Preston Peace

Monday 8 July 2024 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Tomb Mold   Accelerative Phenomenae Planetary Clairvoyance 20 Buck Spin
10:07pm Phrenelith   Crawling Shadows Slithering Tongues Desolate Endscape Dark Descent Records
10:12pm Spectral Voice   Lurking Gloom Eroded Corridors of Unbeing Dark Descent Records
10:17pm Urzeit   Imnagas Anmoksha Self Release
10:22pm Anhedonist   Carne Liberatus Netherwards Dark Descent Records
10:26pm Sinister Sveta   Watery Grave My Dark Side Is Brighter Than Reality Alamut
10:32pm Black Math   Nightshade Phantom Power Permanent Records
10:33pm Lourdes Rebels   Il Pozzo Necronomicon 3 Maple Death
10:36pm Imbogodom   Report From Iron Mountain Metallic Year, The Thrill Jockey Records
10:38pm Metal Preyers   Metal Preyers Metal Preyers Nyege Nyege Tapes
10:42pm Black Lung   The Faux Bridgehead Grand Chessboard, the Ant Zen
10:47pm Raja Kirik   Rampokan II Rampokan Nyege Nyege Tapes
10:53pm White Hills   Numbers Splintered Metal Sky God Unknown
10:57pm Kode9 & The Spaceape   Ghost Town Spaceape Hyperdub
11:02pm Phew   New World Light Sleep Mesh Key
11:07pm Felix Kubin   Vater Muss Die Stube Peitschen Jane B. Ertrinkt Mit Dem Pferden Diskono
11:16pm Old Tower   Gateway to the Serpent's Dimension Draconic Synthesis Hospital Productions
11:21pm Battalion of Eternity   Loose to Win III GoatoWarex
11:24pm Peasant   Impoverished And Broken DEMO MMXIX Legion Blotan
11:30pm Locrian & Mamiffer   Bless Them That Curse You Bless Them That Curse You Utech Records
11:35pm Francisco Lopez   Galatheanthemum Profundale Azoic Zone Asellus
11:44pm Earth   Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine (Justin K Broadrick Remix) Earth 2.23 Special Lower Frequency Mix Sub Pop Records
11:52pm Aluk Todolo   Side B (unintelligible Glyph) Aluk Todolo Implied Sound
11:58pm Grosero   Taste Of Bile Aumento Cerebral Discos Mas
12:00am Grave Miasma   Rogyapa Abyss of Wrathful Deities Dark Descent Records
12:09am Portal   Drain Avow Profound Lore
12:14am Ruin Lust   Dissimulant Dissimulant 20 Buck Spin
12:19am Earthdogs   Distorted Reality Distorted Static Addicts To Live A Lie
12:22am Sete Star Sept   Contract With The Devil Messenger From The Darkness Mass Deadening
12:35am Field Of Fear   Cold Beyond The Reach Of Light Whited Sepulchre
12:37am Silk Saw   Sphinge Empty Rooms Ant-Zen
12:42am Belgrado   1000 Spektakli Obraz La Vida Es Un Mus
12:47am Black Pus   Juggernaut All Aboard The Magic Pus Limited Appeal
12:53am They Came From the Stars (I Saw Them)   I Am not Afraid Authentautistic Lo Recordings
12:53am Crawl Unit   Broken Books and Wings Crawl Unit / Maeror Tri -Split Disaster Area
1:00am Abstracter   Eclipse Born Abominion Sentient Ruin Laboratories
1:07am Hell's Black List   Chasing the Flame S.J. Compilation 2019 Dullahan Productions
1:14am Lvcifyre   Black Mass The Broken Seal Dark Descent Records
1:23am Invultation   Bloodstained Offering Feral Legion Sentient Ruin Laboratories
1:26am Jazkamer   Friends of Satan Metal Music Machine Ass Piss
1:29am John Wiese & C. Spencer Yeh   Tiny Red Tables Tiny Red Tables Helicopter
1:30am Thaetas   Shrines to Absurdity Shrines to Absurdity Maggot Stomp
1:34am Ulthar   Providence Providence 20 Buck Spin
1:40am Colleen   Night looping - Movement I Le Jour Et La Nuit Du Reel Thrill Jockey Records
1:42am Dr. Pete Larson   De-Fence Field Drift 2 Dagoretti Records
1:45am Mamiffer   Hymn of Eros The Brilliant Tabernacle SIGE Records
1:55am Tristan & Titania   The Coming Together of All Things Glyphs & Gods Psychic Sounds