Christless Eve

Saturday 24 December 2016 6:05pm to 12:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Teachers AIDS  
Lugubrum   Intro/Plaaggeesten De Zuivering / Unclean
6:09pm Venom   Acid Queen 12" version Black Metal
Hellhammer   Chainsaw Demon Entrails Century Media
6:13pm Kat   Metal and Hell Metal and Hell Nuclear War Now! Productions
Helix   Heavy Metal Love
6:19pm Mutilator   Mutilator Immortal Force Greyhaze
6:25pm Alien (soundtrack)   Acid Test Alien Twentieth Century Fox
Martyrium   Forgotten Spheres L.V.X. Occulta Merciless
6:31pm Sathanas   Empire Daemonium Thy Dark Heavens
6:36pm Blood Cult   Redneck Black Metal We Who Walk Behind the Rows
6:43pm Sextrash   Black Church Sexual Carnage
6:45pm Mayhem   Pagan Fears Nordic Metal: A Tribute To Euronymous
6:51pm Artemiev, Eduard   Movement 15 Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris Superior Viaduct
6:53pm Bathory   Intro Demo '84 True Black Essence
6:56pm Bathory   In Conspiracy With Satan True Black Essence
Sabbat   Darkness and Evil Kill Fuck Jesus Christ Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:02pm Nunslaughter   Nunslaughter (1987) Demoslaughter Hells Headbangers Records
Anarchus   Nothing Comes Later 500 Years of Infamy Gothic Rec.
6:45pm Vanhelgd   Church of Death Church of Death Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:11pm Lethal   Through Your Flesh Rotten Skulls - The Ripper Metal Compilation
7:13pm Eisenwinter   Atomschlag Verkommen, entartet und verreckt
7:16pm Insulter   Eternal Existence Blood Spits, Violences and Insults Nuclear War Now! Productions
Fabio Frizzi   Giro Di Blues Beyond, the Dagored
7:22pm Unholy Crucifix   Chalice of Cunt's Blood Abominations of Darkness Terrorghoul Productions
7:24pm Bone Awl   Visions of Altitude Undying Glare Brutal Sound Effects
7:30pm Blodfest   Stridsand Lejres Fald Red Stream
7:32pm Cartilage   Cannot Stop The Clot It's Necrotic Transylvanian Tapes
7:35pm Grave   In Love Into the Grave Century Media
7:43pm Gorefest   Mental Misery Eindhoven Insanity, The Nuclear Blast America
Levi, Mica   Drift Under The Skin Milan Records
Abigail   Stormwarning/Blood & Souls Tribute to NME Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:53pm Mystifier   My Gloat... (Intro) Wicca Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:53pm Mystifier   Osculum Obscenum Wicca Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:04pm New American Orchestra, The   End Title Blade Runner Full Moon Entertainment
school is death  
8:07pm Ondskapt   Djavulens ande Dodens evangelium Next Horizon Records
8:15pm Svarttjern   Blessed Flesh D?dsskrik Soulseller Records
8:16pm Armagedda   For I Am His Slave Only True Believers Agonia Records
8:24pm Stridsmenn   Saar Stridsmenn Northern Silence Productions
8:32pm Morker   En Dunkel Fard Skuggornas rike Northern Silence Productions
8:36pm Domgard   De underjordiska Myrkvior Frostscald Records
8:40pm Djevel   Besatt av Maane og Natt Besatt av maane og natt Aftermath Music
IXXI   That We May Kill the Mocking World Assorted Armament Sigilla Malae
8:58pm Batushka   Yekteniya 2 Litourgiya
9:01pm Mortuus   Grape of the Vine Grape of the Vine
Funerary Call   Wands Of Fire Nightside Emanations Malignant Records ?
