Christus Minus Vesperum

Friday 24 December 2021 7:02pm to 9:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Christus Minus Vesperum  
Teachers AIDS  
7:03pm Lugubrum   Intro De Zuivering / Unclean Skramasax Records
Mons Veneris   Vastlands Of My Decayed Realm Vastlands Of My Decayed Realm Black Gangrene
7:11pm Herxzebet   Sorcery of the Black Herxzebet La Mort et Nhos Vex APOTT
7:17pm Master's Hammer   Hlava Modernistova Slagry Osmose Productions
7:23pm Febris Manea   Vitriolic Abhorrence Furthered by Way of Existence Akathisia Febris Manea release
7:30pm Scathing   Bleating Lamb a Capital Beneath The Waves Oxen
7:31pm Nav   Galloping From The Blizzard's Heart Halls of Death Forever Plagued Records
7:38pm Gauntlet Ring   Ten Heads of the Black Dragon Upon the Wings of the Black Eagle Blood And Crescent
7:41pm Gauntlet Ring   Winter Rides Over the Land Upon the Wings of the Black Eagle Blood And Crescent
7:45pm Aleister Crowley   Pentagram The Evil Beast Cleopatra Records
7:45pm Mastiphal   Flames of Fire Full of Hatred For a Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise For Victory Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:50pm Clandestine Blaze   God on the Cross Tranquility Of Death Northern Heritage
7:53pm Sabbat   In Satan We Trust Fetishism Evil Records / NWN!
7:59pm Martire   Hell-A-Caust Martire Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:04pm Forbidden Temple   Massacre Winds Forbidden Temple / Ultima Thule New Era
8:09pm Borda's Rope   His Vehement Majesty Who Lays Awake Eternally Enthroned with the Vanished Oceanic Wealth Nebular Carcoma Records
8:14pm Satanic Black Mass at Noosa  
8:20pm Loveboy   Terror Radicalization (November Pogroms Viennese Scrub Parti Shoah The End Commune
8:22pm Dieter Muh   Bethlehem Modus Vivendi No Part of It
8:27pm Torgeist   Follow Him Devoted to Satan Drakkar
Judas Iscariot   Terror from the Eastern Sky To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding Red Stream
8:36pm Dark Fury   Goatfuckers The Story Happened Before Lower Silesian Stronghold
Cemetery Lust   Massgrave Orgy Orgies of Abomination Hellsheadbangers
8:42pm Terminal Death   The Day After the End Demo 1985 Shadow Kingdom
8:44pm Xlulhlu   Invocacion Demo Rehearsal '14 APOTT
8:51pm Black Abyss   Bestial Consciousness Bestial Consciousness War Vellum
abacus finch  
9:03pm Morbosidad   Secta Invocacion Invocaciones Demoniacas Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:07pm Mhnunrrn   Reha Dun Reha HAIL THE BLACK NOISE!!!! Dipsomaniac Records
9:26pm Nihill   Vacuum (The Complexity of Entering The Vaults of Daath) Grond Hydra Head Records
9:47pm Population Reduction   Schnauzer Autopsy Each Birth a New Disaster Tank Crimes
9:50pm Defecation   Vestige of Earthly Remains Purity Dilution Nuclear Blast
9:52pm Abscess   Deathscape in Flames Tormented Necropolis
9:55pm Abysmal Lord   Storms Storms of Unholy Black Mass Hells Headbangers Records
10:01pm Sarcofago   Satanas (2) I.N.R.I. Greyhaze
Necrobutcher   Verminal Eructation Schizophrenic Noisy Torment Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:03pm Demonomancy   Bearers of Black Arts Rites of Barbaric Demons Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:06pm Necrite   Abandoning The Soul Bereft of Hope None
10:20pm Nile   to Dream of Ur Black Seeds of Vengeance Relapse Records
10:29pm Bacillus   Anti-Maskers Forced To Dig Graves Of COVID-19 Victims Mask it or Casket Patient Records
10:32pm Incapacitants   Apoptosis As Loud As Possible Zabriskie Point
10:55pm Le Syndicat   Tot Mortar 30 years of excess Influencing Machine
10:50pm Dissecting Table   Road to Death Between Life and Death U.P.D.
