Christless Eve

Monday 24 December 2018 6:04pm to 6:03pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Christless Eve
Number 6  
Lugubrum   Intro/Plaaggeesten De Zuivering / Unclean
6:06pm Nostalgic Darkness   the closer you are the lonelier i feel Sexual Depression
6:10pm Graveland   the days of black sun Drunemeton Forever Plagued
6:15pm Nifelheim   Hellish Blasphemy Gummo London
6:20pm Goblin (soundtrack)   Profondo(Re-Mix Version) Profondo Rosso Cinevox
Unser Verhangnis   Hastening Our Demise Fait Accompli
6:25pm The Rhythm Method   A Very Wandelweiser Christmas
6:41pm Stalaggh   Untitled Nihilistik Terrror Autopsy Kitchen Recordings
6:47pm Sutekh Hexen   The Hermetic Luciform Wands
6:52pm Revenge   Decimation of Antichrist Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist Osmose Productions
6:55pm Sutcliffe Jugend   Insult Pigdaddy Cold Spring Records
7:03pm Gog   Past The Deepest Gate Past The Deepest Gate Torture Garden Pictures Records
Swamp Witch   Slithering Bog, The Tribunal of the Axe
Dante   Inferno, The Folkways Records and Service Corp.
7:14pm LaVey, Anton   Hymn of the Satanic Empire Satanic Mass, the Amarillo Records
7:17pm Coffins   The Vacant Pale Vessel Fleshland, The Relapse Records
7:23pm Abigail   The Crown Bearer Intercourse and Lust Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:27pm Ride For Revenge   Ageless Powers Arise Ageless Powers Arise Bestial Burst
7:33pm Wold   Lotmp Lotmp Profound Lore
7:36pm Wold   Free Goat of Leviticus Freermasonry Profound Lore
7:44pm noisepoetnobody & Sisiutl   Destroyer of Paradise Flecks of Mica s/p
LaVey, Anton   The Satanic Mass Satanic Mass, the Amarillo Records
7:51pm NRIII   Purpose, a Reason Algea, The Prison Tatt Records
7:57pm Pissgrave   Blood Fog Suicide Euphoria Profound Lore Records
8:02pm Diapsiquir   A.M.A.C.C. A.N.T.I. End All Life Productions
8:09pm Male Rape Group   On To 83 Broken Flag - A Retrospective 1982-1985 Vinyl on Demand
Costes, Jean-Louis   Plays Marquis De Sade Justine Populista
8:26pm Conqueror   Hammer of Antichrist War.Cult.Supremacy Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:30pm Arts   The Magus Vault of Heaven Youth Attack Records
Birchville Cat Motel   The Frog Prince Frog Prince, The Anthem Records
8:37pm Abruptum   de Profundis Mors vas Cousumet de Profundis Mors vas Cousumet Blood Dawn Productions
8:43pm Todesstoss   Verwehung Hirngemeer I, Voidhanger Records
9:13pm G*Park   Damprichard 1983-1988+ Tochnit Aleph
nile simms  
9:41pm Hummingbird of Death   Panocide Show Us The Meaning of Haste Cowabunga Records
9:41pm Anderson, Ron   Fever Dream Tragic Mule Records
9:41pm Asunder   Twilight Amaranthine A Clarion Call Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:57pm Cripple Bastards   Implacabile Verso Il Suo Buio Variante Alla Morte Deep Six
9:57pm Ambarchi, Oren   Inamorata In The Pendulum's Embrace Southern Lord Recordings
9:57pm Abate, Maurizio   Armonicum Qbico
9:57pm alan watts   exploring your dark side
9:59pm Merzbow   Part II Eucalypse Soleilmoon Recordings
10:18pm Blown Out   Transcending Deep Infinity Planetary Engineering Oaken Palace Records
10:19pm Brutal Blues   Stafett Brutal Blues Drid Machine Records
10:21pm Attar Cups   a Attar Cups Blackest Rainbow
