Ann Arbor

Wednesday 7 July 2021 6:19am to 2:11pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:19am Edward Bear on KMPX   October 11, 1967
7:10am Ann Arbor   Rebroadcast of KMPX Mayhem Special from 5/01/2004 https://kfjc.org/listen/playlist?i=9072
7:10am Tom Donahue   Tom's Sign On
7:11am Rolling Stones, the   2000 Light Years From Home Their Satanic Majesties Request London Records
7:18am Phil Dirt   Interview - Sybil True
7:18am Norman Davis   Interview - KYA Liberal Top 40
7:19am Phil Dirt   Interview - KYA
7:21am Norman Davis   Dog Show
7:22am Donahue & Mitchell   Intros
7:23am Beau Brummels, the   Laugh Laugh Best of 1964-1968 Rhino Records
7:26am Larry Miller   Great Society Intro N. Davis Archives
7:29am Great Society with Grace Slick   Sally Go 'round the Roses Conspicuous Only in Its Absenc Epic / CBS
7:35am Dylan, Bob   The Times They Are A Changin' Greatest Hits Epic / CBS
7:38am Zappa, Frank & Mothers of Invention   Trouble Every Day Freak Out! Verve/MGM
7:44am Pre-Tom Donahue   KMPX ID J. Bryant Archives
7:47am Norman Davis Interview   The Call
7:48am Bonnie Simmons Interview   Phone Disconnected
7:48am Edward Bear Interview   How It Happened
7:50am Phil Dirt Interview   Black Stations
7:52am Tom Donahue   Tom's Story J. Bryant Archives
7:52am Tom Donahue   Doors' First Album Intro N. Davis Archives
7:53am Doors, the   Soul Kitchen (No Title) Elektra Records (Old)
7:56am Tom Donahue   Country Joe & the Fish intro N. Davis Archives
7:57am Country Joe & the Fish   Section 43 Electric Music for the Mind & Vanguard Recording
8:06am Tom Donahue   Jefferson Airplane Intro N. Davis Archives
8:06am Jefferson Airplane   3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds Surrealistic Pillow RCA Records
8:09am Edward Bear   Hitchhiking/Brain Damage N. Davis Archives
8:12am Norman Davis Interview   Never Been Done
8:14am Bonnie Simmons Interview   Being A Listener
8:16am Jeremy & the Satyrs   World of Glass Teardrops Jeremy & the Satyrs Reprise
8:21am Big Brother & the Holding Co.   Combination of the Two Cheap Thrills Epic / CBS
8:28am Milan Melvin   Air Check N. Davis Archives
8:29am Larry Miller   Air Check N. Davis Archives
8:31am Bob Postle   Chocolate Watchband/Moe's Books N. Davis Archives
8:32am Larry Miller   Animals Intro N. Davis Archives
8:33am Animals, the   San Franciscan Nights Winds of Change MGM Records
8:36am Larry Miller   Animals Outro N. Davis Archives
8:40am Edward Bear Interview   Freedom
8:41am Larry Miller   The Super "X" N. Davis Archives
8:42am Tom Donahue   Intro Golden Age of Underground Radio DCC Compact Classics
8:42am Spirit   Fresh Garbage Golden Age of Underground Radio DCC Compact Classics
8:45am Chambers Brothers, The   Time Has Come Today Golden Age of Underground Radio DCC Compact Classics
8:57am Beatles, the   Love You to Revolver Capitol Records
9:01am Bonnie Simmons Interview   5 Minute Rule
9:02am Norman Davis Interview   Rules/Suggestions
9:03am Bonnie Simmons Interview   Very Few Rules
9:04am Dusty Street Interview   Shy Away From Popular Tracks
9:05am Bonnie Simmons Interview   Big Hit Records
9:05am Norman Davis Interview   Star F*cker
9:06am Edward Bear Interview   A Devotion to the Music and to Disseminating It
9:07am Norman Davis Interview   Carte Blanche
9:09am Bonnie Simmons Interview   But It Worked
9:09am The Serpent Power   Dope Again The Serpent Power Vanguard
9:17am The Velvet Undergound   Heroin Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground feat. Nico MGM Records
9:23am Dusty Street Interview   Milan & Dusty "Super Chick" Street
9:27am Edward Bear Interview   How Bear Got His Job at KMPX
9:30am Bonnie Simmons Interview   Tom Was Right 90% of the Time