10:58pm Kevin Drumm   [9:23] Malaise Hospital Productions
11:09pm MK9   Tolerance Systems Contaminants Absurd Exposition
Male Rape Group   On To 83 Broken Flag - A Retrospective 1982-1985 Vinyl on Demand
11:31pm Zbigniew Karkowski   Telescoping Audio Warfare and Crowd Control Studies Less Lethal
12:45am Funny Knife Bunny Game
11:39pm Pathogens   Abuse of Power Soiled Cogs Forever Grinding Black Horizons
11:51pm Phillips, Dave   rape culture homo animalis Schimpfluch
12:00am Kerker   Wolkenwald Wolkenwald Special Low Frequency
12:15am Yoga   Black Obelisk Megafauna Holy Mountain
12:22am Gates   Dust Of Absence Moths Have Eaten The Core Anti-Matter
12:33am Swarth   Untitled Omines Pestilentiae Iron Bonehead
12:40am Akhlys   Consummation (the body of shadows) The Dreaming Eye Debumur Morti
12:56am Pagan Heritage   Every Time You Hurt Me Unjoy / Pagan Heritage Legion Blotan
1:00am Hell   Brutus Hell II Woodsmoke
1:09am Culver   Untitled (side-c) Plague Hand Matching Head
1:20am Clawing   Concrete Heat Catafalque / ClawingMomento Mori Trepanation
1:30am Mons Veneris   Designios Do Fim Mons Veneris/Morte Incandescente Legion Blotan
1:36am Vordr   Itkuraivarit Ja Itsemurha Vordr II Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
1:38am Mania   The Sound Of Hell Current Chaos / Death Of Birth Eternal Warfare
1:45am Aad Sleck   Colliery Hag Aad Sleck Legion Blotan
1:47am Dead Raven Choir   Sevenfold Song of Death Cask Strength Black Metal Weird Forest Records
1:52am Agonanist   Paroxysms of Ambivalence Cynicism of Solitude, The Transylvanian Tapes
2:00am Boreal   The Battle of VOSAD Eternal Warfare
2:24am Gog   180 Part 2 In Our Architecture This Resounds King of the Monsters
2:31am Xasthur   Doomed By Howling Winds Xasthur/Acid Enema Total Holocaust Records
2:41am Havohej   Weaping In Heaven Dethrone The Son of God Hells Headbangers
2:43am Lord Time   The Core 8 Punishments Forgotten Future Prison Tatt Records
2:49am Wulkanaz   Bunden I Paralys Paralys Helter Skelter (Sweden)
2:58am Wulkanaz   Hof I Paralys Helter Skelter (Sweden)
2:59am Von   Watain Satanc Blood Angel Nuclear War Now!
3:02am Morphea   Atlantic Stench Morphea/Gut M.S.P.
3:05am Aoratos   Dread Spirit of the Palace Gods Without Name Debumur Morti
3:12am Fall of the Bastards   Put to Death 2 Dusk of An Ancient Age Parasitic
3:18am Father Befouled   Deracination of Holiness Holy Rotten Blood Dark Descent Records
3:22am Decrepisy   Dissipating Form Emetic Communion Seed of Doom Records
3:30am Angel Guts   Messiah of Death Perpetual Hatred Reverted
3:34am Morbid Angel   Summoning Redemption Gateways to Annihilation Earache
3:41am Hissing   Perdurance Permanent Destitution Profound Lore Records
3:49am Muknal   Cruciation Muknal Crepusculo Negro
3:55am Morbosidad   Era Cristiana Muerte De Cristo En Golgota Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:57am Hyperdontia   Punctured Soul Mortiferum / Hyperdontia Carbonized
4:03am Acid Enema   Holocaust Reborn Xasthur/Acid Enema Total Holocaust Records
4:08am Wolveserpent   A Breath In The Shade Of Time Perigaea Antahkarana Wolveserpent
4:33am Wolveserpent   Concealed Among The Roots And Soil Perigaea Antahkarana Wolveserpent
4:39am Gnaw Their Tongues   The Uncomfortable Silence In Between Beatings Collected Atrocities 2005-2008 Crucial Blast
4:49am Earthdogs   Rock-N-Roll Noise:Polution Rock-N-Roll Noise:Polution Earthdogs
5:00am Crippling Blight   Mary Devouring Her Son Demo I Crippling Blight
5:07am Popiel   Moc Nuclear Death March Forbidden Sonority
5:08am Popiel   Forced Transition to The Workthless Paradign Nuclear Death March Forbidden Sonority
5:13am Anal Blasphemy   Mother Mary You Cheap Slut Anal Blasphemy/Necroslut Hammer of Hate