Pokolgep   Totalis Metal Totalis Metal
9:13pm Martire   Peace Keeper Martire Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:16pm Darvulia   Goqkre L'Alliance des venins
9:24pm Sacriphyx   Food for the Front The Western Front Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:30pm Varathron   Cassiopeia's Ode Walpurgisnacht Nuclear War Now! Productions
Funerary Call   Nightside Emanations Nightside Emanations
Necrosleezer   Pope Kill Pope Kill Demo
9:45pm Necrosleezer   Moonlit Chants Pope Kill Demo
9:49pm Necrosleezer   Prudent Sinner Pope Kill Demo
Necrosleezer   Mistress Rotten Crotch Pope Kill Demo
9:56pm Mystifier   The Baphometic Goat of Knights Templar In The 12th Century Goetia Nuclear War Now! Productions
Funerary Call   Thee I Invoke
10:10pm Death Worship Interview by Jason Campbell
Funerary Call   Damnation's Journey Damnation's Journey Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:46pm Death Worship   Abomination Storm Extermination Mass
Death Worship   Evocation Chamber Extermination Mass
Death Worship   Holocaust Altar Extermination Mass
10:55pm Death Worship   Superion Rising Extermination Mass
Death Worship   Desolation Summoning Extermination Mass
11:01pm Death Worship   The Chaos Trance Extermination Mass
Beherit (Lord Diabolus)   "Sodomatic Rites" (Down There outtake)
11:14pm Beherit (Pseudochrist)   "Inferno" (Live 1/28/90)
11:16pm Beherit (Pseudochrist)   "Penetrator Hammer" (Live 1/28/90)
11:17pm Perverted Ceremony   "Crypt Of Beheza?l" (From upcoming 2017 LP)
Evil   "Mandala" (From upcoming 2017 LP)
11:25pm Holocausto   "Destruicao Nuclear" (From War Metal Massacre LP 2017)
11:26pm Stargazer   "Black Gammon" (From A Merging to the Boundless - Instrumen
Howl of Ebb   Babel's Catechism (from forthcoming split 12" EP)
Black Grail   Illuminacion Oscura (Live studio recording of Misticismo Reg
Nepenthe   Jaws of Satan (Sathanas Cover from Ripping Evil 87 7"ep) Liv
11:55pm Nightbringer   Where Fire Never Dreamt of Man Ego Dominus Tuus Season of Mist
Inade   Ghost Sector Samadhi State Loki Foundation
12:11am Xenotaph   Unholy Pyromancy
Gloriam Draconis   Omnipotens Omega Gloriam Draconis / Grave Gnosis Independent
12:19am Modraniht   Hexenkessel To the Dark Mothers Northern Shrine
Teratism   Hagion Pneuma, Apochoreo Via Negativa Negativity Records
Vesterian   Unknown Spells Cast From Niburu's Watch Tower Anthems for the Coming War Age Glorious North Production
Plague Phalanx   Offering at Tophet Plague Phalanx Aphotic Sonance
Plague Phalanx   Raped by Apparitions Plague Phalanx Aphotic Sonance
Hellgoat   Contra Manifestation Infernal Zeal Pale Horse Recordings
12:58am Gnaw Their Tongues   Reeking,Pained and Shuttering Destroying is Creating Paradigms
1:03am The Body   I Shall Die Here The Night Knows No Dawn RVNG Int
Alban Berg   III Allegro Misterioso Lyric Suit Universal Ed.
