Teachers AIDS

Saturday 20 August 2022 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:00pm Holy Other   Lieve Lieve Holy Other
3:04pm Atrax Morgue   The Mind of the Killer Black Slaughter Urashima
3:09pm Nekrofellatio   Pesadilla en una Noche Sin Estrellas Pesadilla en una Noche Sin Estrellas Death Continues Records
3:14pm Christian Ronn & Bellerue   Intoku Inversions 1 Intoku Inversions Nische Records
3:19pm Brighter Death Now   Kill Useless People Very Little Fun Cold Meat Industry
3:23pm Emptiness   Nothing But The Whole Nothing But The Whole Dark Descent Records
3:28pm Sanguine Relic   Pleasure of Death From Ruin and Emptiness... Perverse Homage
3:34pm Witchrist   The Burning Reprieve The Burning Reprieve / Shifting Transcendental Martyrdoom Production
3:38pm Fangfoss   Hidden in the Walls Battle Dose: First Recordings Legion Blotan
3:42pm PTRKLLR   Forested Live in Earth Self-release
3:46pm Drug Darkness   Dream Poison Baphomet Overdose Demo Drug Darkness
3:50pm Morteharas   Poison Perfide La Garde Noire Lunar Apparitions/Nebular Carcoma
3:58pm Tlaotlon   Wild Rent Squirt Image Flex Trensmat Records
3:58pm Hure   Drei Euro 1-11_112/// Autonoma Industriale
4:03pm Mortal Incarnation   In The Perpetual Torment of Recurrence Bedsore / Mortal Incarnation 20 Buck Spin
4:16pm Mystic Charm   Mystic Charms Shadows Of The Unknown Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:26pm William Basinski   Silent Night Silent Night 2062
4:28pm Darkthrone   Hate Cloak Eternal Hails Peaceville
4:37pm Gallhammer   Friction Dawn of Gallhammer, The Peaceville Records
4:39pm Unclean Spirit   Lembro Da Noite Neste Sepulcro Egregora Advsersial
4:45pm Shawn Lee and Panfilov   Drum Dog Millionaire Space and Tempo Funk Night Records
4:45pm Genocide Pact   Industrial Obedience Genocide Pact Relapse Records
4:50pm Acephalix   Suffer (life In Fragments) Decreation 20 Buck Spin
4:54pm Lihhamon   Enslavement Process Iron hands of Domination Lihhamon
5:01pm The Fall   Who Makes the Nazis? Hex Enduction Hour Kamera Records
5:05pm G.I.S.M.   Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter Detestation Beast Arts
5:09pm Armor   Fraud Some Kind of War 11PM
5:11pm Black Flag   My War My War SST Records
Vulgarity Kids   Body Check Vulgarity Kids F.O.A.D. Records
5:21pm Vonlaus   Gegn Mer Roo Slaemra Akvaroana Mystiskaos
5:24pm Sump   Gits Demo III Fallow Field
5:25pm Necrobutcher   Inhuman Capitalist Christ Schizophrenic Noisy Torment Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:25pm Necrobutcher   Bullshit Infestation Schizophrenic Noisy Torment Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:26pm Necrobutcher   Brutal Diarrhoea Schizophrenic Noisy Torment Nuclear War Now! Productions
Necrobutcher   Verminal Eructation Schizophrenic Noisy Torment Nuclear War Now! Productions
MDD   Another Runaway Forms Of Hands 20 - 20th Anniversary Hands
5:33pm Israthoum   Channeling Death And Devil Channeling Death And Devil Altare Productions
5:38pm Tulus   Cold Pure Black Energy Soulseller
5:41pm Vomitor   Hunter for Blood Bleeding The Priest Metal Blood Music
5:43pm Overdose   Children of War Metal Massacre I X Hymen Records
5:53pm Oathbringer   Odin's Call Tales of Glory
5:54pm Tankard   The Morning After Morning After, The Noise International
5:58pm Bran (...) Pos   Don't Hit Your Squids Tape # 2 Soundcrack.net