Saturday 6 July 2024 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:00pm Bauhaus   Departure Swing the Heartache Beggars Banquet
3:05pm Damaar   The Goatphoenix Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:10pm Alexander Bianco   Blackwater (Session III) Nihil Birth Control Productions
3:14pm The Hawaiians   Cast Your Fate to The Wind From The Famous Beach Hotel Deram
3:16pm Amort   Horse Latitudes Winter Tales Kreation Records
3:26pm Patrick Sansone   Jupiter Removed Infinity Mirrors Centripetal Force
3:28pm Merciless Savagery   Infernal Majesty Demo 2020 Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:31pm Bacillus   No New Antibiotics Lacerations Troniks
3:33pm Yoko Ono   Goodbye Sadness Season of Glass Geffen Records
3:34pm Suzuki Junzo   Guillotine For Meditaitional Feedback Loop 7 Nod and Smile Records
3:40pm Winterblut   Silently Watching The Storms Von Den Pflichten Schones Zu Vernichten Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:44pm Urzeit   Nascphanin Anmoksha Self Release
3:50pm Tongue Depressor + Larkin, Austin   Side B Adjoining Bridge Tongue Depressor + Larkin, Austin Redscroll
3:52pm Sortsind   More Days Vanvid Total Holocaust Records
3:55pm Scrotum Grinder   Post-Teenage Redemption (1) Greatest Sonic Abomination, th Prank
3:56pm Scream   Came Without Warning Scream Dischord
3:58pm Masskontroll   Mortis Invictus Will You Ever Learn Mind Control
4:03pm Submission Hold   Dirt What Holds the Elephant Back G7 Welcoming Committee
4:10pm Phobia   Rape Theft Murder Means of Existence Slap a Ham
4:12pm Robert Rich   Loom of Origins Traveler's Cloth Soundscape Productions
4:16pm Ripper   Sensory Stagnation Sensory Stagnation Dark Descent Records
4:21pm Old Tower   Sacred Carvings Draconic Synthesis Hospital Productions
4:23pm Mortuus   Sulphur Grape of The Vine Ajna Offensive
4:27pm Timecrimes Soundtrack   Contact Timecrimes Soundtrack Mondo
4:28pm JFK   The Scythe Nganga Chondritic Sound
4:31pm Joni Mitchell   Rainy Night House Ladies of the Canyon Reprise Records
4:33pm Orphx/JK Flesh   Liberator Light Bringer Hospital Productions
4:35pm Justice Yeldham & The Dynamic Ribbon Device   My Birthday Eve 070507 Marseille Birthdays Anarchymoon Recordings
4:37pm Golden Gate Gypsy Orchestra   Tov L'hodot Travelling Jewish Wedding, the Vibraphone Records
4:42pm Matthew Herbert   The Branded Waters Plat Du Jour Accidental Records
4:45pm CRAVE   Invert From Sedatives to Trust PIT
4:48pm Tristan & Titania   The Coming Together of All Things Glyphs & Gods Psychic Sounds
4:50pm Abstracter   Abyss Above Abominion Sentient Ruin Laboratories
5:00pm Insect Ark   Swollen Sun Vanishing, The Profound Lore
5:03pm Nuit Noire   Lutina Inner Light Seed Stock Records
5:08pm Daniel Menche   III Sleeper SIGE Records
5:10pm Bialywilk   Proznia II Proznia Vendetta
5:15pm Le Syndicate   Farce De Morse Vorgine RRRecords
5:15pm Julie   Coeur Sauvage Let's Fall in Love Carrere Records
5:17pm Jungle Nausea   Alternative Jungle Nausea EP Inner Mystique
5:23pm Piero Piccioni   The Temple (Templo Desnudo) The Moment Of Truth O.S.T.R. Mainstream Records
5:25pm Moira Scar   Notes From The Future Slink to Intensity Hollow World Records
5:30pm Modern Art   Hello/Goodbye Underwater Kites Color Tapes
5:33pm Reverence to Paroxysm   AD Putrefactio Lux Morte Dark Descent Records
5:40pm Mattin   A Seize the Means of Complexity XING
5:41pm Martire   Brutal Legions of The Apocalypse Brutal Legions of The Apocalypse Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:44pm Savage Master   Burning Leather Creature of The Flames High Roller Records
5:46pm O-D-EX   Trashy Ways Breaker Dirtnap Records
5:49pm Arthur Lyman   Stranger In Paradise Paradise GNP/Crescendo
5:52pm Sissy Spacek   Aktion Cookies Harm Troniks
5:53pm Regler + Courtis   I Regel #13 (noise Rock Nashazphone