Saturday 18 November 2023 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00am Dealership   Anarchy in the U K Action/Adventure Turn Records
2:03am Pharmakon   Ache Abandon Sacred Bones Records
2:09am The Beatles   I Want to Hold Your Hand Meet the Beatles Capitol Records
2:09am Gride   Arogance Moci Bloodbath Is Coming, The Sounds of Betrayal
2:11am Wormrot   All Go No Emo Dirge Earache Records
2:11am Agents of Satan   Cut Off My Dick Old Testament, The Intolerant Messiah
2:12am Nasum   Re-Create the System Really Fast Vol. 9 Really Fast
2:12am Pig Destroyer   Black Dice Benumb / Pig Destroyer Robotic Empire
2:13am Head Hits Concrete   Disgraceland Hope Fear and Terror of Dreams Intolerant Messiah
2:13am Flash Gordon   Nxf Tomorrow Will Be Worse Sound Pollution
2:14am Charles Bronson   Youth Attack Youth Attack Coalition Records
2:15am Anal Cunt   I'd Love to Have Your Daughter's Hand In Marriage Picnic of Love Off the Record
2:16am Anal Cunt   You're a Fucking Cunt 40 More Reasons to Hate Us Earache Records
2:18am Gut   Reign In Bukkake Cumback, The Necroharmonic Productions
2:18am xSavagex   Lion's Pussy Discography 2014/2019 Abusive Noise Tapes
2:19am Iron Lung   Condemned Life. Iron Lung. Death 625 Thrashcore
2:23am Seeds of Rape   Prayer Chain Prayer Chain God's America Release
2:24am Napalm Death   Cause and Effect/No Mental Effort Mentally Murdered Earache
2:32am Cattle Decapitation   Bukkake Tsunami Humanure Hymen Records
2:36am Agoraphobic Nosebleed   Acute Awareness Honky Reduction Relapse Records
2:39am Richard Ramirez/Flatline Construct/Prurient   Track 1 Collaboration Hospital Records
2:43am Meat Shits   Crack Slave Eternal Misery Fudge Worthy Records Compilation Fudgeworthy
2:46am Choke   I Am The Reason Why It's Hard to Talk Shit With No Fucking Teeth Goat Power Recreation
2:48am Brutal Truth   Sympathy Kiss Goodbye Cruel World Relapse
2:52am Terrorizer   After World Obliteration World Downfall Earache
2:56am Goatlord   Voodoo Mass S/t Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:00am Deathgrave   Hacker So Real, It's Now Tank Crimes
3:02am Dark Faith   Sentence of Satan, The Sentence of Death, The War Is Imminent Productions
3:06am Witchrist   Cast Into Fire The Grand Tormentor Osmose Productions
3:10am Illusion of Safety   Waste of Civilization Organ Choir Drone NO PART OF IT
3:20am Fumio Kosokai   (sky) the warm garden The Warm Garden skeleton dust records
3:25am Lydia Lunch   The Gun Is Loaded The Gun Is Loaded Mystic Fire Video
3:35am Vertonen   Suizid Vor Der Gerichtsverhandlung 1978 (SHB) Einige Schadstoffe Helen Scarsdale Agency
3:42am Tropical Industrial 5th World Dada   My Own Pa Drapizdat - Myth Not Not Fun Records
3:46am Tim Berresheim   Heinsberg 1975 Bis 2006 No Time Left Eventuell
3:55am Dodge Jones Rage   Bark Is Here West Coast Power Outage VI PRESSORTAPE
4:04am Moozzhead   Spandex Ripper Thighmaster Rural Isolation Project
4:10am Merzbow & Wiese, John   Erotic Westernscape Multiplication Misanthropic Agenda
4:19am Lydia Lunch   The Gun Is Loaded The Gun Is Loaded Mystic Fire Video
4:22am L'Eclipse Nue   The Descending Anchor of a Deformed Lineage Faces From Dreams Love Earth Music
4:36am Genophobia   Eye For An Eye Neurodivergent Rural Isolation Project
4:41am Zeitkratzer   3 Metal Machine Music Asphodel
4:45am Robert Stemmons   Amazing Grace Whistlodeon Self Released
4:48am Robert Stemmons   America The Beautiful Whistlodeon Self Released
4:51am Robert Stemmons   You Are My Sunshine Whistlodeon Self Released
4:56am Peopling   cRIPpLinG dEBt PArTy Appearance Already Dead Tapes
5:00am The Sabres of Paradise   Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix) Sabresonic II Warp Records Ltd
5:04am The Higher Intelligence Agency & Biosphere   White Lightening Polar Sequences Beyond
5:07am Leif Elggren   Arranging For An Opening Of A Teleport To Shangri-La Arranging For An Opening of A Teleport To Shangri-La NO PART OF IT
5:15am Leslie Keffer   Fauces Veiled Matter NO PART OF IT
5:19am Sunn O)))   Bathorry Erzsebet Black One Southern Lord Recordings
5:23am Joseph Hammer/Joe Potts/John Wiese   Bon Chance Elusive Flexure, The Helicopter
5:34am Pengo   The Troubled Tango Escape to Never (Program for Melting) Carbon Records
5:42am S. Glass   Personality Is a Myth Cesspool of The Angels Minimum Table Stacks
5:48am Brighter Death Now   American Tale Innerwar Release Records
5:55am JP Inc   Wet Pebbles In A Bowl Massage & Spa Rope Worm