Withering Ghoul

Thursday 24 December 2020 10:01pm to 10:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm English, Lawrence   Antarctica Viento TAIGA Records
10:12pm Morbosidad   Consagracion De Sathanas Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:15pm Mortuus   Nemesis Grape of The Vine Ajna Offensive
10:22pm Blue Hummingbird On The Left   Storm Atl Tlachinolli Iron Bonehead Productions
10:27pm Dephosphorus   Indulge Me In Silence Axiom 7 Degrees Records
10:32pm Entombed   Morbid Devourment Left Hand Path Earache
10:37pm Deny The Cross   to Curse Eternal Winter Alpha Ghoul Tankcrimes
10:41pm Demoncy   Impure Blessings(dark Angel of The Four Wings Joined In Darkness Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:49pm Dimhymn   Manniskan - Det Stora Misslyckandet Djavulens Tid Ar Kommen Turannum Records
10:56pm Virulent Specter   You Will Never Break Free of The Chains That Bind You Upon a Dead and Derelict Throne Black Gangrene
11:04pm Wulkanaz   Margnanens Vav Wulkanaz Helter Skelter (Sweden)
11:06pm Anal Blasphemy   Sniffing The Dead Nun's Vagina Profane Fornication Hammer of Hate
11:15pm Blood Ritual   Necromancy Black Grimoire Moribund
11:20pm Brighter Death Now   American Tale Innerwar Release Records
11:27pm Demonologists   Wash Me In Your Blood Until I'm White As Snow S/t Prison Tatt Records
11:32pm Pandiscordian Necrogenesis   Live Mic In The Pit KFJC
11:51pm Slayer   Ghosts of War South of Heaven Def Jam Recordings
11:54pm Kult Offenzivy   Vstupuji Do Ovcich Ohrad Tak Jsem Ji Prizval K Sobe New Era Productions
12:00am Occelensbrigg   Gathering The Cold of Many Winters Frostbitten Cleansing Harvest of Death
12:07am Tomhet   Once Upon a Forest Caliginous Prison Tatt Records
12:14am Death   Denial of Life Scream Bloody Gore Combat Records
12:17am Death Angel   Mind Rape Frolic Through the Park Enigma Records
12:23am Prong   Senseless Abuse Force Fed Spigot
12:26am Prong   Primitive Origins Force Fed Spigot
12:28am Discordia   Contagio Escupir Verdad S/T Self Produced
12:33am Prosanctus Inferi   Nuptial Hymens Burst Forth Slave Carrion Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:37am Deathpile   Abominations of The Flesh Final Confession Chrome Peeler Records
12:43am Diocletian   Berserker Rites (Iron Resvrrection) Amongst The Flames of a Bvrning God Profound Lore Records
12:47am Blood of Chhinnamastika   SEE NO HOPE Blood of Chhinnamastika Pet Goat Records, The
1:05am Saros   As The Tyrant Falls Ill Acrid Plains Profound Lore
1:17am Vaal   Doodse Kilte Ondood Rehearsal New Era Productions
1:21am Sarcofago   Satanic Lust I.N.R.I. Greyhaze
1:24am Ails   Mare Weighs Down Unraveling, The Flenser
6:44am Raison D'etre   Reflecting in Shadows In Sadness, Silence & Solitude Cold Meat Industry
1:40am Agents of Satan   Snowmen Old Testament, The Intolerant Messiah
1:41am Dystopia   My Meds Aren't Working S/t Life Is Abuse
1:45am His Hero Is Gone   Angry Gods Plot Sickens:Enslavement R, th No Label Incorporated
1:54am Sordid Crest   Untitled Demo Feral Heart
2:09am Havohej   Spilling Holy Blood Dethrone The Son of God Hells Headbangers
2:11am Havohej   Final Hour of Christ Dethrone The Son of God Hells Headbangers
2:13am Wagner Odegard   Svarpnaper Om Domedag Och De Femton Jartekn Klaxon Records
2:16am Watain   Sworn to the Dark Sworn to the Dark Season of Mist
2:25am Winterblut   Leibhaftig Von Den Pflichten Schones Zu Vernichten Nuclear War Now! Productions
2:31am Akhyls   Tides Of Oneric Darkness The Dreaming I Debumur Morti
2:41am Gwoid   I I-II-III Forbidden Sonority
2:42am Gwoid   II I-II-III Forbidden Sonority
2:50am Trollheim   Ensomhet III Im Heidenwald Elfgards & Ensomhet CW Productions
2:54am Nuit Noire   My Faith A Beautiful Belief Prison Tatt Records
2:58am Uuntar   Zon Op De Boer Evil Feast / Uuntar Heidens Hart / New Era Productions
3:10am Uuntar   De Man Van Mander Evil Feast / Uuntar Heidens Hart / New Era Productions
