Teachers AIDS

Saturday 11 March 2023 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:02pm Kreezhatl Zekretiiuum   Ut Deatre...a Vitriatum! Demo I Okkultes Blut
3:03pm Kreezhatl Zekretiiuum   Untre de Infrukzen ov Nekrotikz Demo I Okkultes Blut
3:06pm Kreezhatl Zekretiiuum   Ritvalii ov Demetrii Devoluu a de Utzen Demo I Okkultes Blut
3:09pm Clair Cassis   Snowstar Gunpowder II Khrysanthoney Co.
3:10pm Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult   Nocturnal March Nocturnal March Www.twilight-vertiebe.de
3:21pm Seah   Asteroidal Origin of Water Conduits of the Hydrosphere Somnimage
3:21pm Ails   Bitter Past Unraveling, The Flenser
3:32pm Sunfear   Believers Octopus Dark Entries
3:37pm Mordichrist   Villainy Dressed In Menace Danza Ipnotica Records
3:39pm Velvet Cacoon   Setting Off The Twilights Dextronaut / DSE Full Moon Productions
3:41pm Wartanas   Drowning in Afterbirth Infernal Ritual Made With Hate
3:49pm Timothy McAllister/Liz Ames   Careful Shouts Project Encore Vol. 1 Neuma
3:50pm Nightblood   Now I Rest in Disaster Profane Endless Darkness Winter Solace Productions
3:56pm Hulder   Unholy Divine Embraced by Darkness Mysts... Stygian Black Hand
Drug Darkness   Mysteries of the Fainted One The Trip on Halloween Night Vintage Cult
4:03pm Drug Darkness   I Inject with Pride The Trip on Halloween Night Vintage Cult
4:07pm Wounded Kings   Lost Bride Consolamentum Candlelight
4:12pm Serpent Crown   Martyr Incantations of Vengeance Self Release Serpent Crown
4:17pm Otep   Blood Pigs Blood Pigs Capitol
4:24pm Jess and the Ancient Ones   Sulfur Giants (red King Jess and the Ancient Ones Svart Records
4:24pm Bolt Thrower   Return From Chaos Mercenary Hymen Records
4:28pm Deathgrave   Live Fast, Die Slow / This What You Get pt 1 So Real It's Now Tankcrimes
4:35pm Christine   Bones Badasser Supernova
4:38pm Cartilage   El Necrocabra Dialect of The Dead Self Released
4:40pm Necrosic   My Casket Drains Putrid Decimation Nuclear War Now! Productions
Necrot   The Blade Blood Offerings Tankcrimes
4:54pm Crypta   From the Ashes Echoes of the Soul Napalm Records
5:03pm The Slits   Instant Hit Peel Sessions, the Dutch East India Trading
Voetsek   See You in Hell /Smoke ums the Castrator Album Six Weeks
5:04pm Buried At Birth   Baseball Bat Meets Skull Force/Quit Give Praise Records
5:05pm Lost Goat   Hand of Man Trapped on Earth Life Is Abuse
5:14pm Antischism   Scream/Violent World Antischism Prank
5:15pm Mental Disease   Empty Notion Sometimes Like Flowers MCR
5:20pm Crass   Poison in a Pretty Pill Christ-The Bootleg Allied Records
5:23pm Pussy Gillette   Imbecile Pussy Gillette Bad Rope Records
5:25pm L'Oubliette   Let's Get Sick s/t EP Mass Media
5:28pm Leila Abdul-Rauf   Wayward Diminution Black Horizons
Ides of Gemini   Black Door Old World New World Neurot
5:38pm Lucifer   A Grave for Each One of Us I Rise Above
5:44pm Lolita Black   Hollow Flesh Blood and Bone Fireheart Records
5:50pm Chevalier   Deathstalker Life and Death Gates of Hell
5:51pm Black Mask   Warriros of the Night Warriros of the Night Underground Power
5:55pm Outline   Metal is Me Fire Whipl;ash Hells Headbangers
5:58pm Leather Angel   We Came to Kill We Came to Kill Miami