Milo Minderbender

Wednesday 29 March 2017 2:00am to 5:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00am a Place to Bury Strangers   Ego Death (Radio Edit) Ego Death 2010 Tour EP Mute Corporation
2:06am Angel   Caged Aminal 2017 Faro
2:11am Hospitals, The   You Get On My Nerves (Fingers - San Francisco) Rich People Yakisakana
2:13am Climax Golden Twins   Enchanted Boat 5 Cents a Piece Abduction
2:14am Amps For Christ   Comfort Zone Plains of Alluvial, The Water Wing Records
2:20am Aube   Blood-Brain Barrier II Blood-brain Barrier Ytterbium
2:30am Dromez   a Watcher In The Night Sexsomnia Somnophilia Self-release
2:35am Girnu Giesmes   Rupppu... Rupus Miltai Autarkeia
2:41am Guilt Of..., The   a Federal Bail to Poverty Guilt Of..., The Bloodlust!
2:47am Audion   There Was a Button Alpha !K7 Records
2:52am Dr. Burtrum   One More Acid Techno Sh*t Sadodamascus
2:55am Burger\Ink   Fleah & Blood Las Vegas Matador Records
3:01am Clock DVA   Two Souls Sign Cargo Records
3:05am Infinite Body   Enlacing Avolition Isounderscore
3:11am Aphex Twin   Funny Little Man Promotional Item Warp Records, Ltd.
3:17am Fehlmann, Thomas   Eye Eye / Tree Kompakt Schallplatten
3:26am Xiu Xiu   Juarez Xiu Xiu/Dead Science Deathbombarc
3:29am Peaking Lights   Birds of Paradise Wet Hair / Peaking Lights Not Not Fun Records
3:35am Electro-Haram   Untitled Taharrush Gamea Post-Materialization Music
3:45am Cocorosie   Child Bride Tales of a Grass Widow Transistor Recordings
3:49am Boris Mashalov, Vocals   Aguntse Mil Baiovov (precious Little Lamb) Song of The Crooked Dance Yazoo Records
3:53am Fake Hospital   4:05 Never Use The Same Door Twice Psychic Sound Recordings
4:06am Coffins   Black End Mortuary In Darkness Kreation Records
4:07am Actuary   World In Shadows A*C*T*U*A*R*Y/Deathstench King of the Monsters
4:13am Absenta   You Left Me Dry Eel Necromance
4:19am Demonomancy   Bearers of Black Arts Rites of Barbaric Demons Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:23am Decrepid   Concussion Osseous Empire Xtreem Music
4:26am Ascended Dead   Mortification of Souls Ritus Mortuus Self-released
4:29am Deathspell Omega   Internecine Iatrogenesis Synarchy of Molten Bones, The Norma Evangelium Diaboli
4:36am Genokeit   Anti Human Terror Front Anti Human Terror Front Silver Key Records
4:38am Antediluvian   Rephaim Sceptre... Through the Cervix of Hawaah Profound Lore
4:42am Creation Is Crucifixion   Subversion As a Tactical... Unruh/Creation Is... Ape Music
4:47am Converge   Color Me Blood Red Petitioning the Empty Sky Equal Vision
4:50am Noothgrush   Untitled Sloth/Noothgrush
4:54am 7000 Dying Rats   Char-Lee Don't Surf We're Making People Happy Stomach Ache
4:55am Capitalist Casualties   Potemkin Village Tomorrow Will Be Worse Sound Pollution
4:56am Setup, the   King of Concepts Setup, The/Serotonin Action Driver
4:59am Charles Bronson   Obligatory Spazz/Charles Bronson Disgruntled Records
5:02am Xbxrx   Untitled 1 Xbxrx/ Total Shutdown Rip 02
5:04am Serotonin   Alias Setup, The/Serotonin Action Driver
5:08am Brutal Truth   Rumours Spazz/Brutal Truth Bovine
5:11am Spazz/Jimmie Walker   Abbadbba Honeymoon Spazz/Jimmie Walker Slap a Ham
5:15am Clikatat Ikatowi   Trials and Trib. of Diama .. River of Souls Gravity
5:17am Unsane   Breathththing Out Streetsweeper / Breathing Out PCP Entertainment
5:21am His Hero Is Gone   Who Benefits Plot Sickens:Enslavement R, th No Label Incorporated
5:23am Fearless Iranians From Hell   Deathwish Die for Allah Bone Records
5:25am Good Time Aussie Bogalars   Reg Grundy A Slab of Liquid Cunt Lab, The
5:34am Indian Summer   Angry Son Science 1994 Futurerecordings
5:43am Lick Golden Sky   Pinstriping Thrash Holocaust Six Two Five Thrashcore
5:44am Don Caballero   Puddin' In My Eye Five Pairs of Crazy Pants. Wear 'Em: Early Caballero Chunklet Magazine
5:48am Sonic Youth   Mariah Carey & the Arthur... Sonic Youth/Erase Erta Narnack Records
5:53am Syna So Pro   Fengyang Song VOX FPE Records
5:55am Scott-Heron, Gil & Jackson, Brian   Shut 'um Down 1980 Arista
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