Sir Cumference rebroadcast

Thursday 23 November 2023 2:00am to 5:00am
Rebroadcast from Saturday 23 November 2013 9:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00am Brian Hodgson   Tardis Lands
2:00am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   Westminster Bridge Rose
2:02am The Arthur Nelson Group   Three Guitars Mood 2 An Unearthly Child
2:04am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   Little Amy The Eleventh Hour
2:08am Dudley Simpson   Wirrn Attacks The Ark in Space
2:10am Carey Blyton   Silurian at the Farm/The Silurian Base/I Am The Leader Now!/ Doctor Who and the Silurians
2:13am Eric Siday   Hypnosis The Moonbase
2:16am Delia Derbyshire   Doctor Who
2:17am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   Doomsday Doomsday
2:23am Wilfred Josephs   Space Time Music - Part 1 Tomb of the Cybermen
2:24am Malcolm Clarke   The Milonga Enlightnment
2:26am Syd Dale   Impending Danger The Web of Fear
2:28am Dominic Glynn   TARDIS Taken Out Of Time Trial of a Time Lord: Mysterious Planet
2:32am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   Torchwood Theme
2:34am Dudley Simpson   Good From Evil Genesis of the Daleks
2:36am Walter Scott   Music For Technology (Part One) The Tenth Planet
2:37am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   Clara The Bells of Saint John
2:43am Paddy Kingsland   Carnivorous Bats State of Decay
2:45am Brian Hodgson   Tension Builder (d) The Dominators
2:46am Peter Howell   Borusa's Immortality The Five Doctors
2:47am John Debney & Louis Febre   Crown of Nails Doctor Who (1996)
2:51am Geoffrey Burgoen   Terror of the Zygons Terror of the Zygons
2:52am Pierre Arvay   Little Prelude The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve
2:53am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   A Noble Girl About Town Partners in Crime
2:55am Trevor Duncan   Mutations The Space Museum
2:56am Brian Hodgson   Dover Castle The Mind of Evil
2:57am Malcolm Lockyer   Fanfare and Opening Titles Dr. Who and The Daleks [Movie]
3:01am The Go Go's   I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek Who is Doctor Who
3:03am Dudley Simpson   Sutekh Descends Pyramids of Mars
3:05am Jack Trombey   World of Plants The Space Museum
3:08am Malcolm Clarke   The Prison/The Master/The Sea Devil/Escape The Sea Devils
3:14am Peter Howell   Brighton Beach, K9 Kaput The Leisure Hive
3:22am Carey Blyton   Fighting in the Caves Revenge of the Cybermen
3:24am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   The Master Vainglorious Last of the Time Lords
3:27am Tristram Cary   Taking The Dalek Ship The Daleks' Master Plan
3:31am Peter Howell   K-9 and Company
3:33am Don Harper/Dudley Simpson/Murray Gold   UNIT Operations/UNIT Theme/UNIT Invasion/Ambassadors of Death/Aliens of London
3:36am Malcolm Clarke   March of the Cybermen/Scott Takes the Bridge Earthshock
3:43am Dudley Simpson   The Thing In The Pit/The Big Fall Planet of Evil
3:45am Peter Howell   Banqueting Music Warriors' Gate
3:47am Tristram Cary   Rising Tension The Daleks
3:51am Delia Derbyshire   Blue Veils and Golden Sands Inferno
3:53am Peter Howell   The Dodecahedron Meglos
3:55am Bill McGuffie   Daleks and Robomen Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD
4:00am Who's Who   Roberta Tovey Who is Doctor Who
4:02am Lasry - Baschet   Rapsodie de Budapest (Les structures sonores) The Web Planet/ Galaxy 4
4:07am Dudley Simpson   The End of Morbius The Brain of Morbius
4:12am Carey Blyton   Sarah Searches for the Doctor/An Uneasy Alliance/Something i Death to the Daleks
4:18am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   I'm Coming To Get You Bad Wolf
4:19am Dudley Simpson   The Fish People The Underwater Menace
4:22am Peter Howell   The Eye Of Orion The Five Doctors
4:23am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   Gallifrey The End of Time
4:26am Peter Howell   Shockeye's Just Desserts The Two Doctors
4:28am Paddy Kingsland   K9 on a Mission, Third Decider Full Circle
4:32am Sam & Dan Watts   Sara Jane Adventures
4:32am Dudley Simpson   The Doctor's Theme
4:36am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   I Am the Doctor The Eleventh Hour
4:42am Paddy Kingsland   This Car's a Classic!/The Brigadier Remembers Mawdryn Undead
4:45am Geoffrey Burgoen   Seeds of Doom Seeds of Doom
4:48am Tristram Cary   At The Police Station The Daleks' Master Plan
4:51am Don Harper   International Electromatics/Music For Action The Invasion
4:55am Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales   Towards The Asylum Asylum of the Daleks
4:59am Pat Hodge   In a Dream Doctor Who (1996)
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