Exile From Light   Descending Descending Further into Nothingness Hypnotic Dirge
1:15am Exile From Light   Further Into Nothingness Descending Into Nothingness
Prosternatur   Mortification Of The Flesh Abyssus Abyssum Invocat Mercenary Musik
Aosoth   Appendix C IV Agonia Records
1:43am Oranssi Pazuzu   Korppi Muukalainen puhuu Violent Journey Records
1:44am Void Meditation Cult   Mould And Blood Utter the Tongue Of The Dead Hells Headbangers Records
1:52am Balmog   Tenebrous Apparitions Testimony of the Abominable BlackSeed Productions
Lluvia   Voluntad de Ruina Illuminantes Tenebrae Fallen Empire Records
2:07am Pale Chalice   Bent By Carapace Chain Negate The Infinite And Miraculous Gilead Media
2:07am Korgonthurus   Kaaos Vuohen siunaus Woodcut Records
2:16am Nan Elmoth   Purification Void Serpent Lindwurm Propaganda
2:24am Xenotaph   I Am The Void
2:30am Lord Fucking Gravestench  
2:32am Tiny Tim   Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS This Year Songs Of An Impotent Troubadour Durtro
2:34am Hellvetron   Sheol - Grave of Supernals Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties Hells Headbangers
2:40am Necrodeath   ...Agony / The Flag of the Inverted Cross Into the Macabre Black Tears of Death
2:44am Antediluvian   Gomorrah Entity (Perversion Reborn) Through The Cervix of Hawaah Nuclear War Now! Productions
2:47am Diocletian   Beast Atop The Trapezoid Gesundrian Osmose Productions
2:55am Terrorama   The Orthodox Flame Horrid Efface Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:01am Anal Blasphemy   Mother Mary You Cheap Slut Anal Blasphemy/Necroslut Hammer of Hate
3:03am Sarcofago   I.N.R.I. I.N.R.I. Greyhaze
3:05am Cult of Daath   Conceived Through Black Mass Rape (Obscene Rites Part I) Slit Throats and Ritual Nights Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:13am Archgoat   Black Crusade Whore of Bethlehem Debemur Morti Productions
3:16am Blasphemy   Desecration Fallen Angel of Doom Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:18am Black Witchery   Unholy Vengeance of War Desecration of The Holy Kingdom Full Moon Productions
3:22am Demonomancy   Hordes of Fallen Souls Rites of Barbaric Demons Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:26am Necrobutcher   Christ Psychic Butchery Schizophrenic Noisy Torment Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:28am Impiety   Accelerate The Annihilation The Impious Crusade Hells Headbangers
3:33am Surrender of Divinity   Blasphemous Beast Rising Oriental Hell Rhythmics Deathrash Armageddon
3:40am Corpus Christii   Jesus Cunt Lickers Saeculum Domini Warkult Productions
3:44am Demonic Christ   Church of Profane Masturbation Demonic Battle Metal Blackmetal.com
3:49am Mortifier   The Majesty of Empire's Doom Darkness My Eternal Bride Natura Morta Edizioni
3:55am Massemord   Eternal War Skogen Kaller Cybertzara
3:59am Ildjarn   Dark December Forest Poetry Season of Mist
4:02am Plaga   Traby zaglady (Trumpets of Doom) Traby zaglady/Triumfalny taniec... Societas Oculorum Arcanorum
4:09am Judas Iscariot   Behold The Lamb Of God Descending To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding Red Stream
4:13am Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse   The Pact Darkbourne Stronghold
4:17am Emperor   The Loss And Curse Of Reverence Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk Candlelight
4:23am Old Wainds   Unholy Nordic Metal Religion of Spiritual Violence Negative Existence
4:28am Forest   Spilt Be, The Scum Of Blood As A Song In The Harvest Of Grief Stellar Winter
4:34am Sunchariot   Raven of Darkness and War Suncross Brotherhood of Light
4:41am Sombre Chemin   Hiems Memoire Paienne Sword Productions
4:45am Demoncy   Black Vengeance Of The Ancient Hordes Enthroned Is The Night Forever Plagued
4:49am Bloodhammer   Holocaust in Heaven Ancient Kings Northern Heritage
4:52am IC Rex   Luciferin Miekhha Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia Hammer of Hate
5:01am Peste Noire   La Condi Hu L'ordure a L'etat Pur La Mesnie Herlequin (Amerique)
5:10am Deathspell Omega   Onward Where Most With Ravin I May Meet Synarchy of Molten Bones, The Norma Evangelium Diaboli
5:19am Profanatica   Side I Sickened By Holy Host Hells Headbangers