10:31pm Galbraith, Kole   Cordilleran Rupture PANNA I Self-released
10:31pm Treetops   Pure Grey Permission/When I Was Younger Arbor
10:32pm jim jones   sermon of the temple
Trees   Nothing Trees 20 Buck Spin
10:52pm Blasphemophagher   The Primordial Desolation III Command of The Absolute Chaos, The Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:56pm Blonk, Jaap / Nyoukis, Dylan   Scheurmannen (Ig Take) Dubbletwee Ecstatic Peace
Triangles   1 Triangle Drag City
11:01pm silent night  
11:01pm Blue Sabbath Black Cheer   Black Death In The East... (Side A) Untitled Gnarled Forest Recordings
11:08pm Sun City Girls   and So The Dead Tongue Sang Live At The Sit & Spin-Seattle May 17, 2002 Abduction
11:13pm Nishinihon   Uchida U-Ya Nishinihon Resonant Records
11:19pm Decrepit   Extortion Tired of Licking Blood From a Profane Existence
11:19pm Dead Raven Choir   Die Cask Strength Black Metal Weird Forest Records
11:21pm Death Unit   AIDS Death 666 Only Death Is Certain Hospital Productions
11:34pm pavarotti   holy night
11:34pm Dead Reptile Shrine   Weapon, Crucifixion and Drowning Sun of Circles and Wood Weird Forest Records
11:37pm Connoisseur   (Destroy The) Smoke Machines Stoner Justice/ Live At Gilman Tank Crimes
11:40pm Lord Gas-Stench  
11:41pm Emperor   Inno A Satana In The Nightside Eclipse Candlelight
11:45pm Baptism   The Worshipper Morbid Wings of Sathanas Northern Heritage
11:54pm Prevalent Resistance   Raging Heat of the New Dawn Dynamic of Creation Blut und Eisen
11:59pm Torgeist   Devoted to Satan Devoted to Satan Drakkar Productions
12:03am Impaled Nazarene   Damnation (Raping the Angels) Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz Osmose Productions
12:07am Anal Blasphemy   Crucifix Anal Rape of the Priest Ejaculation of Black Impurity Spread Evil Productions
12:10am Deathspell Omega   Bread of Bitterness Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum Ajna Offensive
12:17am Burzum   Inn i slottet fra droemmem Hvis lyset tar oss Back on Black
12:26am Odal   War Sturmes Brut Darkland
12:32am Lascowiec   Will To Resist Unbroken Spirit Werewolf Promotion
12:37am Sacrilegium   Wilczy Skowt Wicher Pagan
12:41am White Medal   Blod o t'North Seeur Blod o t'North Seeur / Lam Legion Blotan
12:45am Malveillance   Devoues a l'Idiotie Consentir a l'Absurde Suffering Jesus/New Scream Industry/Sabbathid
12:47am Morte Incandescente   Renegada Existencia ...Relembrando um Tumulo Esquecido World Terror Committee
12:53am Sinistrous Diabolus   Wipeout Christianity Opus One Dark Descent
12:59am Pseudogod   Branded By Hornz Sepulchral Chants Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:07am Proclamation   Christ Death Ceremony Nether Tombs of Abaddon Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:10am Godslaying Hellblast   Tripping in Blasphemy Godslaying Hellblast Diabolous Productions
1:13am Black Witchery   Destruction of The Holy Kingdom Evil Shall Prevail Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:18am Acheron   Ave Satanas Rites of the Black Mass Vic
1:21am Tjolgtjar   Nun Under Command of Tjolgtjar & Witchcrafts Dipsomaniac Records
1:24am Hatevomit   Black Blood of Lucifer's Mark Hatevomit From The Dark Past
1:28am Sadiztik Impaler   Black Fucking Metal Sadiztik Syonan-To Supremacy Obscure Abhorrence Productions
