Muad dib

Sunday 31 May 2015 6:00am to 9:03am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:01am Napalm Death   Multinational Corporations Scum Earache
6:03am Morbid Angel   Suffocation Altars of Madness Earache
6:06am Necrofago   Preachers of Doom (demo) Brutal Mutilation Nuclear War Now! Productions
6:09am Deceased   Experimenting with Failure Luck of the Corpse Relapse Records
6:11am Cadaver   Innominate Hallucinating Anxiety Earache
6:15am Disembowelment   Extracted Nails Transcendence Into The Peripheral/Dusk Relapse
6:18am Carcass   Festerday Carcass Demos Lp 86/87 Torture Garden Pictures Records
6:18am Cryptopsy   Slit Your Guts War Dance - a War Musi Relapse
6:22am Repulsion   Helga (Lost Her Head) Excruciation Relapse Records
6:26am Gorgasmatron   Savage Lasong Made to The Dagkog Ulo Games of Horny Terror and Gore Nutzz Recordzz, The
6:26am Meatshits   A Whole Shit Load of Songs Anal Cunt/Meatshits Wicked Sick Records
6:29am Atrocity   Archangel Longing for Death Roadrunner Records
6:32am Chainsaw to The Face   Crippling Depression Chainsaw to The Face/Hummingbird of Death Cowabunga Records
6:34am Neil Patrick Harrisz   Canaboid Compactor 4+ Ways to Bounce Your Tits Nutzz Recordzz, The
6:36am Naked City   Jazz Snob Eat Shit Torture Garden Shimmy Disc
6:36am Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity   Nvclear Facelift (the Mantra of The Maggot) 1984 (Eternal) Gilead Media
6:39am Bolt Thrower   Through the Eye of Terror Realm of Chaos Earache
6:40am Wormrot   Compulsive Disposition Dirge Earache Records
6:41am Aborted   to Roast & Grind Aborted / Exhumed Listenable Records
6:44am Gorgoroth   The Devil, The Sinner and His Journey Destroyer Nuclear Blast
6:46am Decapitation   B:2 3 Songs From "Bodily Dismemberment" Demo 1985 Torture Garden Pictures Records
6:48am Exhumed   Anatomy Is Destiny Anatomy Is Destiny Relapse
6:53am Extreme Noise Terror   Are You that Desperate Crust Records
6:56am Defecation   Life On Planet Earth Is Fucken Cancerous Purity Dilution Nuclear Blast
6:57am Agathocles   Use the Mincer or Deceased Agathocles/Godstomper Haunted Hotel Records
6:58am Mortician   Maimed and Mutilated Domain of Death Travelin' Man
6:59am M.O.M.   Violence? Split Rodel Records
7:00am Regurgitate   Effortless Regurgitation... Wordsound Recordings
7:00am Headcrash   Coffeeshop Domination Headcrash/Lymphatic Ph Bloodshed Records
7:01am Necrot   The End Into The Labyrinth Blood Divine
7:05am Terrorizer   Storm of Stress World Downfall Earache
7:06am Pig Destroyer   Pretty in Casts Terrifyer Relapse
7:07am Deranged   Confession Continues, the Or
7:11am Necrobutcher   Schizophrenic Christianity Schizophrenic Noisy Torment Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:12am Lymphatic Phlegm   Bacterial Endosymbionts of O Headcrash/Lymphatic Ph Bloodshed Records
7:12am Cephalic Carnage   Fortuitous Oddity Lucid Interval Relapse Records
7:13am Agents of Satan   Red Impulse 625 Productions
7:14am Anal Cunt   Stayin' Alive (Oi! Version) Top 40 Hits Earache
7:15am Putrid Offals   3 Agathocles/ Putrid Off Skin Drill
7:18am Deicide   Forever Hate You Insineratehymn Roadrunner Records
7:22am Vomit Spawn   Feed The Homeless, to The Homeless Lymphatic Phlegm/Vomin No Weak Shit Records
7:23am Suffocation   Liege of Inveracity Effigy of the Forgotten Roadrunner Records
7:27am Noisear   Labyrinth of Inquisition Grindcore Marauders Torture Garden Pictures Records
7:29am Incantation   Golgotha Onward to Golgotha Relapse Records