5:28am Baptism   Triumphant in War & Hate Beherial Midnight, the Northern Heritage
5:32am Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult   Scaffold Salvation Nocturnal March Www.twilight-vertiebe.de
5:35am Nagelfar   Hetzjagd In Palastina Virus West Van
5:47am Benighted Leams   Oeillades into Paenumbral Mirth Caliginous Romantic Myth Supernal Music
5:52am Beatrik   Requiem of December Requiem of December Avantgarde Music
6:00am Bestial Mockery   Crucified In Dirt Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw Hells Headbangers
6:03am Barghest   Hellish Entrancement Barghest Gilead Media
6:08am Burzum   Jesus' Tod Filosofem Back on Black
6:16am Teitanblood   Purging Tongues Woven Black Arteries Norma Evangelium Diaboli
6:34am Badalamenti, Angelo   Main Title Blue Velvet Varese Sarabande
6:39am Hereci   Heathen Of the Celtic Blood
6:42am Beherit   Six Days With Sadistic Slayer At The Devil's Studio 1990
6:45am Nav   Warriors of Glacial Desert Compilation Aassault
6:53am Malveillance   Les Jours Sombres Insignifiance Suffering Jesus
Ives   Feral Ives / Amort
6:56am Coffins   Corpse Parade
Astrofaes   The Black Woods Theory Dying Emotions Domain
7:11am Astrofaes   Fiery Mysticism Dying Emotions Domain
7:13am Helvete   I Disgust! alcohol, drugs and fucking hell
7:18am Nocturnal Blood   Death Calls Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration
7:21am Holocausto   Forcas Terroristas Campo de Exterminio
7:25am Furze   Devacampo Possessed Black Trident Autocrat
7:27am Krieg   The Immaculate Whore Destruction Ritual
7:32am Deathwitch   Angel Execution Dawn of Armageddon
7:36am Satanic Warmaster   ...Hiljaisuudesta Black Katharsis
7:43am Full Decay   track 4 Compilation
7:47am Lewis, Herschell Gordon   Recurring Virtuoso Acoustic Guitar Bit Blood Feast & 2000 Maniacs Rhino Records Inc.
7:53am Forgotten Winter   A Starry Ocean's Dream As A Chant Reaping Illusionary Forms Pela Gloria... Nekrogoat Heresy Productions
7:55am Blizzard Winter   Gateways To Rebellion Pela Gloria...
8:01am Isengard   Vinterskugge Vinterskugge
8:06am The Arrival of Satan   Morbid Libido Vexing Verses
8:12am Austere   The Dawn Remains Silent Withering Illusions and Desolation
8:21am Lyrinx   Isolation Austere / Lyrinx
8:41am V-Kaos   V Demo II
8:49am n.i.l.   Here I found No Shelter s/t
8:57am Abysmal Grief   Profanation We Lead the Procession
9:01am Sterbend   Endtime Sermon Dwelling Lifeless
9:11am Turdus Merula   Casus Mentem Recipere
9:17am Forgotten Woods   Winterly Battle over Northland The Demos '96
9:27am Black Priest of Satan   We, As Shadows of Satan We, As Shadows of Satan
9:33am Sleepchamber   W:O:M Beast 666 & The Archangels of Sex, The Nekrophile Records
9:37am Hyponic   The Noise of Time The Noise of Time
9:48am Bethlehem   Die anarchische Befreiung der Augenzeugenreligion Dictius te Necare
9:57am Wraith of the Ropes   Lake of Decay Ada
10:06am Vhernen   In Solstice Vhernen
10:15am Animus   untitled track 2 Poems for the Aching, Swords for the Infuriated
10:23am Zero Kama   Prayer of Zos Beast 666 & The Archangels of Sex, The Nekrophile Records
10:30am Necro Schizma   Mass Murderer Erupted Evil
10:34am Root   Upaleni Dema Lava Productions
10:39am Destruction   United By Hatred Eternal Devastation
10:43am Kreator   Take Their Lives Flag of Hate
10:48am Death Hammer   Warriors of Evil Evil Power
10:51am Midnight   Violence On Violence Satanic Royalty
10:52am Dishammer   Into the Bong Vintage Addiction
10:55am Von   Goat Christ Satanic Blood Angel
Tjolgtjar ?   A Satanic Orgy Under The Command Of Tjolgtjar Under Command Of Tjolgtjar
Rage   Execution Guaranteed Execution Guaranteed
11:09am King Diamond   Dreams The Spider's Lullabye
Under Satan's Sun   Only You
Desolation Angels   Valhalla Desolation Angels Buried By Time and Dust Records
Pharaoh Overlord   Devastator Out of Darkness
11:37am Possessed   The Martyr's Wake Possessed / Morbid Angel
Apokalyptic Raids   Satanic Slaughter The Return of the Satanic Rites
Randy   Kiss Me Deadly Death to False Metal
11:45am Jacula   U.F.D.E.M Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus Black Widow
11:52am Amort   Dschungel Dschungel/Fieber
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