Christless Eve

Tuesday 24 December 2019 7:01pm to 2:02am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:04pm Lugubrum   Intro/Plaaggeesten De Zuivering / Unclean Skramasax Records
7:05pm Rotting Christ   Devadevam Rituals
7:10pm Old Man Gloom   Gift Christmas Tortuga
7:16pm Candlemass   Mourners Lament Nightfall Hymen Records
7:21pm Kreator   Ripping Corpse Pleasure to Kill Combat Records
7:25pm Num Skull   Ritually Abused Thud, Sweat and Tears Enigma Records
7:30pm Corpse   Rise Again Swedish Death Metal Index Verlag
7:34pm Dismember   Beyond Good & Evil Hate Campaign Nuclear Blast
7:36pm Celtic Frost   Dethroned Emperor Morbid Tales Hymen Records
7:41pm Archgoat   Jesus Christ Father of Lies Luciferian Crown, The Debemur Morti
7:46pm S.G.R.   Die In Agony Swedish Death Metal Index Verlag
7:49pm Sutekh Hexen   Pangea Ultima Sutekh Hexen Cyclic Law
7:54pm Forbidden Evil   March Into Fire Eastern Front 3 Restless Records
7:59pm S.O.D.   Bigger Than the Devil Bigger Than the Devil
Lord Warstench  
8:02pm Sect Pig   Slave Destroyed Slave Destroyed Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:06pm Goatpenis   Frantic Fury (1.225 degrees C.) Biochemterrorism Pagan War Distro Rex
8:09pm Death Worship   Holocaust Altar Extermination Mass Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:12pm Bestial Raids   Elder Devilry Master Satan's Witchery Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:16pm Sarcofago   Christ's Death I.N.R.I. Greyhaze
8:21pm Blasphemophagher   Cult of Nuclear Hell Return to Nuclear Hell Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:24pm Vomitchapel   Devourment Of... Damnatio Ad Bestias Analog Worship
8:25pm Black Witchery   Summoning of Infernal Legions Evil Shall Prevail Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:31pm Diocletian   Traitor's Gallow Gesundrian Osmose Productions
8:34pm Beherit   Beast of Damnation Oath of Black Blood, The Season of Mist
8:38pm Nocturnal Blood   Goat Vulva Abnormalities Prevail Hell's Headbangers
8:41pm Bestial Warlust   At The Graveyard of God Vengeance War Till Death Hells Headbangers
8:48pm Goatlord   Underground Church Reflections Of The Solstice Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:52pm II   Indoctrination of Death's Command Miasmal Coronation Van Records
8:58pm Seges Findere   Noktural Wehrmacht Horde Bloodshed For The Wargods Iron Bonehead Productions
9:03pm Puce Mary   Night Is a Trap II Spiral, The Posh Isolation
9:04pm Oake   Part 2 Live in Marseille Vaagner
9:09pm Havohej   Hornbook Hornbook Seytan Hells Headbangers
9:13pm Hecate Vs. Lustmord   Heresy Law of the Battle of Conquest Hymen Records
9:17pm Primitive Man   Stretched Thin Scorn Relapse Records
9:21pm Profanatica   Holy Trinity Done Sickened By Holy Host Hells Headbangers
9:21pm Necrot   Beneath Blood Offerings Tankcrimes
9:25pm Necrosic   Spawn of Radiation Putrid Decimation Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:32pm Demonomancy   Consecrated In Darkness Premonition, The Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:37pm Sperm of Antichrist   The Majestic Kingdom of Unholy Darkness Blight and Darkness Hell's Headbangers
9:40pm Sperm of Antichrist   Born of The Blighting Angel Blight and Darkness Hell's Headbangers
9:45pm Saros   Reversion Acrid Plains Profound Lore
9:49pm Couch Slut   Lust Chamber My Life As a Woman Handshake Inc
9:54pm Succumb   Coal Dark Earth Succumb Flenser
9:57pm Wagner Odegard   Viua Om Domedag Och De Femton Jartekn Klaxon Records
10:03pm Sutekh Hexen   Elemental Uproar Sutekh Hexen Cyclic Law
