Saturday 2 July 2022 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01pm Winterblut   Das Lied Vom Sterben Leichenstandard Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:08pm Genogeist   Encroaching Darkness Genogeist Black Water
3:12pm Incapacitants   20050410 Live At 20000V Phobiaphobia Love Earth Music
3:14pm Gatecreeper   Patriarchal Grip Sonoran Depravation Relapse Records
3:18pm Grandiose Malice   Bell, Book and Chalice Eternal Infernal, The Hells Headbangers Records
3:24pm Blood of Chhinnamastika   Jails Without Walls Kazumoto Endo / Blood of Chhinnamastika Aberrant Recordings
3:26pm Disforterror   Infernal Blasphemous Attack From Black Wrath Impalement and Holocaust Stench Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:29pm Deadpressure   Aging Sludge Deadpressure Carbonized
3:31pm Cryptae   Cryptic Passage Nightmare Traversal Sentient Ruin Laboratories
3:33pm Yellow Eyes   Rare Field Ceiling Rare Field Ceiling Gilead Media
3:40pm Unmade   Fetid Waves Ritual in Unlight Rural Isolation Project
3:43pm Kerasphorus   Swarm Intelligentsia Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:48pm Friendship   Fiend Undercurrent Southern Lord Recordings
3:51pm Qrixkuor   Serpentine Susurrus - Mother's Abomination Poison Palinopsia Dark Descent Records
4:14pm Scolex   Black Pyramid Ritual Scolex / Mortuous Carbonized
4:19pm Bone Sickness   Paranoid Delusions Alone In The Grave 20 Buck Spin
4:21pm Dean Spunt/John Weise   Fruit Color Vapor Echoing Shell, The Drag City
4:23pm Hatespirit   Ageless Wilderness Ageless Wilderness Altare Productions
4:27pm Esoteric   Rotting In Dereliction a Pyrrhic Existence Season of Mist
4:46pm Graves At Sea   Wormwood Documents of Grief 20 Buck Spin
4:52pm Black Leather Jesus   Untitled I Bride of The Lamb Deadline Recordings
4:54pm Butcher ABC   Morbid Angel of Death North of Hell Obliteration Records
4:57pm Blasphemy   Demoniac Fallen Angel of Doom Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:00pm Horna   Sanojesi Aarelle Sanojesi Aarelle Debemur Morti
5:04pm Akatharsia   Dross Akatharsia Econo-Jam Records
5:12pm Virulent Specter   Embodied Head Of Satan Black Temple of Omniscient Manipulation, The Black Gangrene
5:18pm White Mice   Onth' Ragggnorock Ganjahovahdose 20 Buck Spin
5:23pm Noisem   So Below Cease to Exist 20 Buck Spin
5:26pm Slow Tongued Beauty   Side A Absolution of Royalty, The No Rent Records
5:41pm Archspire   Remote Tumour Seeker Relentless Mutation Season of Mist
5:45pm Worm   Empire of the Necromancers Foreverglade 20 Buck Spin
5:52pm White Widow   Third Distortion, The Jealous Gods Rural Isolation Project