Cynthia Lombard

Tuesday 5 January 2021 7:00pm to 10:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:01pm Too Cool for School from Home   Recorded 1.5.21
7:12pm Garden of Memory   Oakland, CA June 21, 2012
7:12pm Miss B   Angelina stories 2009
7:12pm Unknown   Cylinder recording
7:12pm Miss B   Pirate Story 2010
7:11pm San Francisco   New Year Fireworks 2021
7:17pm Unknown   Cylinder recording
7:20pm Van Damme State Park   Fern Canyon Trail 2020
7:21pm Miss B   The Song of the Wind
7:23pm Mendocino Coast   Waves 2019
7:24pm Haleakala   Information Radio 2019
7:25pm Haleakala sunset   We should probably go 2019
7:25pm Van Damme State Park   Fern Canyon 2020
7:26pm Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden   Ft. Bragg, CA 2019
7:26pm Ode to Liz   Unknown 2015
7:29pm Hawaii   Birds 2019
7:29pm Unknown   Bird 2017
7:30pm Little River, CA   birds 2020
7:31pm Miss B   Baby Bird I Don't Know Where My Tutu Is 2008
7:32pm Little River, CA   chickens 2020
7:33pm Fanny   Meow 2018
7:34pm Miss B   barking 2017
7:34pm Miss B   Vegetarian song 2018
7:37pm Van Damme State Park   Fern Canyon 2020
7:38pm Ft. Mason, San Francisco   Bill Montana installation 2018
7:39pm KFOG   Last day September 6, 2019
7:42pm Hot Springs, Arkansas   Drive and Hike 2016
7:43pm Arlington, Virginia   Drive to airport 2016
7:45pm 1630AM   Los Angeles, CA? 2016
7:45pm TV DJ   Louie Louie
7:46pm Miss B   Let it Go 2016
7:46pm Temporary Replacement Host   KCSB 2017
7:47pm Radio Guests   Trading Time 2016
7:48pm 1610AM   traffic 2018
7:49pm Unknown   Oh Jesus 2013
7:50pm Miss B   Don't Take My Parents Away
7:52pm Radio   Beaumont, CA 2019
7:52pm KREV   Ideal presenter and God 2016
7:53pm Unknown   Hail Mary
7:53pm Alcatraz doors   Alcatraz doors 2019
7:54pm Various   Studio K 2015
7:54pm Unknown   You Have a Great relationship
7:55pm Sharon and friends   Haunted radio 2016
7:55pm Miss B and friend   KFJC critique 2015
8:00pm Heimlich   California Adventure 2015
8:03pm Alcatraz doors   Opening 2019
8:05pm Fountain   University at Albany 2018
8:07pm Miss B   untitled 2015
8:09pm Construction   noise 2018
8:09pm Road work   noise 2016
8:09pm Unknown   cylinder recording
8:13pm Mrs. A   One Child is a Project 2019
8:13pm Miss B   Middle School Opera 2017
8:13pm Miss B and Miss E   Flower Piano Improv 2017
8:14pm Unknown   Christmas Eve shuffle 2020
8:14pm Miss B   Aphrodite Song 2018
8:19pm Unknown   Unknown song 2013
8:21pm Miss B   2017
8:21pm Miss B   Little Rock Star 2013
8:26pm Miss B   Call Me Maybe excerpt 2012
8:26pm Unknown   Cylinder recording excerpt
8:27pm Laugh 2019
8:27pm Miss B   Creepy 2012
8:28pm Miss B   I Will Get You 2013
8:28pm Unknown   Cylinder recording
8:32pm Miss B   Old Baby Scratch 2017
8:33pm Mic Test 2015
8:33pm Miss B   I Wanna Get out of this Thing 2012
8:33pm Miss B   I Will Get you 2013
8:34pm Street noise   noise 2017
8:34pm Miss B   Like a G Man 2011
8:34pm Miss B   Girlfriends 2012
8:36pm Miss B and Talk Radio   2016
8:39pm Mic check 2015
8:40pm Miss B   Brian and Marcus 2012
8:41pm Miss B   Donate to KFJC 2012
8:41pm Miss B   Like a G Man 2012
8:42pm Miss B   Opera Song 2017
8:42pm Night 2020
8:46pm Miss B   Big Loud Gorilla 2008
8:47pm Miss B   Once Upon a Time 2010
8:47pm Miss B   Star Ships 2012
8:47pm Miss B   Meana K
8:51pm Miss B   Wonder Pets sing-a-long 2012
8:52pm Unknown   TV 2020
8:53pm Miss B   Beard Shaving 2015
8:53pm Miss B   Weirdo Middle School Kids Story 2018
8:54pm Robocallers   Medley
8:58pm Scammer   Stay Safe and Stay Home
8:59pm Unknown   Wrong number
9:02pm Unknown   Press One Now
9:03pm Heavy breather  
9:03pm Unknown   Sorry
9:03pm Scammer   Stay Safe and Stay Home
9:03pm Nature Sounds and More   Nature Sounds and More
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