10:04pm English, Lawrence   Antarctica Viento TAIGA Records
10:13pm Nordlicht   Fuur Rouch Ruass Nordlicht/Paysage D'Hiver Kunsthall Produktionen
10:39pm Armagedda   Afgrundsvisioner Ond Spiritism Nordvis Produktion
10:39pm Evil   The Hammer Falls In The Southern Lands Fuck Peace! We're At War! Southern Productions
10:41pm Evil   Triumph of Sword Fuck Peace! We're At War! Southern Productions
10:47pm Nyktalgia   Nekrolog Peisithanatos Blut & Eisen Productions
10:55pm Wulkanaz   Stavjedag s/t Brugmanziah
10:57pm Beherit   All In Satan Engram SVART
11:02pm Valdur   Impending Doom Pathetic Scum self release
Candy Cane Department  
11:07pm Morbosidad   Intro / Ceremonia con el diablo Profana la Cruz del Nazareno Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:09pm Abigor   The Cold Breath of Satan Hollenzwang - Chronicles Of Perdition Avantgarde
11:13pm Sadistik Exekution   Spiritual Dynamix Fukk Osmose Productions
11:20pm Doomed and Disgusting   Unleash The Vampire Satan's Nightmare Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:23pm Immatura Morte   Anima Vetus Intolerabili Dolore Immatura Morte / Sanguine Relic Perverse Homage
11:28pm Moloch   Die Letzten Strahlen Der Sonne Verblassen In Der K??lte Der Moloch/ Moonknight Rising Beast Recordings
11:36pm Defaillance   Une fin si proche Desempare dans un monde agonisant Ewiges Eis
11:48pm Meads of Asphodel   An Ebullient Prelude To A Loathesomely Grim End Taste The Divine Wrath (split w/ Tjolgtjar) Eternal Death
11:52pm Malveillance   Force et Honeur Que la mort vous emporte Autistiartili Records
12:08am Graveland   Blood of Christians on My Sword Thousand Swords No Colours Records
12:16am Suruni   Kirves, saapas ja hiilihanko Lahteet Bestial Burst
Lord Gravestench, King Herod Respecter  
12:15am Pagan Rites   Praise Hell Satan Embrace The Torments Of Hell Atolinga Records
12:18am Mutiilation   Possessed and Immortal Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul Dark Adversary Productions
12:29am Der Sturmer   They've Got Attacked By The Werewolves Bloodsworn Death Squad Rex ?
12:34am Moonblood   Blut & Krieg Blut & Krieg Iron Bonehead Productions
12:41am Seeds of Iblis   From Mecca to Jahannam Anti Quran Rituals Unmerciful Death Productions
12:48am Satanic Warmaster   The Vampiric Tyrant Carelian Satanist Madness Werewolf Records
12:51am Darkthrone   Ravishing Grimness Ravishing Grimness Peaceville
1:00am Judas Iscariot   ...for the Last Judgement Draweth Nigh... Of Great Eternity Elegy
1:04am Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh   Acid Music Demo 51 - Acid Music Altsphere Production
1:08am Warloghe   Black Metal Hell The First Possession Northern Heritage
1:11am Moontower   In Warfare Havoc Antichrist Supremacy Domain Total Holocaust
1:18am Celestial Bloodshed   Begone Chains of Life! [Omega] Terratur Possessions
1:23am Bestial Summoning   Enjoy Your Death For Satan Dark War Has Begun, The New Era Productions
1:26am Deathstench   Ritual Mutilation N.O.X. Zeitgeists
1:30am Burzum   War Burzum/Aske Back on Black
1:33am Filii Nigrantium Infernalium   Po Hostia Osmose Productions
1:36am Aanal Beehemoth   Form of Satan Forest Paranoid, The Suffering Jesus
Rat 'Tinsel' King  
1:39am Ildjarn   Krigere (warriors) Ildjarn Season of Mist
1:43am Petrychor   In Remembrance Effigies and Epitaphs/Dryad Khrysanthoney Co.
1:53am Sleeping Peonies   Cemetery Kisses Slowly Disappearing Khrysanthoney Co.
1:59am Xenotaph   Descending Vitae Iactura Transylvanian Tapes
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