A Tribute to Vaughn Benjamin and the Virgin Islands Part 2

Monday, Mayhem 24 2:00am — 2:00am

Monday Mayhem 24 2AM-6AM
Hosted By Klaudhopper
Vaughn Benjamin was only 50 years young when he died unexpectedly on November 4th 2019. He was an inspired musician, lyricist, visionary and a phenomenal vocalist. The expanse of his intellect and fervent desire to live purposefully drove the passion with which he approached his works. Performing worldwide Vaughn Benjamin created more than 68 albums, performed on numerous dub plates and collaborated with a myriad of artists. The music of Akae Beka and Midnite is deeply rooted in faith and consciousness. Vaughn Benjamin may be one of the most important and most prolific artists in reggae music history. His subject matter ranged from topics including; politics, social commentary, economics, spirituality, agriculture, the honoring of women, sacred geometry and his faith of Rastafari.