9:32am Abe "Voco" Kesh   Moby Grape Intro N. Davis Archives
9:32am Moby Grape   Hey Grandma Moby Grape Columbia
9:35am Quicksilver Messenger Service   Gold & Silver Quicksilver Messenger Service Capitol Records
9:41am Tom Donahue   Family Dog Commerical Golden Age of Underground Radio DCC Compact Classics
9:50am Bonnie Simmons Interview   Lucky Hippies
9:51am Edward Bear Interview   Intro For What It's Worth
9:54am Hendrix, Jimi Experience   Rainy Axis: Bold As Love Reprise Records
9:58am Cream   We're Going Wrong Disraeli Gears Atco Records
10:02am Radio Commercial   Record City J. Bryant Archives
10:03am Edward Bear Interview   Transition to KSAN
10:07am Last Minutes of KMPX N. Davis Archives
10:07am Golliwogs, the   Walking on Water Pre-Creedence Fantasy Records
10:12am Fire Hose (Fifty Foot Hose)   Red the Signpost Cauldron
10:14am Frumious Bandersnatch   Cheshire Berkeley Muggles gramophone works
10:24am The Seeds & Sky Saxon   Bad Part of Town Bad Part of Town EVA
10:27am Indian Puddin' and Pipe   Hashish San Francisco Sound
10:30am Great Society   Daydream Nightmare Collector's Item From The San Francisco Scene Columbia
10:35am Pretty Things, the   Miss Fay Regrets Real Pretty Rare Earth Music
Ann Arbor   Rebroadcast of KSAN Mayhem Special from 5/08/2004 https://kfjc.org/listen/playlist?i=9118
10:41am Persuasions, The   KSAN ID
10:41am Tom Donahue   Tom's Sign On
10:41am Led Zeppelin   I Can't Quit You Baby (No Title) Atlantic
10:46am Dan Hicks   ID Celebrating KSAN
10:52am Phil Dirt Interview   Intro to Summertime Blues
10:52am Blue Cheer   Summertime Blues Vincebus Eruptum Vibraphone Records
10:56am Dr. Hook   ID Celebrating KSAN
10:56am Bonnie Simmons Interview   U.S. Army Commercials
10:58am Dusty Street   Mr. Broadway Spot Celebrating KSAN
10:59am Bonnie Simmons Interview   Watchdogs
11:00am Tom Donahue   Wavy Gravy etc. Golden Age of Underground Radio DCC Compact Classics
11:01am KSAN Staff   Mosquitos
11:02am Dusty Street   Delicate Balance Art/Entertainment
11:04am KSAN Staff   Decent Radio
11:05am Holy Modal Rounders, the   If You Want to Be a Bird Easy Rider Soundtrack ABC/Dunhill
11:08am Mitchell, Joni   California Blue Reprise Records
11:11am "Ronald Reagan"   ID N. Davis Archives
11:12am Scoop Nisker Interview   Sets the Stage
11:16am Hoyt Axton   ID Celebrating KSAN
11:15am Scoop Nisker Interview   Sound Collages
11:16am Scoop Nisker   Bums to Bombs
11:22am Mother Earth   Revolution Revolution United Artists (Old)
11:25am Commander Cody   ID Celebrating KSAN
11:25am Cheech & Chong   ID Celebrating KSAN
11:29am "Geraldine"   Promo for Dusty Street N. Davis Archives
11:29am Dusty Street Interview   The Chicks Show
11:31am Bonnie Simmons Interview   International Women's Day
11:32am Raechel Donahue   Mae West Celebrating KSAN
11:32am Norman Davis Interview   Something Special
11:33am Bonnie Simmons Interview   Turkey Exchanges
11:34am Dusty Street Interview   Birds, SLA, Kill the Presdient
11:35am Bonnie Simmons Interview   SLA Tapes
11:36am Scoop/Patty Hearst   SLA Tanya
11:38am Dusty Street Interview   Hadwig
11:41am Herb Caen   ID Celebrating KSAN
11:41am Norman Davis Interview   History in the Making
11:42am Dan Hicks   ID Celebrating KSAN
11:42am Edward Bear Interview   Donahue and the Suits
11:44am Bonnie Simmons Interview   Tom Wonderful
11:45am Edward Bear Interview   Not Willing to Push Some Records
11:45am Dusty Street   Aretha
11:48am Aretha Franklin   A Brand New Me A Brand New Me
11:53am Hoodoo Rhythm Devils   ID Celebrating KSAN
11:54am Bonnie Simmons Interview   Listeners' Personals
11:55am Frank Zappa   ID Celebrating KSAN
11:55am Thom O'Hair   KSAN Tee shirt Promo Celebrating KSAN
