Black Horizons

Saturday 25 May 2019 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Black Horizons side B  
3:03pm Luftwaffe   Nebuchadnessar Division Solipsistica Nihilisti Punch Records
3:09pm Der Blutharsch   Untitled Track 8 When Did Wonderland End Hau Ruck!
3:10pm The Vanishing   Still Lifes Still Lifes Are Falling Gold Standard Labs
3:12pm Cruz de Navajas   Depuracion Dominacion
3:17pm Atriarch   Collapse An Unending pathway
3:25pm Current 93   Tide 2:The Song of Solomon VI:10 How He Loved The Moon (Moonsongs For Jhonn Balance) Beta-Lactam Ring Records
3:25pm Die Haut   Der Karibische Western Der Karibische Western
3:32pm Circle of Ouroborus   When the Divine Eye Sleeps Rites of Resurrection
3:36pm The Gault   Outer Dark Even as All Before Us
3:52pm Teeth Engraved   Broken from Inside Starving the Fires pt 1
3:59pm Pedestrian Deposit   What Can't Be Taken Dyer's Hands Monorail Trespassing
3:59pm DJ Gilb-R   Pressure (Laurentlaboratoiral'ancienne Mix) Pressure Versatile Records
4:08pm Merzbow   Flare Gun Parts 1 & 2 Flare Gun Ten Bob Swerver
4:16pm Creation Is Crucifixion   AI Tech 1.0 Automata Willowtip
4:20pm Art Zoyd   Generation Sans Futur Generation Sans Futur Sub Rosa
4:30pm Kas Product   Never Come Back Try Out DSA/Forced Exposure
4:33pm Bestial Mouths   Hissing Veil Hissing Veil Dais
4:35pm Scientist   Night of the Living Dead Rids the World of the Devil... Randy's Record Mart
4:40pm Swans   Better than You White Light from the Mouth of Infinity Young God Records/Sky
4:48pm Sentimentale Jugend-borsig Werke   Hiroshima Cassettencombinat Vinyl on Demand
4:48pm Dropdead   Those Who We Deny S/T Armageddon
4:48pm Bourbonese Qualk   God with Us Laughing Afternoon Recloose Organisation
4:54pm Man Is The Bastard   Ifibulation Bleeding Rectum / Man Is The Bastard AKA Charred Remains Deep Six
5:01pm Nazoranai   Feel The Ultimate Joy Towards The Resolve of Pillar Being... Nazoranai Editions Mego
5:07pm Brainbombs   The Whore Genius & Brutality... Blackjack
5:13pm Puce Mary   The Temptation to Exist Spiral, The Posh Isolation
5:17pm Ludicra   One Thousand Wolves Another Great Love Song Alternative Tentacles
5:23pm Haters   ... Banned Prod.
5:26pm Haters   Disconnected Number Hello Hater Pinch a Loaf Productions
5:26pm The Haters   Stain Blotch Behemoth
5:26pm Silence In The Snow live  
5:59pm The E-Z-Organ   Fractured Doll Strangebone at the E-Z-Organ Audiolicious Discs
6:00pm Kleistwahr   Myth Part 4-6 Broken Flag - A Retrospective 1982-1985 Vinyl on Demand
6:18pm Le Syndicat   Rectal Struggle - Shrague Tanz Broken Flag - A Retrospective 1982-1985 Vinyl on Demand