Wednesday 3 July 2024 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Animaniacs (soundtrack)   The Hello Song Yakko's World Warner Bros.
10:05pm John F Kennedy   Decleration of independence
10:08pm The Grateful Dead   U.S. Blues From the Mars Hotel Grateful Dead Records
10:13pm Graphic Shadows   Red, White and Blue She Turns Her Eyes Away Explicit Records
10:15pm Kill Memory Crash   American Automatic American Automatic Ghostly Interntional
10:22pm Hot Pursuit of Happiness   Assorted American Flavors This Day's Called Tuesday Personal Archives
10:26pm The Memphis Goons   Tootin' in America Teenage BBQ Shangri-La Records
10:29pm The Fat White Family   Wild American Prairie Champagne Holocaust Fat Possum Records
10:33pm Mighty Tiger   The Most American Thing in America Western Theater Self Release
10:43pm Canibus   Star Spangled Banger (Intro) Fait Accompli RBC Records
10:46pm Quake Break   Fu#K Corporate America Quake Break Volume 1 Quaketrap
10:54pm Social Unrest   Red, White and Blue Rat in a Maze Libertine/Konkurrel USA
10:57pm Noam Chomsky   America's Messianic Vision of Democracy Imperial Presidency, The AK Press Audio
11:02pm My Fun   Fireworks Quality of Something Audible, The Thelandof
11:04pm Waxahatchee   American Weekend American Weekend Don Giovanni Records
11:08pm Rollerball   Fireworks and Ice Cream Porky Puppet Wallace Records
11:14pm San Ul Lim   Fireworks Volume 1 - Ah! Already? World Psychedelia
11:17pm John Adams   American Berserk Road Movies Nonesuch Records
11:25pm The Abstractions   The Wisperer - American Pictorals Sonic Conspiracy Edgetone Records
11:30pm T.V. Pow   American Temporary Being Nice Is Funny Staalplaat
11:34pm Alexander Hacke   All American Happy Hour Sanctuary Kool Arrow
11:41pm Ultra Living   Skies of America Transgression Bubble Core Records
11:47pm William Burroughs   No More Stalins, No More Hitlers Dead City Radio Island Records
11:48pm Liquid Visions   Nuclear War Lost Recordings, The Nasoni
12:05am Blue, Barbara Blues Band   What To Do Out of the Blue Blue Productions
12:07am Sam Snitchy   G. Tells Shit - FCC Talking Talking VOODOO Rhythm Records
12:14am FOQL   Escapist Dubbbbb Machine Wehikul MAL Recordings
12:21am B12   Telefone 529 Electro-Soma Warp Records, Ltd.
12:24am Electric Moon   Mushroom Cloud No. 4 You Can See the Sound of Sulatron Records
12:36am Lina Filipovich   Oh Joyful Light Magnificat Time Released Sound
12:47am Alexander Bianco   Slowburn Nihil Birth Control Productions
1:01am The Cosmic Gospel   I Sew Your Eyes so You Don't See Me How I Eat Your Heart Cosmic Songs For Reptiles In Love Bloody Sound
1:06am Habibi   In My Dreams Dreamachine Kill Rock Stars
1:13am Schlachthofbronx   Dun Dem Dun Dem / Soundbad ZamZam Sounds
1:17am Ma'am   Naughty Naughty/American Ruse Nudie Records
1:23am Hidden Extra Skull   Memories Lost to the Hypercube The Lucidity Arcade Dark Mind International
1:47am Buzzy Frets   The Pink Panther Theme The Return of Buzzy Frets Lossless
1:50am Little Lizard   Bigfoot Big Lizard guilt ridden pop
1:53am William Parker/Cooper-Moore/Hamid Drake   Five Angels by the Stream Heart Trio Aum Fidelity