Gram Sayles

Tuesday 29 October 2019 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Kellar   Current Flows From Cradle to Chasm Even Keel, The Foolproof Projects
Hypnosis   We're Going to Be there Medicine Works Like Magic Acme Records
2:19pm Tar Halos   Arrival of The 2nd Center Moon Winehand Volar Records
2:28pm Decades/Failures   Midnight to Six G00dby3 Dead Tank
2:34pm Sapat   Dark Silver Mortise and Tenon Siltbreeze
2:47pm Sea Moss   Wanna See a Trick? Bread Bored Crash Symbols
2:50pm Nerftoss   Corner Prophet Maiden Powers Ehse Records
2:54pm Salmigondis   L'arbitre Et La Collectif Qui Ne Repond Plus! Assez De Trop Pas bimbo tower records
3:01pm Matthews, Kaffe, Etc.   Wake Up Crew Weightless Animals Annette Works
Sanso-Xtro   Goodnight Thylacine Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain Digitalis Industries
3:15pm Malditos   Le Passage Le Reve Svart Records
3:19pm Pixeltan   Gonna Get You Pixeltan Troubleman Unlimited
3:25pm Nagamatzu   Faith Shatter Days Dark Entries
3:30pm Process   Calene Across Uneven Terrain Fat Cat
3:36pm Transient Waves   Paradise Across Uneven Terrain Fat Cat
3:43pm Stereolab   Surrealchemist Peng! Too Pure
3:53pm Loop   Sunburst Arc-Lite Situation Two
4:06pm Krakatau   Stinging Petal Water Near a Bridge Trouble In Mind
4:19pm Spectrum   Touch the Stars Soul Kiss (Glide Divine) Silvertone Records US
4:26pm Richard H. Kirk   Reality Net Artificial Intelligence II Warp Records, Ltd.
4:31pm Salamander Wool   Shiny Black Cricket Solar Solipsis Ehse Records
4:44pm Dylan Houser   Scaffolding Daffodils Diamond Dust Aural Films
4:44pm Smoke Bellow   Feet First (Side A) Isolation 3000 Ehse Records
4:48pm SPF   Take The Only Train Paul's McCartney Digital Regress
4:55pm Dosenoffner   Snowbonk Corcaunitiol Orange Self Released
5:10pm Ruiz Del Pozo, Arturo   From Louie Composiciones Nativas Buh Records
5:14pm The Black Dog   Further Harm Spanners Warp Records Ltd
5:25pm Avola   Historic Point of Interest Consensual Abduction EMS
5:28pm Clark   Catastrophe Anthem Death Peak Warp Records, Ltd.
5:39pm Walls/Oram   Orchards and Gardens Sound Houses Ecstatic
5:45pm Rip Hayman   Part One Dreams of India & China Recital Fifty Nine