Robert Lloyd and the Prefects/Nightingales

Tuesday, Mayhem 25 7:00pm — 10:00pm

Tuesday Mayhem 25 7PM-10PM
Hosted By Moe! Staiano
John Peel favourites who are on Peel's top 10 of most performed Peel Sessions, right up there with the Wedding Present, Ivor Cutler and the Fall. We start with the beginnings of punk when Robert started with the Prefects, the transformation into the Nightingales in 1980, up to the first breakup in 1986, and continuing when the Nightingales returned in 2004 to the present day, and still going strong. They just released a new documentary film, Well Done, Underdog, produced by comedian Stuart Lee, and has been getting great reviews and positive fan reactions. Includes sound clips from Robert Lloyd and the current lineup along with a few ex-Nightingales. Join guest DJ Moe! Staiano playing three hours of the Prefects and the Nightingales, which the latter band was described by John Robb as the misfits' misfits.