Muad dib rebroadcast

Tuesday 30 April 2024 6:00am to 10:00am
Rebroadcast from Monday 26 March 2012 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:00am Codeine   Cigarette Machine Frigid Stars Sub Pop Records
6:04am Groupshow   Incredibly Comfortable Slippers Martydom of Groupshow, The Scape
6:08am Gus Coma   Gut morning Color Him Coma Paradigm Discs
6:14am Earth Masters   Beheaded Earth Masters Eggy
6:15am Panopticon   The Death of Baldr and The Coming War Collapse Flenser
6:29am Contagious Orgasm + Government Alpha   Background Sound Heartstrings SSSM
6:31am Experimental Audio Research   Beyond The Point of No Return Pt. 2 Pestrepeller Ochre Records
6:37am Masaki Batoh   Kumano Codex 1 Brain Pulse Music Drag City
6:44am The Dead Baron   400 Enemies Obeast Mixtape Vol 1 Obeast
6:48am No Human Intervention   Track.A01 Wrong Application Tigerbeat 6
6:51am Sister Iodine + Masaya Nakahara   Live At Showboat, Tokyo 2010 Meth: Live In Tokyo Premier Sang
7:02am Gino Robair   19:18 Noisebox (e.11.b) Holy Cheever Church
7:03am Meredith Monk   Cloud Code Songs of Ascension Ecm Records Gmbh
7:06am Donna Parker   Rhythm Imitator Debutante Twisted Village
7:12am Peter Coffin   Sin City, Ac/Dc Music Interpreted By the Brain
7:14am From The Mouth of The Sun   Color Loss Woven Tide Experimedia
7:22am Eyvind Kang   Visible Breath Visible Breath Editions Mego
7:26am Control R Workshop   Track 1 Wateriswet
7:37am Zeena Parkins   Devotion I Devotion Table of the Elements
7:52am Pink Canoes   Evocation S/t Sixty Hurts Records
7:52am Pail Bug   First Pail Pail Bug Generate Records
8:02am Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek   Undercurrent Bird, Lake, Objects Faitiche
8:02am Hands to   1 Cicuye Yugen Art
8:10am C. Spencer Yeh/Paul Flaherty/Greg Kelley   #1 New York Nuts & Boston Beans Important Records
8:35am Pauline Oliveros   I of IV (1966) Electronic Works 1965-1966 Paradigm Discs
8:35am Boyd Rice   A2 ...Recorded Dec. 75 Jan. 76 Mute
8:35am Scott Shanley   Track 3 Equinox, The Self -released
8:45am Daphne Oram   Bird of Parallax Oramics Paradigm Discs
8:45am Pengo   Trans-Love Abattoir A Nervous Splendor Haoma
8:53am Owwl   44?? 25' 39" N, 26?? 5' 15" E Dark Places Utech Records
9:00am Reigns   Over Tone Gulley Widow Blades, The Monotreme Records
9:05am Nettle   Espina El Resplandor: The Shining In Dubai Sub Rosa
9:14am Axolotl   Telesma Telesma Spooky Action
9:14am Passarani   EE5, Cnct Point, NN0 Unspeakable Future Outbreaks Hymen
9:23am Ken Butler   Building a Desert Blizzard Voices of Anxious Objects Tzadik
9:23am Christopher Riggs   0:30 0:36, 0:30 Holy Cheever Church
9:30am Pelt   Anchored Brown Cyclop Aedia Radioactive Rat Records
9:31am John Bischoff   Decay Trace (2006) Audio Combine New World Records
9:46am Graham Lambkin   Side A...Philippe Besombes/Jean-Louis Rizet - Pole Amateur Doubles Kye
9:46am Jonathan Coleclough   Makruna Makruna/Minya Icr
9:46am Philip Samartzis/Gunter Muller/Voice Crack   tombac_toothless Wireless_Within For 4 Ears Records