Teachers AIDS

Saturday 20 January 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01pm Compatriot   I Fought with Custer Intrepid American Grit ASRAR
3:07pm Modraniht   Disablot to The Dark Mothers Transylvanian Tapes
3:12pm Ierfeweardian Opfeallan Snytrucraeft   Min Beneodan Beaducwealm Paes Steorrena Unpurhfaere Galdorcwideas Inverse Solar Reqvriem
3:18pm The Rita   Plastic and Silicone The Rita / Tab In/Tab Out Imploding Sounds
3:21pm Evil   Awake The Beast Of Jaweh! We Know How To Hate WerewolfPromotion/TourdeGarde
3:24pm Feufolet   Rompre Pour la Verite Au Pied du Courant Feufolet Release
3:28pm Wolfsmond   Wilde Jagd Tormenting Legends Part II Blut&Eisen/W.T.C.
3:39pm Ibex Throne   Nilhistic Death War Ibex Throne Elegy Records
3:39pm Flaggelik kommando 666   Hexagonal Paradigm Of The Underworld Sectarian And Obscene War Vellu
3:43pm Mimi Allen   Penthouse Serenade Strings of My Heart The Decca Record Co.
3:47pm Curse   Part V In Life & In Death / Verden Og Fanden Blackmetal.com
3:53pm Clandestine Blaze   Bring Me The Head Resacralize the Unknown Northern Heritage
3:55pm Hades Archer   Chaos Teratosis Chimeras Temple of the Impure Hells Headbangers
3:58pm Dodsengel   Palindrome Interequinox Debemur Morti
4:03pm Old Funeral   Grandma is a Zombie Our Condolences Soulseeker
4:06pm Sign of evil   Baphomet's Church Reaper's Night Deathrash Armageddon
4:11pm Maniac   High Speed Metal Vermin Hell Black Seed Productions
4:12pm Morphosis   Sick Standard Of Living Thrashing Relics Volume 1..Finland: 1987-1990 Bestial Burst
4:16pm Abigail   Desecrator Reaper's Night Deathrash Armageddon
4:21pm Tab In/Tab Out   Ravishing Stagnation The Rita / Tab In/Tab Out Imploding Sounds
4:21pm Suffocation   Liege of Inveracity Effigy of the Forgotten Roadrunner Records
4:30pm Aborted   Death Cult (feat. Alex Erian/Despised icon)
4:31pm Anal Cunt   Radio Hit Corporate Death Relapse
4:31pm Deceased   Robotic Village Corporate Death Relapse
4:35pm Ch'Ahom   Xibalba Knots of Abhorrence Sentient Ruin
4:45pm Blood Rhythms   Living Words Mirages Against Concrete Personal Archives
4:45pm Incantation   Convulse (Words of Power) III Unholy Deification Relapse
4:49pm Immolation   Into Everlasting Fire Dawn of Possession RC Records
4:55pm Ingested   Skinned And Fucked Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering Unique Leader Records
4:59pm Deicide   Lunatic of God's Creation Amon: Feasting the Beast Roadrunner Records
5:00pm Obituary   War Dying of Everything Relapse Records
5:07pm Organ Dealer   Solitude is Death The Weight of Being
5:07pm Maze of Torment   Death Orientated Maze Bloody Maze Merciless
5:09pm Defiance   The Killing Floor Beyond Recognition Roadrunner Records
5:13pm Municipal Waste   I Want to Kill the President Waste'em All Six Weeks
5:13pm Assuck   State to State S.O.A.
5:15pm Powerhead   Raise Hell Curse of Stone
5:22pm Gintas K   Sound & Spaces #2 #6 Sound & Spaces #2 Love Earth Music
5:23pm Godstomper   Shelter of Hell Godstomper / Terlarang S.W.T.
5:25pm Asshole Parade   Death Threat Bury You Asshole Parade
5:28pm Skitzo   Skitzoid Skitzo/Foul Stench Boneless
5:29pm Ill Repute   Taking Care of Business Covers Mystic Records
5:31pm Expander   Loyalty Illusion (R.A.T.) Neuropunk Boostergang Profound Lore
5:35pm Left For Dead   Kept In Line A389 Digital Recordings Mixtape MMXIII A389 Recordings
5:37pm Disraid   Calavera D-Beating VOL. 1 The Hills Are Dead Records
5:37pm Nailbomb   Wasting Away Point Blank Roadrunner Records
5:40pm The Invertebrates   Attila the Hun (The Pede.. Let's Have Fun! Spineless Records
5:44pm Wave Temples   Temple of the Shark Hunter Panama Shift Not Not Fun Records
5:46pm Air Raid   When the Sky Turns Red Danger Ahead Stormspell
5:51pm Satan's Blade   Cobra Strike Curse of the Blade Stormspell
5:55pm Trial   A Ruined World Vessel High Roller