5:16am Mons Veneris   Designios Do Fim Mons Veneris/Morte Incandescente Legion Blotan
5:21am Vale   Condemned to Parish S/t Self-release
5:27am Solitarian   Triumphant Wisdom Forest Hermit Extinctionist
5:29am Unjoy   Into The Happiness Unjoy / Pagan Heritage Legion Blotan
5:35am Gwoid   II I-II-III Forbidden Sonority
5:44am Mortiis   Fodt Til a Herske Part I Fodt Til a Herske Malicious Records
Teachers AIDS  
6:06am Trollheim   Dunkeltroll Im Heidenwald Elfgards & Ensomhet CW Productions
6:30am Grollfried   Streytt (Burzum cover) Verpont Hexerey Dominance of Darkness
6:32am Grollfried   Endtevfel Avsrvfen (old version) Verpont Hexerey Dominance of Darkness
6:38am Grollfried   Fyrchterlicher Zavbar Verpont Hexerey Dominance of Darkness
6:43am Buceabhuk   Clandestine Gatherings of Blackness and Calm Extinctionist Records
Buceabhuk   of Blackness and Calm of Blackness and Calm Extinctionist Records
6:51am Granulosum   for Green Eyes I Slaughter The Final Stand Stellar Winter
6:54am Lifelover   Horans Hora Sjukdom Prophecy
7:02am Gestapo 666   Under The Banner Of Death Black Gestapo Metal GoatowaRex
7:05am Horna   Kirous Ja Malja Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne Woodcut Records
7:10am Tulus   Tunge Draper Fra Et Morkt Hjerte Cold Core Collection Indie Recordings
7:14am Ultima Thule   Silence and Snow Forbidden Temple / Ultima Thule New Era
7:17am Government Alpha / Scum   Fly Away from Ekota GA re-mix - Government Alpha Swamp Attack Oxen
7:25am Loveboy   A Grave Mass for a Mass Grave Shoah The End Commune
Aleister Crowley   Fingernails The Evil Beast Cleopatra Records
7:37am Aleister Crowley   The Titanic The Evil Beast Cleopatra Records
7:39am Wulkanaz   Perh Merkwisoms Stigiloz Paurpura Faovibokos Altare Productions
7:41am Wulkanaz   Pistile Swa Paurnoz Paurpura Faovibokos Altare Productions
7:42am Southern Spruce   The Thief of the Esfahan Make Persia Great Again The End Commune
7:50am Vrildom   For an Aeon of Spiritual Warfare Svetovid / Vrildom Werewolf Promotion
7:51am Blackdeath   Das Gottlose Lied Gift Heidens Hart
7:53am Mutiilation   Born under the Master's Spell Vampires of Black Imperial Blood Drakkar Productions
8:01am Autarcie   Embrasement Clandestin Ultra-Rural split w Baise Ma Hache Tour de Garde
8:09am Nachtlich   Autosarcophagic Ascension Satanas Black Gangrene
8:12am Nachtlich   Galloping Through Tenebrae Satanas Solum Initium Est Black Gangrene
8:18am Veles   Night on the Bare Mountain Night on the Bare Mountain No Colours
8:22am Veles   The Winter Morning Night on the Bare Mountain No Colours
8:23am Moontower   Church of the Insane To the Dark Aeon.. Hell is Here
Bustum   Valkyrie's Ride Voices of the Past 1994-1995 Act of Hate
8:30am Bustum   First day of the Aryan War Voices of the Past 1994-1995 Act of hate
8:34am Chaos Cascade   We Prowl Groteque Inflictions of Internal Agony Bestial Burst
8:41am AnXpm   Oblique Contrast the Monastery Old pt 1 AnXpm / Symphonia Sacrosancta Phasmatum Barghest
8:46am Shezmu   a Travers Les Lambeaux a Travers Les Lambeaux Forbidden Sonority
8:54am Graveland   The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness In the Glare of the Burning Churches Red Stream/Warheart/Pagan
8:59am Coven   Satanic Mass Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Repas Souls
9:10am Con-Dom   Control Subjection Industrial Recollections
9:12am Goatholocaust   Holocaustik Sodokult Satanik Kult ov Inversion Von Frost
9:16am Flooded Church of Asmodeus   Ritual Orgies In The Flooded Church Satan's Punishment: The Ultimatum Bestial Burst
9:26am Buceabhuk   The Forgotten Dead The End of Being Extinctionist Records
