Sunday 26 May 2024 11:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
11:08pm Wayne Grim   A Velvet Opening Electric Space Gardeners Thee Obscurantist
11:38pm Matthew Herbert   An Empire of Coffee Plat Du Jour Accidental Records
11:45pm DJ Female Convict Scorpion   Consider the Hills Confucius, Milton Berle Self Released
11:50pm Village of Spaces   Agnes of Rainbows That's Understanding Feeding Tube Records
11:58pm Warsaw Village Band   Over the Forest Infinity Barbes
12:04am CBS Mystery Radio Theater   The Rise and Fall of the Fourth Reich Mystery Radio Theater (May16, 1975)
12:48am ben owen   stairwell bergen st Framework 500 Framework Editions
12:55am Sequences   Agua Viva: A Dawn of White Mist Agua Viva Elevator Bath
12:59am Ben Owen   219.28m (1) USA/USB Shadow Puppet Recording Company, The
1:02am Universal Cell Unlock   Cruel Bohemian Innocence of Logic Psychic Sounds
1:04am Conure   Time Alone Unwelcome Or Ignored: Noisefest 2001 Super Art Media
1:08am Field Of Fear   Shadowed Beyond The Reach Of Light Whited Sepulchre
1:09am Goat   Trailer Song Double Date Rocket Record Company
1:14am Gnaw Their Tongues   Urine Soaked Neophytes Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus ConSouling Sounds
1:16am Omit   PreSec InSec Siltbreeze
1:19am Rust Worship   Defeated / Intercommunicative Rust Worship / Nu Sire Self Release
1:33am Contagious Orgasm   Fragment of a Crucifixion (1950) Four Studies For a Human Portrait (tribute to Francis Bacon) Vital Records
1:34am Tongue Depressor + Larkin, Austin   Side B Adjoining Bridge Tongue Depressor + Larkin, Austin Redscroll
1:43am Civilistjavel!   Untitled Thieving Dogs! Low Company
1:53am Arthur Lyman   Now Is The Hour Paradise GNP/Crescendo
1:55am The Longboards   Belharra Naked Jungle GBR Guns of Brixton Records
1:59am SongJa Chee   Sacheolga Namdo Minyo and Jagpa for Gayageum Solo