Bounce Your Tits Nutzz Recordzz, The
2:00pm Billie Joe Intolerable
2:00pm Howler Monkey  
2:03pm Naked City   Leng Tch'e Leng Tch'e Toy's Factory Records
2:36pm Hadez   La Diosa Del Averno Guerreros De La Muerte Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:03pm Lucifer Rosa   Christless Eve Soup
Number 6, Mark of the Beast, Citizen of the Village
5:10pm Venom   Black Metal Black Metal
5:11pm Cryptic Winds   Storms of the Black Millenium Storms of the Black Millenium
5:15pm Domain   War of Dominion Hellbirth
5:18pm Abhorer   Abandonment of Chastity Unholy Blasphemy
5:22pm Antaeus   Nihil Chaos Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan
5:24pm Morte Incadescente   Anger Unforeseen Ultimtum
Von   Christ Fire Satanic Blood Angel
5:33pm Nunslaughter   Power of Darkness Waiting to Kill Christ
5:35pm Coldness   Nothing In the Mirror Poisoned Gift
5:39pm Abigail   Hey Slut! The Eastern Desekratorz
5:42pm Old Wainds   Face of Madness We Are the North... Mean Cold War..
5:50pm Mantak   Dark Imaginations
5:51pm Naked Whipper   Pagan Pussy Gore Intruder Painstreaks
5:53pm Tuska   Kyepaata Ten Hail Marys Bestial Burst
5:55pm Ildjarn   Dark December Forest Poetry
5:57pm Malveillance   Extensive Slaughter Just Fuck Off!
5:59pm Devil Lee Rot   Root of All Evil Devil Lee Rot/ Gravewurm
6:02pm Rondellus   Solitudo Sabbatum Beg the Bug
Rondellus   Rotae Confusionis Sabbatum Beg the Bug
6:09pm Rondellus   Planetarum Vagatio Sabbatum Beg the Bug
6:13pm Deathspell Omega   III Kenose
6:22pm Dawn   Falcula Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)
6:32pm Forest   With all the coldness of knowledge, with all the cruelty of Like A Blaze Above the Ashes
6:44pm Monarch   Winter Bride Die Tonight
6:57pm Monarch   I Got Erection
7:09pm (H)oney (B)ear   666 bong hits later...
7:09pm Ocean   The Beacon Pantheon of The Lesser Important Records
7:24pm Earth   Like Gold and Faceted Earth 2 Sub Pop Records
7:37pm Grief   Coma Dismal Grievance Records
7:42pm Bongzilla   Gestation
7:43pm Iron Monkey   666 Pack Iron Monkey Earache Records
7:48pm Grave Upheaval   Untitled 4 ? Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:03pm Ephemeros  
8:04pm Eyehategod   Blank Take As Needed for Pain Century Media
8:25pm Shape of Despair   Quiet These Paintings Are
8:27pm Funeralium   Transcendance #26
8:38pm Bolt*Thrower   Inside the Wire Honour Valour Pride Hymen Records
8:43pm The Wounded Kings   The Silence
9:11pm Hutchinson, Hal   Wreckage Installation II Wreckage Installations and Metalworks Crucial Blast
9:13pm Buried At Sea   Ghost Ghost Neurot Recordings
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