Robert Emmett

Saturday 18 November 2023 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:06am Gene Kelly   Singin' in the Rain Singin' In The Rain/ Easter Parade MGM Records
9:07am David Shire   The Conversation
9:07am Trailer   Rear Window
9:11am James Horner   The Search for Spock
9:18am Psychotronix   Wonder Years
9:19am Mark Shaiman   City Slickers
9:21am Psychotronix   Stronger the Dirt
9:22am Amy Adams   If I didn't Care Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
9:27am Daniel Pemberton   Being the Ricardos
9:36am Dave Grusin   Murder by Death
9:37am Psychotronix   Tiger Guitar
9:37am Ann Margaret   Born to be Wild
9:40am Psychotronix   Loaded with Soap
9:43am Henry Mancini   Fallout! Peter Gunn
9:46am Psychotronix   Starkist Tuna
9:47am Paul Smith   Prowlers of the Everglades True Life Adventures
9:49am Stranger Things #4   Skull Rock
9:52am Danny Elfman   The Flash
9:55am Tyler Bates   Guardians of the Galaxy #2
9:57am Psychotronix   Look in Any Window
9:59am TV Theme   Barnaby Jones
10:02am Bob and Ray   Lake Remover
10:04am Erich Wolfgang Korngold   Captain Blood
10:07am Trailer   Earth vs the Spider
10:11am Thunderbird   Most Dangerous Game
10:13am Peter Pan   I won't grow Up
10:16am Jerry Goldsmith   Timeline - Quick Action
10:18am Psychotronix   Rock'M Sock'M Robots
10:18am From Berlin to Broadway   Bilbao Song
10:31am Cool Secret Place   Dicken's Fair Daly City
10:31am Sammy Davis Jr   Johnny Cool
10:43am TV Mystery Theme   M Squad
10:43am M Squad   The Chase
10:52am TV Theme   Police Squad
11:00am Issac Hayes   Shaft
11:05am Psychotronix   Baby Peek a Boo
11:05am Henry Mancini   Touch of Evil
11:10am Acapello   Mario Brothers
11:13am Wednesday   Searching the House
11:19am Psychotronix   Dragnet
11:21am Nat King Cole   Marnie
11:26am Crime Scene USA   The Big Heat
11:29am Elgar   Nimrod Enigma Variations Amici
11:33am Behave Yourself   Opening Theme
11:35am Dick Contino   An American in Paris
11:38am Firesign Theatre   Everything you know is wrong Expo
11:39am Mark Dinning   Loving Touch
11:43am Dusty Springfield   Look of Love Casino Royale
11:47am TV Theme   Secret File USA
11:48am Erich Wolfgang Korngold   Sea Hawk
11:52am World at War   We'll Meet Again
11:57am TV Theme   Medical Center
11:57am TV Theme   Name of the Game
11:57am TV Thme   Judd for the Defense
11:57am TV Theme   Meet the Press