7:32am Nasum Campaign, the   ...And You Were Blind... Nasum/Warhate Campaign Relapse Records
7:33am Exit 13   Diet for a New America Corporate Death Relapse
7:35am Neanderthal   Fighting Music Neanderthal/Rorschach Vermiform
7:37am Meatslab   Blood Fuck Slaughter of The Human Pig Nutzz Recordzz, The
7:40am Superbad   I've Got a Problem Grindcore Marauders Torture Garden Pictures Records
7:41am Newtdick   Fuck Like Newts Cat Shit/Newtdick Nutzz Recordzz, The
7:42am Dissecting Table   Why S/T Suggestion Records
7:47am Doom   Slave to Convention Doomed From the Start Radon/ T M R
7:48am Warhate Campaign, the   Vae Victis Nasum/Warhate Campaign Relapse Records
7:49am Entombed   Dusk Stranger Aeons Earache
7:51am Lawnmower Deth   Betty Ford's Clinic Ohh Crikey It's .../Kids in Aa Earache
7:52am Rotten Sound   Revenge Murderworks Death Vomit Records
7:55am Coke Bust   Time Theft Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
7:55am Hagor   Blitz-Krieg Ascending Demonic Spirits Nutzz Recordzz, The
7:58am Agoraphobic Nosebleed   Pcp Torpedo Pcp Torpedo Hydrahead
7:59am Waste Pig   Pig Piss Born to Die Split Nutzz Recordzz, The
8:00am Larm   Hippies Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
8:02am Disrupt   Victim of Tradition Deprived Relapse
8:04am Unseen Terror   Unseen Terror Human Error Earache
8:07am Assuck   State to State S.O.A.
8:09am Macabre   Drill Bit Lobotomy Drill Bit Lobotomy Hater of God
8:10am Left in Ruins   Total Fornedring Europe in Decline Six Weeks
8:11am Head Hits Concrete   Fraud, History and Market Es Bloodbath Is Comig, Th Sounds of Betrayal
8:13am Reform Control   Postponed Death Bloodbath Is Comig, Th Sounds of Betrayal
8:16am Hog   Libres Bloodbath Is Comig, Th Sounds of Betrayal
8:18am Mouthfart   You Know I'm Gonna Bllleeeaaauuurrrrgghh Slap a Ham
8:18am Citizen's Arrest   Existence Bllleeeaaauuurrrrgghh Slap a Ham
8:18am Cocofonia   Revolution Bllleeeaaauuurrrrgghh Slap a Ham
8:19am Psycho Sin   You Suck Bllleeeaaauuurrrrgghh Slap a Ham
8:19am Confrontation   Time Flies (Live) Bllleeeaaauuurrrrgghh Slap a Ham
8:19am Vomit for Breakfast   Poursur Bloodbath Is Comig, Th Sounds of Betrayal
8:22am Fear Is the Path to the Darkse   Marcht Und Herrschaft Bloodbath Is Comig, Th Sounds of Betrayal
8:23am Gride   Arogance Moci Bloodbath Is Comig, Th Sounds of Betrayal
8:25am Lack of Interest   On The Edge of Clarity Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
8:26am Enemies of Inertia   Deals Gone Bad Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
8:27am Lahar   Greece Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
8:28am Torture Unit   Blinders Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
8:29am Pretty Little Flower   Obliteration Horizon Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
8:30am Slight Slappers   Stupid Is As Stupid Does Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
8:36am Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation   Wallow Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
8:38am Wasteoid   Ballad of a Real Son of a Bitch/ Multiple Personalities/ Sho Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
8:39am Street Pizza   Fuck You Pay Me! Short Fast & Loud Six Weeks
8:39am Demisor   Improved Definition Bloodbath Is Comig, Th Sounds of Betrayal
8:39am Assel   Frihet Bloodbath Is Comig, Th Sounds of Betrayal
8:40am Brutal Truth   Prey Sounds of the Animal Kingdom Relapse
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