1:33am Goatlord   The Fog Reflections of The Solstice Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:40am Mayhem   Rape Humanity With Pride Chimera Season of Mist
1:45am Profanatica   Host Over Cup The Curling Flame of Blasphemy Hells Headbangers
1:49am Rotting Christ   Exiled Archangels Thy Mighty Contract Osmose Productions
1:54am Nunslaughter   Burning Away (1991) Demoslaughter Hells Headbangers Records
1:55am Goatsodomy   Crucify The Bastard Christ Trampling The Holy Faith Gasmask Productions
1:58am Unholy Crucifix   Rotten Angel Ordo Servorum Satanae Nuclear War Now! Productions
2:03am Antaeus   Bleeding Blasphemy Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan Osmosis Records
2:08am Cult of Daath   From Temple to Abyss Doomed By The Witch Nuclear War Now! Productions
2:11am Harassor   Die Forever Into Unknown Depths Dais
2:14am Armagedda   Afgrundsvisioner Ond Spiritism Agonia
2:21am La Septieme Sceau   Dies Irae
2:23am Venom   At War with Satan At War with Satan Neat Records
2:35am Exhumed   Dysmorphic
2:37am Couch Slut   Lust Chamber My Life As a Woman Handshake Inc
2:46am Peste Noire   Dueil Angoisseus (Christine De Pisan, 1362-1431) La Sanie Des Siecles - Panegyrique De La Degenerescence Transcendental Creations
2:54am GosT   Possessor
3:00am Merzbow   Rat Nezumimochi Cold Spring Records UK
3:02am Endometrium Cuntplow   Staring At The Sun Eclipse Blindness Obfuscated Records
3:13am Astro   Japanese Royal Blue Part 1 (live In Japan) Japanese Royal Blue Turgid Animal
3:23am Endless Dismal Moan   Lord of Nightmare Lord of Nightmare Blackmetal.Com
3:26am Ghoul   Inner Sanctum Splatterhash (Cannabis Corpse / Ghoul) Tankcrimes
3:31am Insect Warfare   Enslaved By Machinery World Extermination 625thrash
3:36am Impiety   Weaponized
3:44am Conqueror   Hammer of Antichrist War.Cult.Supremacy Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:47am Insect Warfare   Mass Communication Mindfuck World Extermination 625thrash
3:48am Blasphemophagher   Cult of Nuclear Hell Return to Nuclear Hell Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:00am Destruction   Death Trap Infernal Overkill Hymen Records
4:12am Anatomia   Sinking Into The Unknown Decaying In Obscurity Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:13am Dystopia   Population Birth Control Aftermath, The Life Is Abuse
4:19am Necro   Unsanitary Most Sadistic, the Psycho+Logical Records
4:23am HHL   Inevitably Diseased Nature Recoils Worthless Recordings
daddy give her her phone
4:31am Bathory   In Conspiracy with Satan Bathory Combat Records
4:34am It (14)   Ancient Wisdom Rusty Axe: Under The Axe Vol. 3 Rusty Axe Records
4:39am Nicole 12   Mental Dominance Substitute Freak Animal Records
4:43am Dog   Tribal Rape Blood Love Earth Music
4:48am Murder Murder   Throne of Guts Ghost Battle/ Throne of Guts/ Murdered to Death Rock Is Hell Records
4:58am Enbilulugugal   Vomiting on Your Saviour Cultivating the Devil Goat Vomit Harvest Enbilulugugal KreationsZ
5:00am Jute Gyte   Your Blood and Soil are Piss and Shit ressentiment Jeshimoth Entertainment
5:08am Mizmor   This Unabating Wakefulness This Unabating Wakefulness Gilead Media
Torturing Nurse   My Glue Coveryeye Is My Co-Pilots Post-Materialization Music
