Buzzy rebroadcast

Wednesday 3 July 2024 6:00am to 10:00am
Rebroadcast from Thursday 6 February 2014 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:01am Kate Bush   Jig of Life Hounds of Love Emi Records
6:06am King Crimson   Elephant Talk Discipline Warner Bros.
6:10am King Crimson   Frame By Frame Discipline Warner Bros.
Kate Bush   Morning Fog, the Hounds of Love Emi Records
6:17am Ignis Fatuus   The Vastness of It Chamber Cold Spring Records
6:22am Ait!   Uno Spettacolo Adulto Romanticismo Oltranzista Punch Records
6:26am Ait!   Io Ballo da Solo Romanticismo Oltranzista Punch Records
6:30am ellery queen   amateur suspect youtube
6:31am Ait!   Tempo Morto Romanticismo Oltranzista Punch Records
6:36am ellery queen   stage robber youtube
6:37am Rad   We're Rad Loud & Fast Sacramento Records
6:41am Mark Snow   Cortege Chamber Cold Spring Records
6:46am Joe Bussard   Guitar Rag Guitar Rag / Screwdriver Slide Tompkins Square
6:52am Clawed   Trimagis First Magic Number, The Lalena Records
7:01am John Cale   Fear Is a Man's Best Friend Fear Island Records
7:05am More Humans   Dracula Demon Station Cricket Cemetery
7:11am Fuck Buttons   Brainfreeze Slow Focus ATP Recording
7:21am Howl In The Typewriter   Memory Godspunk Volume 13 Pumf Records
7:26am ellery queen   bad mans bad man
7:26am The Large Veiny Members   Dancing Ants Godspunk Volume 13 Pumf Records
7:29am ellery queen   bathtub murder
7:30am Rudjak Manigz   SingKingHeart Extracted Celluloid Illegal Art
7:39am Deadbeat Vs. Beaupre, Stephen   Coquille It's a Crackhaus Thing Onitor
7:43am Addis Pablo & The Suns of Dub   Selassie Souljahz - Melodica Version Sealssie Souljahz In Dub Royal Order Music
7:52am rubinstein   ballade #2 in f Opus 38 the chopin ballades rca
8:00am Suzuki Junzo   Pouring High Water Blues Dead Eight-Sided Infinity Plunk's Plan Recordings
8:12am Secret Chiefs 3   Faith's Broken Mirror Traditionalists Web of Mimicry
8:12am Secret Chiefs 3   Sophia's Theme Traditionalists Web of Mimicry
8:15am Secret Chiefs 3   What's Wrong With Cytherea Traditionalists Web of Mimicry
H1 Da Silva, J.A.   Audio Poem For HC (1971) Revue OU Alga Marghen
8:23am Brigitte Fontaine   Il Pleut (Brigitte Fontaine/Jean-Claude Vannier) Est Folle Superior Viaduct
8:25am H5 Chopin, Henri   Le Soleil Est Mecanique (1972) Revue OU Alga Marghen
8:28am Poison Ivy (Of the Cramps)   Peter Gunn Shots in the Dark Del-Fi
H3 Gysin, Brion   Poems (1960-62) Revue OU Alga Marghen
8:39am Auris + Robair, Gino   A plus G 1 Rub Public Eyesore
Donna Regina   Star Ferry (Isolee Remix) Freestyle Candies II Klang Elektronik
9:01am poison girls   cream dream 7 inch pregnant records
Day Creeper   Dragons Problem At Hand Tic Tac Totally
9:10am Yek Koo   F-E-E-L Desolation Peak Emerald Cocoon
9:15am Ningxin/Dezai/Lian   Resentment of Zhaojun Chinese Han Music Intera
9:16am Fifty Foot Combo   It's Alive Go Hunting! Musick Recordings
9:21am Autechre   tac Lacora L - Event Warp Records Ltd
9:27am I Burn   Overheating Passage Infraharmonies, Scald Cavities Fuoco
9:31am Vapor Gourds   Intro Dagger Magic Feeding Tube Records
9:31am Vapor Gourds   Magic Daggers Dagger Magic Feeding Tube Records
9:33am Vidna Obmana   Dream Into Dream 1984-1986 [Testament of Tape] 1 Vinyl on Demand
Martin Denny   Quiet Village Denny, Martin/ Baxter, Les Dolor Del Estamago
9:41am Tsembla   Aivojen Pimeydessa Nouskaa Henget New Images
9:44am Laurie Spiegel   Patchwork Expanding Universe, The Unseen Worlds
9:54am Chotto Ghetto   Tabula Rasa Sparkles Asian Man Records
9:58am Epicycle   You're Not Gonna Get It You're Not Gonna Get It: 1978-81 HoZac Records