Grizzly Adam rebroadcast

Thursday 27 June 2024 2:00am to 6:00am
Rebroadcast from Friday 27 July 2007 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Wehowsky/Wollscheid   Happy Deterritorializations In Memoriam Gilles
Fetischpark   Gradation D'humour In Memoriam Gilles
Skullflower   Dying Venice Tribulation
Tim Caitlin/John Mueller   Track 2 Plates and Wires
Juan Matos Capote   The 6 Train Subway Aural Recordings, The
Burmese   B2 White
Allegory Chapel Ltd.   Matial Mega Medley Japanese American Nois
Enema Syringe   Yeah, Let's Have a Disco Bogens Massage Institut
Jessica Rylan   Interior Designs Interior Designs
The Dying Californian   The Cry Inside The Home Coarsegold
Rollo   Flashback Pinhole
All Smiles   of Course It's Not Up to Me Ten Readings of a Warning
21.PERON   Petruska S/T
Der Teenage Panzer Korps   Thy Depth! Harmful Emotions
Strangulated Beatoffs   Dream of the Genies S/T
Marble Sheep and The Run-down Sun's Children   Untitled (pre-horizon) First Anniversary Live
Realistics   Where Is the Monkey? Realistics
Rechenzentrum   Tod Eine Impressionisten Heimkehr
Vampire Can't   No Strings Key Cutter
Rema-Rema   Feedback Song Wheel in the Roses
Don Dietrich   Douche Das Dietrich
Saints   Track 1 Saints
Gob   Home Self Communion Kit Kill Yourself Commandment, the
Alrn   Sex War Homework #9 Us D.I.Y
Deathreat   You're Under Careful Control S/T
Red Voice Choir   Plants a Thousand Reflections
Skye Klad   Beyond Ice and Storm Music Ofcupid's Orkustra.., Th
Plants   a Hidden World Exposed Photosynthesis
Out of Context   Escalator One Inch Equals 25 Miles
Jake Coolidge   Billowing Plumes Hot Brown II:reverse Migration
Open Grave   Death Camp Krieg/open Grave
Sodomized By Marcia Brady   George Bush's Daughters Need Discipline Self
The Young Gods   I'm The Drug Super Ready / Fragmente
John Zorn   Hellfire Moonchild
Pelican   a Delicate Sense of Balance City of Echoes
Lubomyr Melnyk   Track 1 KMH
Iannis Xenakis   Peaux Pleiades