Brainbombs   kill them all
Necropolis   The Future Holds The Past
Aggression   Torment of Death
Hellwitch   Torture Chamber
Des Exult   Salvation
Kind Diamond with Bob Seger   Against The Pain Microwave Live morning mash
Ghastly   Magic of the Severed Limb
Rob Halford vs. Kenny Rogers   Hell Bent For Breakfast Microwave Live Morning Hash
Wehrmacht   Gore Flix
Wargod   Preserved Corpses
Aggression   Evil Pox
Metal Vocal Enhancement  
s>O.B.   No Control
Psycho   Stupid People
Anvil Bitch   To The Grave
Rabid   Led To The Gallows
Infernal Coil   Crusher Of The Seed
Chuck Manson and The Super Duper Murder Chix   Spewin an Brewin'
Ulthar   Cosmovore
Hellhammer   The Third Of the Storms
Burning Down   Burning Down
Defcon   Red Light
post Mortem   Armies Of The Dead
Necrophagia   Young Burial
Blood Feast   Menacing Thunder
Rabid   Deadly Obsession
Tomb Mold   Blood Mirror
Hissing   Perdurance
Anton Lavey   Honolulu Baby
Phobia   Festering Instinct
Blessed Death   Omen Of Fate
Infernal Majesty   Overlord
BATHORTY   total destruction
Attak   Demon
Asuuck   in absence
Possessed   the seventh sign
Napalm Death   social sterility .
8:26am Vegan Black Metal Chef   episode 9
8:33am Ozzry   i have a split personality
Number 6  
8:41am Gnaw Their Tongues   Crawl In Hoc Signo Vinces Black Goat
8:46am Total War   Bombenhagel We Are ... Total War Necropolis
8:53am Therios   Impact II Hollenden
Nutz   Bootliggers Metal for Muthas EMI
9:01am Ethel the Frog   Fight Back Metal for Muthas EMI
Devil Cult  
9:03am Acid Witch   Witchfynder Finder Stoned Hells Headbangers
Geraldo Devil Court  
9:21am 8-bit metal  
9:24am Crebain   Night of The Stormcrow Night of Stormcrow evil saint
9:29am Atra   wander the absence Up-Turning The Curse
9:35am Lord Foul   In The Darkness Waiting For Death The Forest That Runs In The Veins Of Doom
9:43am Bestial Warlust   Storming Vengeance Storming Bestial Legions Live 1996
9:51am Disembowelment   The Tree of Life and Death Transcendence Into The Peripheral/Dusk Relapse
10:02am Xasthur   Suicide in Dark Serenity A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
10:13am Root   Pisen Pro Satana Dema Lava Productions
10:16am Darkthrone   high on cold war too old too cold
10:19am Lugubrum   silencer of apices Lugubrum / Finsternis
10:25am Clandestine Blaze   bloodsoil Falling Monuments
10:29am Clandestine Blaze   Horizon Of Ego Annihilation Falling Monuments
10:33am Original Sin   despaired cassandra black depression
10:41am Silencer   i shall lead, you shall follow death pierce me
10:49am Old Wainds   Wolves in White Scalding Coldness
10:55am Ohtar   the saviour human fuel of death
10:58am Von   goat christ satanic blood angel
11:02am Conjuro   Sobre O Dorso Do Bode Negro Vaguendo No Lago Ardente Sobre O Dorso Do Bode Negro
11:22am Conjuro   Oracao Para Ma Memoria Do Imperio Tamaezazel Vaguendo No Lago Ardente Sobre O Dorso Do Bode Negro
11:37am Urfaust   untitled track 1 Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos
11:46am Winter   Goden Into Darkness Future Shock
11:54am Tiamat   On Golden Wings Astral Sleep, the Century Media
12:08pm Cy Thoth sees through the eye  
12:08pm Weltessor   hate worshipper
12:17pm Venom   raised in hell Cast in Stone
12:21pm Venom   all devil's eve Cast in Stone
