Saturday 3 June 2023 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:12am Bad Groupy   Archive of Generic Legs The Last Piece of Graphite Zeromoon
2:17am Childese   Vivola Minor Eden Not Not Fun Records
2:20am Junta Cadre   Introduction - Cold War Doctrine The Enemy is Listening Total Black
Einsturzende Neubauten   Sonnenbarke Total Eclipse of the Sun Rough Trade Records
2:33am Survivalist   Smelling Her Poison Feet Odours Worship Her Murderous Nylons Signora Ward Records
2:40am Uranium   Gnawing At The Bones An Exacting Punishment Sentient Ruin Laboratories
2:44am Christian Death   "Ashes" Ashes Season of Mist
2:51am Ravencathaus   Burning Brothers Of The Sun Lucifer Records
2:54am Preachers of Twilight   Indigo Script
2:55am Fields of the Nephilim   Volcane Dawnrazor Beggars Banquet
3:01am Mass Marriage   The Photographer Stray Dog Volume 2 Oxen
3:06am Junta Cadre   Khrushchev At The United Nations, 1960 (feat. Deterge) The Enemy is Listening Total Black
3:13am Echo Beds   Arsonist Alibi Pt. 2 Arsonist Alibi Free Alex
3:23am DIMMER   Phase IV: midREM (Paradox of Paralysis) MidREM Deathbomb Arc
3:28am Abysmal Growls of Despair   Sentir Le Poids Des Montagnes Et Trouver La Paix... Sentir Le Poids Des Montagnes Et Trouver La Paix... Blue Tapes
3:31am LifeLess   Motions Dee-Life Mix 100% Silk
3:35am Bruno Spoerri   Check Out The Gravel Pit (Parkstrasse Percussions) Der Wurger Vom Tower Finders Keepers Records
3:38am Bourbonese Qualk   Suburb City 1983-1987 Mannequin Records
3:42am Poison Point   Poisoned Gloves Poisoned Gloves Scars Into Silence
3:44am Edera   Vague Inklings Goth Box Cleopatra Records
3:48am Belaboris   Kolme Askelta Once Upon a Time ... Dark Entries
3:54am Incirrina   Not Live Lip Led Scream Cold Transmission Music
3:55am Staatseinde   Vi Ar Hubots Fehlerlinie Medical Records
3:59am Kole Galbraith   From The Dust of Earth (Wak-Wei) Panna II Obscure & Terrible
4:07am Junta Cadre   The Enemy is Listening (feat. Striations) The Enemy is Listening Total Black
4:12am Junta Cadre   Pig Country The Enemy is Listening Total Black
4:20am Sarah Davachi   Icon Studies Two Sisters Late Music
4:23am Christine 23 Onna   New Dawn in Russia Space Age Bachelor Pad Insignificant Records
4:31am John Duncan/Black Leather Jesus   Golden Honey The Kiss Rural Isolation Project
4:34am Genocide Organ   We Are Here to Have a Good Time :Under - Kontrakt: Tesco Organisation
4:42am Eisenlager & Hertz, Jack   Zangbeto Masks Aural Films
4:43am Alesia Cosmos   Pat'lin D'Merde Exclusivo! Dark Entries
4:46am Love Like Blood   Siberian Pandemonium U H F/V H F Relapse
4:51am October Burns Black   Two Worlds Collide Two Worlds Collide Outland Media
4:59am Beranek   Sound of Danger Sound of Danger Dark Entries
5:02am Atrax Morgue   untitled Close to a Corpse: Section I Urashima
5:09am Atrax Morgue   Cold - Time Close to a Corpse: Section III Urashima
5:19am White Static Demon   Endless Vacuum Apparitions Utech Records
5:27am Junta Cadre   Under the Sun of Russia The Enemy is Listening Total Black
5:32am Spiritual Exit   In Black Themes of Rumination Spiritual Exit Records
5:32am Wilt   Hybrid Dreams (ash Mix) Crypt Gloom No Part of It
5:37am Toroidh   No Hope For Unity Final Testimony: Sekuencias De Culto Tesco Organisation
5:43am Severance   Black Night 1654 The Cave I Hands
5:47am The Cemetary Girlz   Eternal Night L'Envol Du Corbeau Manic Depression
5:53am The Lord   Winds of Space Cold Waves of Color Color Tapes
5:55am Boy Harsher   Pain Lesser Man (Extended Version) EP Nude Club