Robert Emmett

Saturday 29 June 2024 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:01am Frank Sinatra   Oh What a Beautiful Morning
9:05am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Dreamsville
9:06am Swingle Singers   Moon River
9:09am TV Theme   Fernwood 2 Night
9:11am John Ottman   Eight Legged Freaks
9:13am Raymond Scott   Powerhouse
9:16am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Urgent
9:18am Waiting for Guffman   Bulging River
9:24am Jimmy Cagney   Yankee Doodle Boy
9:26am Kinky Boots   Raise You Up
9:31am Brian Tyler   Seek Those Who are Worthy Power Rangers
9:33am Drawn Out Drama   Dod Sept 15a
9:36am Moby   Opening Credit Theme Cecil B Demented
9:39am Comm   Live Better Electrically
9:39am Alan Silvestri   Pygmy Attack The Mummy Returns
9:47am 1776   Cool Cool Considerate Men
9:50am TV Theme   Super Train
9:55am Janet Klein   It's the Girl
9:57am Bob Crewe Generation   Music to Watch Girls By Sex and the 60s
10:00am Bob and Ray   Bob and Ray are there at the Declaration of Independence
10:05am Manic Hispanic   Gilligan's Island
10:08am Play Safe   Play Safe song
10:13am Petula Clark   Downtown in German
10:16am Cry Baby   Doing Time for Being Young
10:19am Jeri Southern   Fire Down Below
10:31am Cool Secret Place   San Jose Fire Museum
10:31am Arthur Brown   Fire!
10:43am TV Mystery Theme   Chicago Fire
10:43am Chris Young   The Man Who Knew Too Little
11:01am Howard, Ron (soundtrack)   Grand Theft Auto Passions and Achievements Milan
11:04am Paul Anka   Smells Like Teen Spirit
11:07am Ego Plum   Cucucucucucucucucucuc Aliens Clowns and Geeks
11:08am Hans Zimmer   Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean
11:11am John Williams   The People's House Lincoln
11:15am David Shire   Love Theme Old Boyfriends
11:22am Skatalites   Third Man Theme Eighty Four Men Bootleg Industries
11:26am Jon Batiste   Born to Play Soul
11:26am Drawn Out Drama   Dod March 13b
11:28am Fastest Guitar Al (soundtrack)   Rollin' Opn Fastest Guitar Alive Epic / CBS
11:31am Dear World (soundtrack)   Garbage Dear World Sony Music Distribution
11:35am Kessler Twins   Cuando Cuando Cuando
11:38am Psychotronix   Operation Game
11:38am Lee Presson and the Nails   Pico and Sepulveda
11:42am Pac Man   Theme
11:45am TV Theme   John Adams
11:47am Van Dyke Parks and Brian Wilson   Rhapsody in Blue
11:57am Modernaires   People Like You and Me
11:57am Henry Mancini   Fallout and Dixieland Opening
11:57am TV Theme   VEEP
11:57am TV Theme   The 20th Century