9:32am Circle of Ouroborus   Alaston Tietoisuus Viimeinen Juoksu His Wounds
9:38am Sperma   track 7 2nd record Alchemy Records
9:45am Filii Nigrantium Infernalium   abadin do fogo negro a Era Do Abutre Chaosphere
9:48am Golden Dawn   Leben in Nebel Golden Dawn / Apeiron Seed Stock
9:53am Slutet   Goddess of Paradox (Tiamat Yawns Awake) Jihad The End Commune
10:04am Sutekh Hexen   Descent Sutekh Hexen Cyclic Law
10:13am Stare Case   Untitled Eroded Brain American Tapes
10:21am Gnawed   Who to Blame HELTER SKELTER Pet Goat Records, The
10:27am Spectral Voice   Visions of Psychic Dismemberment Eroded Corridors of Unbeing Dark Descent Records
10:40am Oscillating Innards   Bleak Bleak Troniks
10:50am Lingua Ignota   If The Poison Won't Take You My Dogs Will Caligula Profound Lore Records
10:56am Evile   Thrasher Enter The Grave Earache Records
11:06am Skullflower   Starlit Mire Strange Keys to Untune Gods' Firmament Neurot Recordings
11:09am Hell   Helzmen Hell Sentient Ruin Laboratories
11:20am Stumm   Like Filth Loinen/Stumm Kult of Nihilo
11:33am Tecumseh   Thames Crossing Divides Anarchymoon Recordings
11:50am Redwound   Side 1 Dark Bog Blaze Anarchymoon Recordings
12:04pm Ovskum   Untitled IV Atto I - Atto II Insikt
12:16pm Esoteric   Antim Yatra a Pyrrhic Existence Season of Mist
12:18pm Dream Weapon Ritual   Bird Mother Uncanny Little Sparrows Boring Machines
12:36pm Nadja & Ovo   Drowned In Coffee Life and Death of a Wasp, The Broken Spine
12:50pm Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement   Red Ants (Mics Mix Edit Two) Red Ants Genesis Hospital Productions
1:05pm Nurse With Wound   Red Flipper Large Ladies With Cake In The Oven Ourobouros Music
1:19pm Expo 70   Untitled 1 Vanishing World Within, The S
1:27pm Bongripper   Death Terminal Gilead Media
1:51pm Wicker Man, the (soundtrack)   Willow's Song Wicker Man, the Trunk Records
1:55pm Green Druid   Dead Tree Ashen Blood Earache Records
abscess funicular  
2:05pm Diocletian   Beast Atop The Trapezoid Gesundrian Osmose Productions
2:12pm Wold   Five Points Postsocial Profound Lore
2:24pm Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & The Rita   Drowning Witches III S/t Debacle Records
2:39pm Wicked King Wicker   Now That We're Dead to You Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/Wicked King Wicker Gnarled Forest Recordings
2:56pm Bolt Thrower   Forgotten Existence Boltthrower/Napalm Death 20 Buck Spin
Hummingbird of Death   Fuck Settling Down Show Us The Meaning of Haste Cowabunga Records
3:01pm Pillow Humper   Straight Trash! IIIOwPilolW H Mmm Pweer Imploding Sounds
3:17pm Dead Reptile Shrine   Skull-Crushing Avenger Burning Black Infinity Antihumanism
3:26pm Palace of Worms   King Leech Botanist/Palace of Worms Flenser
3:33pm Mystifier   Church of the Molested Children World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here, The Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:38pm Stormcrow   The Science of Tyranny Massgrave/Stormcrow Mangled Ankle Records
3:47pm God is War   ISIS Anthem World Music Vol. 1 Phage Tapes
3:55pm Blackhouse   Not Available Pro-Life Metal Field
4:01pm Drumm, Kevin   Turning Point Sheer Hellish Miasma Mego
4:22pm Bathory   War Bathory Combat Records
4:24pm Darkthrone   Grave with a View Soulside Journey Revolver
4:27pm Venom   Burn this Place(To D Ground) Possessed Combat Records
4:30pm Enbilulugugal   Mary Engulfed in Goat Vomit Cultivating the Devil Goat Vomit Harvest Enbilulugugal KreationsZ
4:34pm Sete Star Sept   Improvisation In The First Half December XXIX MMXX Live In Japan Imploding Sounds
5:04pm Dispirit   The Drinker 111112 S
5:04pm Hon Knee Bare & Eggboi  
5:05pm Schaefer, Janek   Side One Skate Audioh!
