Monday 6 November 2023 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm John Wiese   Superstitious Deviate From Balance Gilgongo Records
10:15pm Kevin Drumm   The Back Room A Back Room, The Monotype
10:16pm Mike Meanstreetz   Under a Cloak of Violence Bastard Collective / Mike Meanstreetz Black Claw Records
10:31pm The Whiffs   Verlaine Scratch 'N' Sniff Dig! Records
10:35pm White Murder   Middle Class Form Early Razorcake
10:37pm Whipping Boy   Meltdown Sound of no Hands Clapping, th CFY Records
10:38pm Smut   Drip First Kiss Iron Lung
10:40pm Void   Controller Hit and Run/Condensed Flesh Demos Weekend Punk
10:42pm Witch Hunt   On My Honor As Priorities Decay Profane Existence
10:46pm Side 2:Midnight   Turn Up The Hell Outbreak of Evil Vol.2 Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:49pm Bastard Noise   Earth Without Man (The Only Unspoiled Time) Incineration Prayer - Self Righteous Suicide Armageddon
10:56pm Side 2: Force of Darkness   Spit The Cross Outbreak of Evil Vol.2 Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:58pm Forward   War and Death Sentence War Nuke and Death Sentence Prank
11:02pm Womit Angel   Under Sadistic Pressure Under Sadistic Pressure Reaper Metal Productions
11:07pm Black Witchery   Ascension Of The Obscure Moon Inferno Of Sacred Destruction Hell's Headbangers
11:10pm Teen Cthulhu   Wolfhunter Ride the Blade Life Is Abuse
11:13pm My Burning Bush   Sublimation Sublimation Noisequanoise
11:24pm John Krausbauer & Maranha   bringing it back s/t Public Eyesore
11:27pm Sutekh Hexen & Funerary Call   Fractal : Void P:R:I:S:M Sentient Ruin Laboratories
11:43pm Oxbow   The Virgin Bride Let Me Be a Woman Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
11:50pm Oxbow   1000 Let Me Be a Woman Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
11:58pm U.S. Maple   Stupid Deep Indoors Talker Drag City
12:02am Popol Vuh   Hore, Der Du Wagst (Nosferat Fitzcarraldo-Aguirre-Nosferatu- Universal
12:22am Neil Young & Crazy Horse   Down By the River Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Reprise Records
12:29am Chaos Echoes   Senses Of The Nonexistent Transient Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:38am Nunslaughter   Inverted Churches Hells Unholy Fire Beautamous Loaf International
12:43am Witches Hammer   Legions of The Undead Stretching Into Infinity Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:46am Voreus   Descending Into The Infernal Abyss Proclamation, The Sentient Ruin Laboratories
12:59am Moozzhead   Worshipping At The Burial Mounds Of Russ Meyer Thighmaster Rural Isolation Project
1:02am Witchrist   Tandava The Grand Tormentor Osmose Productions
1:05am Deathgrave   Seeping Through The Shoebox So Real, It's Now Tank Crimes
1:07am Cloaca   Bonjour Pussy Eater Girl With Cock Self Released
1:09am Genophobia   Fuck Like A Star Neurodivergent Rural Isolation Project
1:24am Hauras   Put These Seeds In Your Pocket Pervades Helen Scarsdale Agency
1:27am The Caretaker   Loss of want back there Everywhere, An Empty Bliss History Always Favours The Winners
1:33am Bryan Day and Higgins   Serpentine Tracing Woven Territories Public Eyesore
1:43am S. Glass   Rise of The American Asshole Cesspool of The Angels Minimum Table Stacks
1:51am Electric Moon   Duality International Space Station Vol. 1 Worst Bassist Records
1:55am whngr@kfjc.org