The Days and Knights of the Round Turn-Table

with Sir Cumference, Sun 12pm to 3pm

A three hour journey into sound, divided up into the following, easily digested chunks.

Noon: Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Noel Coward wryly observed that only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon-day sun. So it seems on KFJC, as the Englishmen come out for some comedy at noon on Sundays. It could be radio classics like the Goon Show, Round the Horne, The Navy Lark, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Or even more recent shows like Old Harry's Game, 40 Nights in the Wildebeest, The Maltby Collection, or even Good Omens.

12:30 p.m.: Block of Cheese

Following the Concert Outlook and Entertainment Calendar, a variety of other sounds may emanate. They may be some of the latest KFJC acquisition, but, more often than not, some kind of anniversary or event may inspire a theme. But why is it cheese? Cheese is life. It nourishes us. It makes us happy. Sometimes - when the mood strikes, or the theme lends to it - the cheese takes over the whole of the noon hour.

1 p.m.: The KFJC Hit List

Counting down the most played releases of the past eight weeks, where you will also hear selections from the newest entries and top moving titles, building up to a track from the number one release.

2 p.m.: The '80s Tsunami

Get ready to ride the big wave of '80s music. The sort of stuff you most likely heard first on the wave of the west, brought back from the dusty bowels of the KFJC library. Put up your 'hawk, get out those day-glow threads, and apply that eye-liner...

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