5:05pm Bastard Noise   Animal Authority Over Humans Bastard Noise / X-Eyes Bastard Eyes
5:09pm Bacteria   Life 28 Trax Demo Regurgitated Semen Records
5:22pm Cannibal Corpse   Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's Cunt Tomb of the Mutilated Hymen Records
5:29pm Dipygus   Oasis of The Zombies Dipygus/ Cosmic Reef Temple Wave Guardian
5:30pm Sterilized   Freedom Rides Chemical Dust Video Disease Records
5:33pm Warthog   Corroded Warthog Static Shock
5:36pm Burning Witch   Sea Hag Towers... Slap a Ham
5:51pm Anatomia   Dismemberment Corporeal Torment Dark Descent Records
5:58pm Lewis, Herschell Gordon   Official Warning Blood Feast & 2000 Maniacs Rhino Records Inc.
6:00pm Melissa   Breonna s/t
6:03pm Sorcery   Descend to The Ashes Swedish Death Metal Index Verlag
6:08pm Donaggio, Pino   Collapse of Carrie's Home Carrie United Artists (Old)
6:12pm Die Kreuzen   Rumors Die Kreuzen Touch and Go Records
6:13pm Donaggio, Pino   Karen Transforms Howling Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The Waxwork
6:18pm Die Kreuzen   Get Em' Die Kreuzen Touch and Go Records
6:19pm Nausea   Electrodes Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. I, The Black Noise Records
6:22pm Cult Graves   Bloody Noose Strange Customs/ Demo 18 Godz Ov War
6:25pm Unholy Grave   Who's Got the Power? Kill'em All for One Crucial Blast
6:27pm Behold The Arctopus   Disintegore Horrorscension Black Market Activities
6:30pm Deep Wound   In My Room Deep Wound Damaged Goods
6:32pm Disrupt   Dog Eat Dog Deprived Relapse
6:33pm Beherit   The Oath of Black Blood Oath of Black Blood, The Season of Mist
6:36pm Disasterpeace   Title It Follows Radius Two
6:43pm Nunslaughter   Before You Can Cast a Spell Black Hell's Headbangers
6:45pm D.R.I.   Thhink for Yourself Four of a Kind Enigma Records
6:49pm Acid Witch   Trick Or Treat Stoned Hells Headbangers
6:54pm Goblin   School At Night Profondo Rosso AMS
6:56pm F-Minus   All Copes Lie Failed Society Hellcat
6:57pm Malevolent Creation   Systematic Execution Retribution Roadrunner Records
7:02pm Marduk   Obedience Obedience Regain Records
7:05pm Gauze   Pressing on Gauze Prank
7:07pm Paranoid   Shisuru Sekai, Iki Jigoku Satyagraha Southern Lord Recordings
7:11pm Pobreza Mental   Desaparecer Ya No Me Pertenezco Toxic State
7:14pm Blood Lust   Ride to Death Guilty As Sin Restless Records (Metal)
7:20pm Blonksteiner, Alexander   Underground Fugue Cannibal Apocalypse Death Waltz Recording Co
7:26pm Membrane   Pure Hate Membrane Byllepest Distro
7:28pm Phantom Limbs, the   Swill Random Hymns Gold Standard Labs
7:32pm Gwar   Ham on the Bone America Must Be Destroyed Hymen Records
7:34pm Godflesh   Tiny Tears Streetcleaner Eardrops, Inc.
7:37pm Brainoil   Gravity Is a Relic Death of This Dry Season 20 Buck Spin
7:45pm Rhizome   Wold Stops Turning Demo Transylvanian Tapes
7:47pm Gnaw Bone   Five Stages Rotten Earth Auris Apothecary
7:50pm Negativland   The Smell of Onions It's All In Your Head Seeland
8:01pm Public Acid   Rubbernecker Live At Artifact Audio Artifact Audio
8:03pm Doses   Reasons to Kill Doses Going Underground
8:06pm Corrosion of Conformity   Tell Me Eye for An Eye Toxic Shock Records
8:10pm Phobia   Death Threat Serenity Through Pain Death Vomit Records
8:12pm Dragged Into Sunlight   Boiled Angel/Buried With Leeches Hatred For Mankind Mordgrimm
8:23pm Exciter   War Is Hell Violence & Force Megaforce Worldwide
8:28pm Death SS   Death In Death of Steve Sylvester Shadow Kingdom
8:34pm Acid Enema   Holocaust Reborn Xasthur/Acid Enema Total Holocaust Records
8:43pm Candlemass   Eternal Hunger Nightfall Hymen Records
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