Marlena Poliatevska rebroadcast

Tuesday 9 July 2024 6:00am to 11:00am
Rebroadcast from Monday 29 December 2008 2:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Evolution Control Committee   Rocked By Rape Plagiarythm Nation
Evidence   Growroom Iris
Henry Kaiser/Charles K. Noyes/Sang Won Park   Floating Away Invite The Spirit 2006
Experimental Audio Research   The Circle Is Blue Beyond the Pale
Curia   4 Curia
Freida Abtan   Hereditary Disorder Subtle Movements
Amazon Saliva   Unpronounceable Too. Summer Tour 2004
a Screaming Comes Across The Sky   Harbinger Void Terror
a Slow Rip   Channelling For The Time Being
Baja   Djilas Plus Wolfhour
Andrew Cyrille/R. Teitelbaum   Sliding on a Bubble Double Clutch
Edward Ka-spel   Laughing Gas Dream Logik Part One
Holger Czukay/Rolf Dammers   Mellow Out Canaxis
Beth Custer   Stellar Glimmer In Broken Fields Where I Lie
Eyvind Kang   Heads on Red Lakes Return Live Low to the Earth, In...
Kammerflimmer Kollektief   Lunger Maander
Bombay Dub Orchestra   Journey 3 Cities
Cyann & Ben   I Can't Pretend Anymore Spring
Human Greed   The Graces Departing Black Hill: Midnight At The Blighted Star
Exquisite Corpse   Nothing What Un Fold
Cuomo   Chamberpiece for Bearded... Ejazz
Existensminimum   Jag Tog Din Hand On and On, the
Cul De Sac   Mae Learns the Truth Strangler's Wife, the
Exillon   Snow Gear Prequiem
Grails   Doomsdayer's Holiday Doomsdayer's Holiday
Fishtank Ensemble   Ezraoul Samurai Over Serbia
De Dionyso, Arrington   The Naked Future Part Two I See Beyond The Black Sun
Charles Curtis   A Ultra White Violet Light
Muslimgauze   Untitled Vs. Species of Fishes
Monajat Yultchieva   Saqiname-i Bayat Ouzbekistan
Sofia Talvik   Summer Ended Yesterday Jonestown
Chris Cutler/Thomas Dimuzio   19 and Counting Quake
Gabor Csupo   Shields of the Way Zombient Music
Sikhara   Tukano Volta Anduni
Skozey Fetisch   Metastatic Alternative #1: Mantic Assemblage This, Then
Paul Guilford   Napl Forth Rabi Raw Fa
Grouper   Wind and Snow Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Experimental Audio Research   Worn to a Shadow Worn to a Shadow