The Sula Bassana and Sulatron Records Mind Warp Pt. 1

Saturday, June 5 12:00pm — 3:00pm

Saturday Junehem 5 Noon-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street and Slartibartfast
German artist Dave Schmidt has been releasing music for thirty years with different musical line ups and styles. Performing under the name Sula Bassana, he has amassed an impressive musical catalog and launched his independent label Sulatron Records. Dave's musical projects have included Electric Moon, Zone Six and Interkosmos. In addition to his own projects, Dave promotes independent European artists in a wide range of musical styles including Psychedelic, Krautrock, Progressive, Electronic and Experimental. We will have an interview with Dave and a live (or pre-recorded live set) from Dave in Germany. This will be a two-part special with the first special focusing on Dave and Sula Bassana. The second part of the special will focus more on Dave's related projects and record label.