lexi glass

Wednesday 30 June 2021 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:02pm Codec Scovill   North Parade Clinical Imperfections Nonresponse
7:14pm Metal Preyers   The Caller Metal Preyers Nyege Nyege Tapes
7:17pm Irr. App   Knit, Semble, Straighten... Irreplaceable Hand Pink Bandana Records
7:27pm Nurse With Wound   Dada x Merzbild Schwet
7:53pm Beequeen   I'm Searching for Field Char Aughton - the Patient Books Beta-Lactam Ring Records
8:01pm Inhalant   Body Trap Save Our Souls Syzmic Records
8:07pm MK9   Treatment Discography and Video 2001-2006 Neural Operations
8:14pm The Rita   Untitled Living Dead Girl Amethyst Sunset
8:29pm Der Blutharsch   Untitled Track of The Hunted, The Wir Kapitulieren Niemals
8:33pm Old Komm   Ventspils Theme (Part 2) (Sergei Gorsky) Ventspils Discrepant
8:47pm Jessica Rylan   Timeless Interior Designs Important Records
8:56pm Noveller   Bends Red Rainbows No Fun Productions
9:17pm Crown of Eternity   The Space Between Dream Architecture Sounds Eternal Music
9:28pm Ekin Fil   Unforgotten Coda Helen Scarsdale Agency
9:33pm Sagan   The Myth of Invariance Anti-Ark Seeland Records
9:43pm Ben Frost   Permafrost Catastrophic Deliquescence Mute Records
9:47pm The Owl   Hornstrandir #46 Hibernation Owl Ripper Recordings
9:56pm The Cedars of Lebanon   The First Time I Saw The Tongue Archive Limited Warfare