Reject Girl

Tuesday 23 July 2019 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:00pm Leatherface   Razor Blades and Aspirin Fill Your Boots Roughneck
7:03pm Johnny Thunders   Too Much Junkie Business Live and Unreleased Get Back
7:05pm The Dils   You're Not Blank Class War Dionysus Records
7:07pm Electric Frankenstein   I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk I'm not Your Nothing Victory Records
7:09pm Culo   Shootin Glue Military Trend Deranged
7:14pm Mommy   I Remember Them Mommy EP Toxic State
7:17pm Fear   Beef Baloney Record, the Slash Records
7:19pm Armistice   Conservate and Liberate Bullsheep Detector
7:21pm Odio   Dark Order Un Mondo Libero Dal Luomo Nightrider Records
7:24pm Code of Honor   What Price Would You Pay? What Are We Gonna Do? Subterranean
7:27pm Mau Mau   Sex Girls in Uniform Hell Comes to Your House Vol. 2 Bemisbrain
7:29pm Cockney Rejects   On the Streets Again On the Streets Again N/A
7:32pm Catholic Discipline   Everyone Dies Lauging Underground Babylon Artifix Records
7:35pm Adolescents   Rip It Up Adolescents Frontier
7:37pm T.S.O.L.   World War 3 T.S.O.L. Posh Boy
7:39pm Alice Bag   Weigh About You Alice Bag Don Giovanni Records
7:41pm These Are Da' Results of A'thousand Electric Voltz   Spilt Milk T.A.D.R.O.A.E.V./ Shooting Spree Mullet Death
7:45pm Pathogens   Rattle The Cage Patient Zero 1986'd Music Industries
7:48pm C'est Dommage   The C'mel Red Lobster / The C'met Fullyintercoastal Records
7:52pm FACS   Just a Mirror Negative Houses Trouble In Mind
7:57pm Lydia Lunch   Knives in the Drain Queen of Siam Buddah Records
8:02pm The Damned   I Just Can't Be Happy Today Machine Gun Etiquette Chiswick Records
8:05pm Agathocles   Will Gone, Lobotomy Done Agathocles/ Existench Mullet Death
8:06pm Agathocles   Our Choice For Noise Agathocles/ Existench Mullet Death
8:07pm Discharge   State Violence/State Control Never Again Clay Records
8:11pm De Bons En Pierre   Insect Repellent Company Ep No. 1 Dark Entries
8:15pm Diamanda Galas   All The Way All The Way Intravenal Sound Operations
8:23pm Le Butcherettes   Mallely A Raw Youth Ipecac Recordings
8:27pm The Darts   Don't Hold My Hand I Like You But Not Like That Alternative Tentacles
8:31pm Spizzenergi   Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier/Virginia Plain Rough Trade
8:34pm The Ruts   Staring at The Rude Boys Staring at The Rude Boys/Love in Vain
8:38pm Icons of Filth   Fool Britannia Onward Christian Soldiers Mortarhate Records
8:43pm The Descendents   Good Good Things I Don't Want to Grow Up N/A
8:45pm Organized Grime   Boner of a Lonely Fart Organized Grime Phat N' Phunky
8:48pm Filthy Huns   Out of The Grave Filthy Huns Not Not Fun Records
8:54pm The Dirtbombs   Little Miss Chocolate Syrup Tina Louise Flying Bomb
8:57pm Fastbacks   Midnight Confessions Every Day Is Saturday No Threes Records
9:00pm ?FOG   Use Your Head 7-inch Round Black Thing ?Fog Records
9:02pm Spike and Princess   Indie Rock Queen Indie Rock Queen Coming in Second Records
9:07pm Sissy Spacek   Trident Confuse Oxen
9:08pm Cluster Bomb Unit   Krawattencharly Realitat Wiggy
9:09pm Come to Grief   Take Me in My Sleep Come to Grief/Fistula Patac
9:16pm Sulfuric Coutery   Facing Extinction Monte / Sulfuric Cautery Self Released
9:18pm Dead Boys   All This and More Younger, Louder, Snottier... Bomp
9:21pm Crime   Piss on Your Dog San Francisco's Doomed Solar Lodge
9:23pm Deadly Reign   Systems Suck Not So Quiet on The... Alternative Tentacles
9:24pm Buzzcocks   You Tear Me Up Another Music in a Different Kitchen United Artists Records
9:28pm Trash Talk   Scatter Plagues Trash Talk Collective
9:30pm Bettie Ford   Last Hope League of Fools Punk N Drunk
9:34pm Grand Collapse   Grand Collapse s/t Divergence
9:37pm The Wall   Ghetto Another New Day/Ghetto Mercury
9:39pm Hardy Fox   The Bather Hardy Fox Secret Records
9:43pm Beat Pharmacy   Guerilla Conditions Dub Purpose Khaliphonic
9:48pm Altar De Fey   Vampires Insatiable Desire For More, The Occult Whisper
9:51pm Dolphin Midwives   Flux Liminal Garden Beacon Sound
9:55pm D.I.   Stand Up Ancient Artifacts Reject Records
9:57pm Black Flag   Louie Louie Everything Went Black SST Records