Dada Diogenes rebroadcast

Monday 1 July 2024 6:00am to 10:00am
Rebroadcast from Friday 1 June 2018 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:06am Robert Rental & Wallis, Glenn   3 Untitled Dark Entries
6:09am Chrome   Eyes in the Center Red Exposure Beggars Banquet
6:10am Anji Cheung   Luna Milk Orb Terminal Cheesecake/ Cheung, Anji God Unknown
6:13am Chrome   Pygmies in Zee Park Alien Soundtracks Siren Records
6:17am Casual Hex   Zorcho Zig Zag Lady Illusion Water Wing Records
6:21am Insect Ark   Death Marrow Hymns Profound Lore Records
6:25am Crooked Columns   Rhizome Chemical Mysticism Black Horizons
6:28am Stars of The Lid   Lactate's Moment Gravitational Pull Vs. The Desire For an Aquatic Life Kranky
6:41am Anne-James Chaton/Andy Moor   The Things That Belong to William Heretics Unsounds
6:46am Chrome   Tribes (Ultra) Raining Milk Mosquito Records
6:52am Chrome   Planet Strike Blood On The Moon Lilith Records
6:56am Moira Scar   Snap Back Wound World Pt.1 Near Dark
6:56am Savage Malignant   You Fuck Me Up Lucky 7 Wrench Records
7:00am Heaven and   Heaven End Sweeter As The Years Roll By Staubgold
7:05am Malditos   Momen Le Reve Svart Records
7:13am Guerilla Ghost   Gratitude First 200 Days Trashfuck Records
7:14am Friendship   Comptom Hatred Daymare Recordings
7:16am Green Druid   Rebirth Ashen Blood Earache Records
7:24am Bambara   Wild Fires Shadow On Everything Wharf Cat Records
7:26am Chrome   Looking For Your Door Half Machine From The Sun King of Spades
7:35am Rudy + Blitz   Thanks Anyways Thanks Anyways/ Humbahdigiduh Contract Recording
7:37am Oversight   Transparency Transparency Running In Place
7:40am Moon Blood   Choke Violentacts Running In Place
7:41am Paganizer   Hell Is Already Here Eroded/ Paganizer Imperium Productions
7:46am Assfort   Get on My Nerves Complete Assforterly 1990-'93 Vinyl Japan
7:49am Extincion De Los Insectos   Track 9 Untitled Afeite Al Perro
7:49am Hatework   Revenge Vexed/ Hatework Dream Evil Records
7:55am Extremity   Bestial Destiny Extremely Fucking Dead 20 Buck Spin
8:02am Ceramic Dog   Fuck La Migra YRU Still Here? Northern Spy Records
8:03am Lung Leg   Kung Fu on the Internet Maid to Minx Southern Records
8:04am Lung Leg   Lonely Man Maid to Minx Southern Records
8:06am The Spaceshits   No Time For You Full Fisted Action Sympathy for the Record Industry
8:13am R.C. Boys   Onward! Christian Soldiers Rad Conspiracy Sacramento Records
8:15am Lilou and John   Generation Identitaire Patriot Child Self Produced
8:16am Gallery Night   We Control The Night S/t Dusty Medical Records
8:18am The Reality Show   Mouth and Tail Vicious Cycle of Life Doomed to Misery
8:20am Isaz   Germanische Wiedergeburt (Phillipp Stauff) Wolfsschrei/ Isaz Raging Bloodlust Records
8:28am Agothocles   revive us again Revive Us Again Machination
8:28am Medicine Man   I believe in God Revive Us Again Machination
8:28am P16.D4   Maba 4.12 Acrid Acme of P16.D4 Selektion
8:50am Animaniacs (soundtrack)   There's Only One of You Yakko's World Warner Bros.
8:53am Animaniacs (soundtrack)   U N Me Yakko's World Warner Bros.
8:53am Animaniacs Toon Tunes Kid Rhino
8:55am Toon Tunes (soundtrack)   Speedracer Toon Tunes Rhino Entertainment Co.
9:00am Chrome   Zombie Warfare Half Machine Lip Moves Siren Records
9:06am Absolute Body Control   Shake Tapes 81-89 Vinyl on Demand
9:08am Absolute Body Control   Suffer In Silence Tapes 81-89 Vinyl on Demand
9:12am The KVB   dayzed Immaterial Visions Cititrax
9:19am MAP 71   cruise night Gloriosa Fourth Dimension Records
9:23am Omnivore   Elbows S/t Feeding Tube Records
9:23am Ene   Kings of Preset Remixes Eerie Materials
9:31am Tuxedomoon   Crash What Use? Ralph Records
9:33am Civil Defense   How Much Time Do We Have Atomic Platters disc 1 Bear Family Records
9:35am Dennis James & Hoegh   Civil Defense Spot: $212 Fallout Shelter Atomic Platters disc 1 Bear Family Records
9:40am David Pell   If the Bomb Falls pt 1 Atomic Platters disc 5 Bear Family Records
9:45am RK Faulhaber/Xambuca   Fallopian Egg Drop Soup Wiping With Pride Erototox Decodings
9:50am Rambutan   Petrified Remember Me Now Kendra Steiner Editions