H1N1 rebroadcast

Wednesday 26 June 2024 2:00am to 6:00am
Rebroadcast from Tuesday 30 August 2016 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:05am Guillaume Dufay   Side 3 Und seine Zeit
2:06am Catherine Chris Hennix   Live At Issue Project Room Live At Issue Project Room Important Records
2:26am Sugarconnection   3 Plays Alien Cakes No Man's Land
2:28am Maher Shalal Hash Baz   Ferryboat Hello New York OSR
2:31am Laurel Aitken   Skinhead Invasion High Priest of Reggae Radiation Records
2:34am Mukunguni   Ndema New Recordings From Coast Province Kenya Honest Jon's
2:38am Rita Abatzi   The Doe I'm Burning, I'm Burning Mississippi Records
2:46am Venetian Snares   Health Card10 Traditional Synthesizer Music Timesig/Planet Mu Records Ltd.
2:49am 330   Interlude [Where's My Phone] Ain't No Tellin' Self Produced
2:50am Marc Barreca   Xenophobia Twilight Palace of Lights
2:51am Kirlian Camera   For a Different Moment Uno Dark Entries
3:01am Dieter Ammann   The Freedom of Speech Freedom of Speech, The Hat Hut Records Ltd
3:10am Kenny Roberts   Out Where the West Winds... Vogue Picture Series Bear Family Records
3:15am Arthur Russell and The Flying Hearts   Pacific High Studio Mantra Ballad of The Lights Presspop
3:17am I'm Dead Today   No Way/No Future Menstrual Gold Slaughter Productions
3:25am Nagamatzu   The Sunlight Home (Passions Organiques Version) Above This Noise Dark Entries
3:26am Bjoerling   In Opera In Opera
3:33am K. Leimer   A Little Figure and The Weather Closed System Potentials Palace of Lights
3:34am Nyeleti Mukkuli   Nchembele Musimbi Wangu Kankobela of The Batonga, The Swp Records
3:35am Macronympha   Burnt Victim Architect Naked Denunciation of Infrasonic Exchange Mother Savage Noise Prod.
3:45am Sun Ra   Dancing Shadows Nothing Is Get Back
3:56am I.B.M.   a Madness Shared By 2 From The Land of Rape & Honey (The Suppressed Tapes) 1995 - Interdimensional Transmissions
4:01am Francois Dufrene   K?chel que j'aime
4:08am Gaia 13   Tom Brokaw Life on Planet Earth Gaia 13 Records, Inc
4:13am Vladislav Delay   Huone Huone Chain Reaction
4:13am Negativland   A Special Opening Sex Dirt (Over the Edge Vol 8) Seeland Records
4:44am Isorinne   Gate of Sleep No Strength of Sun Yerevan Tapes
5:02am Big City Orchestra   Mister Jones Eerily EE Tapes
5:23am Julian Bream   Le Rossincane Op 121
5:27am Sarah Davachi   Ordinal Dominions Jaz Records
5:39am Nurse With Wound   The Machinery of Hearing Dark Fat United Jnana