11:57am Scoop Nisker Interview   interviewing Swamis
11:59am Scoop Nisker   Swami - Here & There and Everywhere
12:04pm Scoop Nisker Interview   Swami Bops Him on the Head
12:04pm Tom Donahue   Fire the DJ Celebrating KSAN
12:05pm Flamin' Groovies   The Slide Sneakers Snazz
12:09pm Edward Bear Interview   Segues
12:12pm Norman Davis Interview   Art of the Segue
12:13pm Buffalo Springfield   Sit Down, I Think I Love You Buffalo Springfield Atco Records
12:16pm W.A. Mozart   Piano Concerto in E Flat K. 482 3rd Movement Amadeus Soundtrack Fantasy
12:17pm Gamelan Sangburni   Bratyasa Smoking Cloves Interra
12:18pm Hooker, John Lee   Mr. Lucky Mr. Lucky Charisma
12:21pm Firesign Theatre   ID Celebrating KSAN
12:23pm Scoop Nisker   News 1968 Golden Age of Underground Radio DCC Compact Classics
12:25pm Scoop Nisker Interview   Abbe Hoffman
12:25pm Pointer Sisters   ID Celebrating KSAN
12:25pm Dusty Street Interview   Crazys Out in Disneyland
12:27pm Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee   ID Celebrating KSAN
12:27pm KSAN Staff   KSAN Poster Promo 1968 Celebrating KSAN
12:29pm Dusty Street Interview   Voco Lights Out SF
12:30pm Tower of Power   Cleo's Back Lights Out SF Blue Thumb Records
12:35pm Dusty Street Interview   Locked Out
12:38pm KSAN Staff   All High Celebrating KSAN
12:38pm KSAN Staff   KSAN Dope Special Promo Celebrating KSAN
12:39pm Ragni, Jerome & Co.   Donna / Hashish Hair RCA Records
12:43pm Bill Graham   ID Celebrating KSAN
12:43pm Cheech & Chong   Bonnie Simmons Promo
12:44pm Bonnie Simmons Interview   Tea with the Stones
12:45pm Scoop Nisker Interview   Goes to India - Spring 1968
12:46pm Raechel Donahue   Terry McGovern Promo Celebrating KSAN
12:47pm Scoop Nisker Interview   KSAN was the Tribal Voice of an Alternative Community
12:49pm Dusty Street Interview   Acid, Mercedes, Temptations
12:49pm Temptations, the   Cloud Nine Anthology Motown Records
12:55pm Voco, Beaver & Klause   KSAN ID
12:55pm Carolyn Sullivan   Dead Dead/WOW Phillips
12:59pm Kaleidoscope   Just A Taste Epic
1:00pm Frozen Noses (Stills & Crosby)   Long Time Gone
1:06pm Dusty Street Interview   Dave Mason Intro
1:07pm Dave Mason   Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave Alone Together Blue Thumb Records
1:12pm Dusty Street Interview   Dave Mason Outro
1:15pm Scoop Nisker Interview   We Were Idealists
1:17pm Scoop Nisker   It's Oil Over Now
1:20pm Scoop Nisker   You Are What You Eat
1:20pm Norman Davis   Marc Benno Intro
1:21pm Marc Benno   Don't Let the Sun Go Down Minnows A & M Records
1:24pm Norman Davis Interview   Tom's Force
1:26pm Bonnie Simmons Interview   Tom's Mercedes (1974 Merc)
1:28pm Phil Dirt interview   Trigger Effect
1:29pm Norman Davis Interview   Management Stepped In
1:30pm Dusty Street Interview   Consultants/Taking the Art Out of Radio
1:31pm Norman Davis Interview   Fell Apart Quickly
1:31pm Edward Bear Interview   The Spirit and the Guts
1:37pm Tom Donahue   I'm Not In Condition Golden Age of Underground Radio DCC Compact Classics
1:37pm Stoneground   Passion Flower Warner Bros. Records
1:42pm Norman Davis Interview   Things Started to Fragment/Sex Pistols Segue Opinion
1:43pm Sex Pistols, The   Pretty Vacant Never Mind the Bollocks Warner Bros.
1:46pm Grateful Dead, The   Alligator Anthem of The Sun Warner Brothers
2:02pm Prado, Perez   Skokiaan Mondo Mambo! The Best of Perez Prado & His Orchestra Rhino Records
2:05pm Goldmark, Joe "Doc"   Skokiaan All Hat-No Cattle Hightone Records
2:07pm Revelairs   Skokiaan Rare Surf VOL.2 South Avi Records
2:10pm Hot Butter   Skokiaan Incredibly Strange Mus Shanachie
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