12:23pm Bombarder   zle oci Speed Kill
12:28pm Octinomos   divine terror Welcome to My Planet
12:31pm Craft   Xenophobia Fuck The Universe Southern Lord Recordings
12:35pm Mortifera   pestiferr valse funebre Mortifera / Be Persecuted
12:39pm Full of Decay   untitled track 3
12:44pm Isengard   Dommedagssalme Vinterskugge
12:47pm Forest   Obscurity Like a Blaze Above the Ashes
12:59pm Stielas Storhett   Stille Weibe Wildnis Vandrer
1:07pm Oranssi Pazuzu   Kangastus 1968 Muukalainen Puhuu
1:10pm King Diamond   Killer Spider's Lullabye
1:14pm Nuit Noire   Storm In The Night Inner Light Seed Stock Records
1:17pm Beherit   At the Devil's Churns At the Devil's Studio 1990
1:20pm Abominator   The Filthy Spirit Antichrist / Outro Barbarian War Worship
1:23pm I'm in a Coffin   to the memory of the dark countess One Last Final Action
1:32pm Forgotten Woods   Hvor Vinteren Rar Baklengs Mot Stupet 1992 - 1996
1:39pm Cryptic Winds   Storms of the Black Millenium Storms of the Black Millenium
1:42pm Verivala   Kutsu Voittomme Autistiartili Records
1:44pm Spira   on the graves of children Elixir
1:47pm Habsyll   II MMVIII
Gloom Sayles  
Pale Rider   Pale Rider Cosmic Trigger: Pt.II, The Mother Sky
2:18pm SMTvUz   We Were Many Best of Zesde Kolonne
Pan Sonic / Haino, Keji   Imperious Doppelganger of Tears... In The Studio Blast First Petite
2:32pm Merzbow/Haino, Keiji/Pandi, Balazs   How Differ the Instructions of the Left from the Instruction An Untroublesome Defencelessness Rare Noise Records
2:42pm Mystifier   an Elizabethan Devil-worshipper's Prayer- Book Goetia Nuclear War Now! Productions
Towers   Hell II Eolian Empire
3:08pm Skin Graft   Empty Hospital Beds Blackout Tusco/Embassy
3:12pm Schloss Tegal   The Hidden Variable Kontrast Duebel
3:20pm Veltz   Rec 07 Broken TV Audio Report Consumer Waste
3:22pm Tunnels of Ah   Saint Peter Ha-Satana Thus Avici Cold Spring Records UK
3:30pm Mourning Cloak   Erosion No Visible Light Vendetta
3:41pm Agarttha   Chy Miche Hochzelt A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands King of the Monsters
3:52pm Lehtisalo, Jussi   Here March The Cranes Interludes For Prepared Beast Full Contact
4:05pm Tony Tears   Voci Dal Profondo Voci Dal Passato Universal Consciousness
4:08pm Tomhet   Whispering Leaves Caliginous Prison Tatt Records
4:13pm Thou   Psychic Dominance House Primordial, The Raw Sugar
4:19pm Primitive Man   Victim Caustic Relapse Records
4:25pm Oranssi Pazuzu   Olen Aukaissut Uuden Silman Valonielu Svart Records
4:30pm Raison D'etre   Saifeiod - Extended Version Collective Archives Cold Meat Industry
4:41pm Maldur Atai   Borgata - Enter The Area of Game Borgata Autarkeia
4:45pm Led Er Est   Iron The Mandala Diver, The Sacred Bones Records
4:52pm Ego Death   Pathetic, Vulnerable, Fearful and Overall Most Guilty 10 Ways to Go Emotionally Bankrupt Love Earth Music
4:55pm Liebestod   Alpha Male Beta Male Chondritic Sound
5:04pm Inade   Samadhi State Part Four Samadhi State Loki Foundation
5:07pm Herbst9   Mutum Kima Imbari Izannun Elisum Usumgal Kalamma Loki Foundation
5:37pm Crowhurst   Apathy/Numbness/Restraint Memory-loss Ivory Antler
5:37pm Death Convention Singers   The Ballad of Sandoval County S/T sicksicksick
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