3:16am Dead Raven Choir   Die Cask Strength Black Metal Weird Forest Records
3:22am Dead Raven Choir   Die Cask Strength Black Metal Weird Forest Records
3:27am Dead Raven Choir   Die Cask Strength Black Metal Weird Forest Records
3:29am Enslaved   Ascension Isa Back on Black
3:36am Darkthrone   En As I Dype Skogen Transilvanian Hunger Peaceville Records
3:41am Vordr   Tenm Laida II Debumur Morti
3:46am Xasthur   Maze of Oppression All Reflections Drained Hydra Head Records
4:01am Evilfeast   A Castle Infolded In Crimson Twilight Evilfeast / Uuntar New Era Productions
4:10am Crebain   Night of The Stormcrow Night of Stormcrow evil saint
4:19am Malveillance   Harsh Part 1 Insignifiance Suffering Jesus
4:23am Marduk   Perish In Flames Plague Angel Regain Records
4:35am Sacrilege   A Violation Of Something Sacred Behind The Realms Of Madness Children Of The Revolution
4:40am Vermin Scourge   Doom Tyrant Nuclear Death March Forbidden Sonority
4:43am Blasphemy   Blood Upon The Altar Gods Of War Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:46am 1332   Someone Saw God Thirteen Thirty-Two East Bay Menace
4:50am Bone Awl   Light The Whore Almost Dead Man Klaxon Records
4:54am Bone Awl   Quiet Torture of Words In a Head Almost Dead Man Klaxon Records
5:06am Lord Time   Drink My Tears Drink My Tears Universal Consciousness
5:53am Gnaw Their Tongues   The Doctrine of Paranoid Seraphims Genocidal Majesty ConSouling Sounds
5:57am Whitehouse   Try and Be Grateful Thank Your Lucky Stars Susan Lawly
6:02am Popiel   Channeling The Power of Atomic Death Nuclear Death March Forbidden Sonority
6:04am Blood Rhythms   In a Vacuum (alternate Version) Heuristics No Part of It
6:08am Saint Vitus   Hallow's Victim Hallow's Victim SST Records
6:10am Noisem   Putrid Decadence Cease to Exist 20 Buck Spin
6:13am Goatlord   Blood Monk Sodomize The Goat Nuclear War Now! Productions
6:18am Von   Christ Fire Satanic Blood Angel Nuclear War Now! Productions
6:27am Celtic Frost   The Usurper To Mega Therion Combat Records
6:30am Hellhammer   Triumph of Death Apocalyptic Raids Hymen Records
6:34am Bastard Noise   Red Hurricane Throne Is Melting Helicopter
6:53am Urfaust   Akt 4. II: Verraterischer, Nichtswurdiger Geist GoatowaRex
7:01am Lifelover   Stokholm Pulver Osmose Productions
7:06am Bathory   In Conspiracy with Satan Bathory Combat Records
7:10am Black Witchery   Destruction of The Holy Kingdom Evil Shall Prevail Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:22am Black Cilice   Revelations Transfixion of Spirits Iron Bonehead Productions
7:33am Black Boned Angel   Prayer Sodden Holes Verdun Riot Season
7:49am Sutekh Hexen   The Great Whore Luciform Wands
7:53am Sutekh Hexen   In Worship, They Weep His Name Luciform Wands
7:56am Armagedda   Aendalykt Ond Spiritism Nordvis Produktion
8:20am Necrosorcery   Initiation S/t Forbidden Sonority
8:03am Necrosorcery   Necromantic Lust S/t Forbidden Sonority
8:12am Necrosorcery   Crypt of Bewitchment S/t Forbidden Sonority
8:16am Necrosorcery   Abyssal Magick S/t Forbidden Sonority
8:18am Sale Freux   Rampant Dans Les Marais Amers... Subterraneus Selbstmord Kommando Produktionen
8:19am Sale Freux   Les Ailes Souterraines Subterraneus Selbstmord Kommando Produktionen
8:28am Sale Freux   Funebre Ente Subterraneus Selbstmord Kommando Produktionen
8:38am Clandestine Blaze   The Voice of Our Mythical Past City of Slaughter Northern Heritage
8:45am Aoratos   Gods Without Name Gods Without Name Debumur Morti
8:52am Moloch   Plague IV Depressive Black Metal Plague Prison Tatt Records
8:56am Arkha Sva   Odeur De La Mort Mikama Isaro Mada Aphelion Productions
9:04am Peste Noire   Le Mort Joyeux La Sanie Des Siecles - Panegyrique De La Degenerescence Transcendental Creations
9:29am Yellow Eyes   Stillicide Stillicide Prison Tatt293644
9:39am Lustmord   Black Star Strange Attractor/Black Star Plug Research
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