Sunday 21 June 2020 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm Einsturzende Neubauten   Fuer Den Untergang Fuer Den Untergang Vibraphone Records
10:08pm Philippe Besombes   Hard and Soft City and Industry RCA Media vol 15
10:11pm Chimenti , Rizzati   Hot Dog Exotic Themes for Films, Radio and TV Plastic Records
10:13pm Lesiman   Bassorilievo High Tension V3 Vedette
10:17pm Lesiman   Rosso E Nero High Tension V3 Vedette
10:24pm Sciortino   Philosophale Philosophale Sylvester Music Co
10:26pm Nicolai   Cuccioli a Nanna Imiei amici EDI PAN
10:28pm Vasori   Sur un Rhythm A Trois Temps Voices in the Wind Sylvester Music Co
10:30pm Seven Electronic Space Sounds New World New World
10:33pm Soden   Free Flight NFL Music Library NFL Music Library
10:37pm Jean Jacques Perry Instrumental   Andromeda Calling Musique Electronique du Cosmos Fiedel Music Int.
10:37pm Jean Jacques Perry Instrumental   The Saturn Ambassador
10:42pm Jean Jacques Perry Instrumental   Spatiel Blues
10:45pm Cecil Leuter   Terreur Sur La Ville Dramatique Desastre Neuilly
10:47pm Wilden   Ambush Music for Effect No III Charles Brull
10:48pm Wilden   Drops of Poison Music for Effect No III
10:49pm Wilhelm   Enmeshed Music for Effect No III
10:51pm Wilden   Nightmare Music for Effect No III
10:52pm Wilden   Murder Music for Effect No III
10:57pm Deneuve   Narva Michel Deneuve Structures Sonores Baschet Sysmo
11:01pm G. Iacoucci   Fantasmes Lunaires Symbolisme Psychedelique St GDP
11:04pm G. Iacoucci   Introversion
11:07pm G. Iacoucci   Angoisse
11:10pm Fugazza   Accelerazioni 3' MegaMoog WLP World
11:13pm Nino Nardini   La Danse Des Cometes Musique Pour lLe Futur Neuilly
11:16pm Nino Nardini   Station X
11:18pm Nino Nardini   Depart Pour le Cosmos
11:19pm Roland Kovac Studio Orch   Birds and Fishes Fancy Suite: Movments 3-6 Strange World RPM Records
11:27pm Lasry - Bashet   Quatour Pour Trois Les Structures Sonores BAM
11:32pm Luciani   Terapia Ipnotica Psyco Mood Full Records
11:34pm Troviaoli   La Piu Bella Serata Della Mia Vita April Orchestra Vol.33 April Music
11:37pm Morricone   Le Desert Des Tartares April Orchestra Vol.33
11:45pm Souster   Screams and Scream Again Music De wolfe
11:56pm Jean Engel   Tokin' Dimenziones in Sound Vol.3 TrIP
11:57pm The Gentle Rain   Sour Soul Dimenziones in Sound Vol.3 TrIP
12:01am Burdson   Spooking Around 3 Dramatic Cymbals and Percussion SON
12:03am Nilovic   Gavotte Des Fees Musique Pour Les Enfants Sages Neuilly
12:05am Leonard Nimoy   Rad Bradbury's "The Veldt" The Illustrated Man
12:34am Paul Lewis   Homage to Bluebeard - Haunting Waltz Theme Homage to Horror LPSG
12:36am Black Boned Angel   Prayer Sodden Holes Verdun Riot Season
12:52am Various Commercials Best Radio Commercials of the Year 1967
12:54am Stefan Fraunberger   Ereignishorizont Quellgeister #2-Wurmloch Interstellar Records
1:10am Corum   Magnetism Of The Terrestiral Globe Effigy Mounds Psychic Sound Recordings
1:27am Sunn O)))   A Shaving of the Horn That.. White 1 Southern Lord Recordings
1:28am Amk   Needle Hit the Groove Needle Hit the Groove Pinch a Loaf Productions
1:30am Luxury Apartments   Luxury Apartments #1 Luxury Apartments Dead Cert
1:44am Two Daughters   Sad Horizons Recordings 1979-1981 Vinyl on Demand
1:49am Kryssi Battalene   Blazing Star Wound Carbon Records
1:54am Spellling   Bolt From The Blue Pantheon of Me Ratskin Records
1:57am (((vluba)))   Mu Camel A-Mu-Kia (fur Future) Nashazphone